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11 Ways to Speed ​​Up Slow Android Phones, Don’t Hurry to Change New Phones



11 Ways to Speed ​​Up Slow Android Phones, Don't Hurry to Change New Phones

As smartphone users who are intensive all day, of course, you will often meet slow Android HP performance conditions.

Yes, the performance of an Android cellphone will be slower as the intensity and duration of use.

Of course, this is annoying, annoying and maybe makes you want to immediately replace the latest cellphone.

Moreover, vendors often release the latest types of Android phones that are more sophisticated and complete, at tempting prices.

But of course, you don’t have to replace the latest Android cellphone, which requires quite a large amount of funds.

Moreover, actually, your old Android phone can still be treated so that its performance improves again.

Here are 12 tricks so that old Android phones don’t slow down anymore.

1. Use the Files application to clean data

. The Files application made by Google can be used to clean various “junk” files or documents that are no longer needed by mobile phones.

So that the burden of mobile storage media (storage) will be lighter and performance is likely to increase.

To clean the phone, users simply open the Files app, visit the “Clean” tab and click the “Clean” button in the “Junk files” section.

This application can also be used to clean various photos or videos that are not needed, files that have been downloaded, to various large files to expand device storage.

2. Delete unused applications

Mobile phone performance can be improved by removing some applications that are rarely or never used.

The reason is that the application also fulfills the storage and processing space (RAM) in the cellphone.

That is, the application has a share in burdening performance.

Uninstalling an application can usually be done by clicking and holding on to the icon of the relevant application for a few seconds and you can click the “Uninstall” button.

If the app you want to delete is a system app and can’t be uninstalled, you can usually turn off the app so it doesn’t take up memory.

The trick, go to “Settings” > “Apps” and pay attention to the applications that are there.

If you find one or several that turn out to be useless, just select it and click the “Disable” button to turn it off without deleting it or uninstall it to delete it immediately.

3. Update the OS regularly

Make sure the Android phone you are using is updated to the latest version of the operating system (OS).

Usually, the latest OS will also improve the performance of the phone.

The steps for updating the OS vary depending on the phone maker. However, usually, you can update the OS by going to the “Settings” > “About device” > and “Software update” menu.

Then, click the “Check for updates” button.

When you find an update, immediately download and install it on your phone. Usually, apart from improving performance, these updates also contain various new features.

The same applies to the applications installed on the phone.

Try to always update it so that the performance of the application remains fast.

4. Install the “Lite” version of the application.

Applications that are quite popular, such as Facebook, Line, TikTok, and so on usually have a lighter version, aka “Lite” to accommodate phones that have minimal hardware.

Well, you can use this Lite version of the application by visiting the respective official developer pages on the Google Play Store.

The trick is to put the keyword “Lite” at the end of the desired application, for example, “Facebook Lite”, “TikTok Lite”, and so on.

5. Restart the phone regularly

Turn off the phone and turn it back on (restart) is believed to improve the performance of the phone.

Because, when the phone is restarted, the system is said to be removing various trash in storage and RAM.

That is, it never hurts to be able to restart the phone periodically if you have a phone with a little RAM.

6. Turn off animation

Display animation that is turned off or accelerated can improve the performance of Android phones visually.

The method may vary between mobile phone vendors.

However, usually, you can turn it off via the “Settings” > and “About phone” menu.

Then, look for the “Device information” or “Systems” menu.

From that menu, look for the column that displays “Build number”.

Touch the column 7 times to activate Developer mode.

After that, in the “Settings” menu, a “Developer option” will appear.

Go in there and find the “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale” and “Animation duration scale” fields.

In order, change the numbers listed to “0.5x” or “Animation off”.

7. Clean the home screen The home screen is

often filled with various application shortcuts, either newly installed or because they are often used.

Try to clean the shortcut, tidy it up in one folder, or delete it and leave it as needed so that the animation looks smoother and looks neater.

Also, make sure that the wallpaper that is installed is static.

Avoid moving wallpapers as these play a role in burdening the phone’s performance.

Then, remove various widgets or screen complements that are loaded on the home screen because this contributes to improving the performance of the phone.

8. Stop battery-consuming applications

In addition to deleting, you can stop a number of applications that are running on the phone which of course will make the phone battery run out quickly.

The trick is to visit the “Settings” > and “Apps” menu.

Then, select the app you want to stop and click the “Force stop” button.

Also, avoid installing apps that work to save battery.

Because this kind of application is usually equipped with ads that will load and make the phone slow.

9. Clear the application cache

Applications usually store cached data so that they can be reopened quickly.

As time goes by and the use of the phone, the cached data can accumulate bigger and take up a lot of memory and slow down the performance of the phone.

To avoid this, try to free up your phone’s memory by accessing the “Settings” > and “Apps” menus.

Then, select an application that usually stores a lot of caches, such as Facebook, and select the “Storage and cache” menu.

Finally, select the “Clear cache” button.

You can also use third-party applications that can clear caches, such as CC Cleaner or Clean Master.

10. Turn off non-essential features

You can turn off non-essential Android features to improve your phone’s performance while increasing battery life.

Some of these include the Always-on Display feature on a number of phones with AMOLED screens, Bluetooth features, data connections when WiFi is available, Battery Saver, GPS, NFC, and the like.

You can also turn off the auto-sync feature to turn off the ability to sync various applications installed on your phone by visiting “Settings” > and “Accounts”.

When the auto-sync feature is turned off, apps like Gmail or Facebook won’t update their information to the user unless the app is opened.

11. Reset phone

The easiest way to improve the performance of your Android phone is to do a Factory Reset.

This will make the phone software back to the condition when you just bought it and clean up all the data on it.

Usually, a factory reset can be done by visiting the “System” menu > “Reset” > and “Erase all data”.

Indeed this is not simple, because it will delete all applications and data.

You even have to re-download some applications that are really important, then re-copy the data.

However, by doing a Factory Reset, the phone’s performance can return to normal.

Don’t forget to save a backup before you do this.



How to show IDM on YouTube in Chrome



How to Show IDM on YouTube in Chrome

This is how to bring up IDM or Internet Download Manager on YouTube in the Google Chrome browser, follow every step, OK!

Surely you often experience it, when you want to download videos on YouTube but the IDM software doesn’t appear on Google Chrome.

Even though I have installed IDM correctly, but it still doesn’t appear, what’s the matter? If you have installed it correctly, there is one more thing that you must install on Chrome Guys.

Curious, what should you install? Let’s just see how to bring up IDM in Chrome, check this out!


  • Make sure you have IDM installed on your PC or laptop, guys.
  • Then open the Chrome browser
  • On the main Chrome page, you select Web Store.
How to Show IDM on YouTube in Chrome
  • When you enter the main page of the Web Store, you can immediately search for the IDM Integration Module in the search field.
  • If you have found it, you click the Add to Chrome button.
  • Wait until the download process is complete.
How to Show IDM on YouTube in Chrome
  • Later a dialog box will appear asking for approval and just select Add extension.
  • Close and reopen your Chrome browser.

Now go to YouTube and see IDM will appear when opening the video.
Also read: How to Delete Windows Applications, Guaranteed to Clean!

So that’s it, how to bring up IDM on YouTube in the Chrome browser. How easy is it? Now just pop up your IDM and download all the videos on YouTube!

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How to Prevent Pegasus Spyware Attacks on Personal Cellphones, Must Try



How to Prevent Pegasus Spyware Attacks on Personal Cellphones, Must Try

In the last few days, the internet world is being enlivened with the emergence of spyware Pegasus latest version.

Reportedly, spyware Pegasus is used by the governments of various countries to spy on the cellphones of a number of parties.

A number of names are said to have been targeted, from French President Emmanuel Macron, Telegram CEO Pavel Duvrov, to PSG football club owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi on the list.

They immediately took several actions to avoid being attacked by spyware Pegasus.

Currently, the main targets are important figures.

However, it is possible that Pegasus spyware also attacks ordinary people.

For that, we want to share how to prevent Pegasus spyware attacks on personal cellphones.

Want to know what it’s like? Continue to the next page!

Pegasus spyware can attack via messaging applications such as WhatsApp and iMessage.

If the device has been attacked, then the access on it can be said to have been taken over.

With Pegasus spyware, someone can remotely read incoming messages, emails, photos in the gallery, tap phones, track locations, and record voices.

The way to prevent Pegasus spyware attacks on personal cellphones can be said to be “hard and easy”.

University of Surrey cybersecurity professor Alan Woodward said in theory the Pegasus spyware could be removed from the device.

However, it is difficult to know whether a cellphone has been attacked by the pegasus spyware or not.

For this reason, he suggested that users routinely restart their cellphones.

In addition, users can also install anti-malware software to strengthen security.

“If you are someone who is at risk, you should install some anti-malware software on your phone,” he said as quoted by

Furthermore, another way to prevent Pegasus spyware attacks is with the help of security applications.

This application can consist of a password manager or authenticator. Morning Context co-author Advait Palepu has shared his recommendations.

Through his Twitter account @advait_px, he created a thread containing recommendations for software and applications that can be used to prevent Pegasus spyware attacks.

Some popular software names such as Bitwarden and Google Authenticator are included in the list.

In addition, there are other ways that can also be done to avoid Pegasus spyware attacks.

Launching The Washington Post, users must be diligent in updating software.

Because with software updates, automatically the security system used is also updated and stronger.

To make it easier, users can set after the device to automatic update to make it more practical.

However, the automatic update can be set specifically if the device is connected to WiFi only.

The reason is, to update the software takes a lot of quotas and a strong signal.

Then users who are still using cellphones that are more than 5 years old are also highly recommended to replace them.

Especially if the cellphone has not received the latest operating system update from the developer.

Well, those are some ways that can be done to prevent attacks spyware Pegasus.

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6 Tips for Keeping Twitter Accounts Safe So You Can Avoid Hackers



6 Tips for Keeping Twitter Accounts Safe So You Can Avoid Hackers

Twitter has many users, some of whom expect to avoid hackers who aim to account for bad things.

For users who want to avoid hackers can follow 6 tips to keep a safe Twitter account.

Of course, the tips for maintaining this account are done directly in the application Twitter, or his website version.

Twitter has become a fun place to find inspiration from diverse content, participate in conversations to find useful new hobbies.

Not infrequently from this platform we often find interesting things that become trending.

The experience of using Twitter will be more comfortable if everyone stays alert and takes steps to improve security.

In an effort related to security and privacy, Twitter said it always reminds people to be responsible for managing their respective Twitter accounts.

These 6 tips to keep your Twitter account safe were also given directly by the company, let’s take a look at the next page!

1. Use a unique password

Make sure you create a strong Twitter account password using a minimum of 10 characters with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.

Try to use a different password for each website you visit.

Consider using password management software that can keep all of your login information safe.

In addition, you can go to the Password reset protection menu located in the Twitter account settings.

2. Use the two-factor authentication method

Actually, we have heard this second method quite often on various platforms including Twitter.

However, for those of you who have just discovered these tips, see how and their benefits on the next page.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer for your Twitter account to be secure.

In addition, to ensure that only you can access your own Twitter account.

That way only people who have access to your password and mobile number (or security key) can log in.

Starting in late June 2021, Twitter users have the option to use a security key as the only form of two-factor authentication (2FA), which is the most effective way to keep Twitter accounts secure.

3. Make sure you are logged in via the official Twitter site

Phishing will always lurk for personal information if people visit fake sites.

A Phishing web interface similar to the Twitter log-in page is very vulnerable to deceive users.

So Twitter provides tips to double-check the links you open, both from email and Direct Messages before providing your personal data including passwords.

Furthermore, to be even more secure, you can do something that you can see on the next page.

That is, those of you who are affected by phishing can change your password as soon as possible and read the guide at this link.

4. Be wary of those who act in the name of Twitter

These tips are given because there are parties who are not responsible on behalf of Twitter.

So you need to always be vigilant if there are parties claiming to be Twitter representatives who contact and ask for personal data.

Twitter says it never asks users for passwords via email, Direct Messages, or replies.

That way users are expected not to open attachments or links if they receive a message to install any software, as it’s not from Twitter.

5. Be alert for suspicious login alerts

Twitter will usually send notifications via email or push notifications if it detects suspicious activity or when you log into your Twitter account from a new device for the first time. You can check the benefits of this notification on the next page.

Incoming alert notifications usually include a location that is an approximate IP address used to access Twitter.

Through this notification, you can verify whether the person who actually entered through the device is you or not.

Otherwise, we recommend following the steps listed in the notification to secure your account, starting with changing your password.

6. Check existing links on Twitter (especially if they are shortened with

As a place for conversation to occur, people on Twitter share a lot of interesting information, and many share links to other sites, either through Tweets or Direct Messages.

If you see a link using a URL shortener, such as or TinyURL, be sure to check the direction of the link before opening it.

Or you can use a free plug-in from Chrome or Firefox to show an extended URL without having to click it first.

Of 6 tips to keep a safe Twitter account, which do you think is very important?

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