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8 WhatsApp Secret Features, Here’s How to Use It



8 WhatsApp Secret Features, Here's How to Use It

The popular messaging application WhatsApp is currently used by billions of users around the world. Not only as a medium for exchanging messages, but also a lot that can be done from group video calls, sending stickers, status updates, sending voice messages, and much more.

But did you know that from the many features that WhatsApp has, there are also secrets that many people may not have realized — including you?

Summarized by our team from several sources, Friday (8/10/2021), the following are a series of secret features and how to activate them:

1. Delete messages automatically

By activating the ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature, all conversation messages will disappear from the chat room after seven days. This feature will also free up phone memory and make it easier for users to delete old messages.

To do this, go to the WhatsApp application > open the chat that is intended for personal or group > tap the name of the contact or group at the top > then activate the ‘Disappearing Messages’ option.

2. Pinning the top contact

On WhatsApp, of course, we have a lot of conversations either personally or in groups. So, sometimes important contacts sink to the bottom. For example, important contacts from family, parents or partners who often chat.

Thus, so that the contact remains on top and continues to be visible, there is a pin feature so that conversations with this contact will be permanently placed at the top.

To do this, go to WhatsApp > long-press the desired contact > then pin at the top select the pin image.

3. Bookmark important messages

Many chats on WhatsApp are considered important such as family matters, work, school and others. So, so as not to forget the user can mark the message. So if you need it, it’s easy to find.

To do this, open the WhatsApp application > enter the chat in question > long press one of the important messages > then tap ‘Star’ or the star icon.

WhatsApp Secret

4. Custom Notifications

Instead of having the same notification sound for every incoming message, you can set a custom notification for each contact. This is so you can know who is contacting you.

Android users just do this. First of all, tap on the Menu icon while viewing a chat thread. Next select View Contact > Custom Notification, check the box and then complete the settings.

For those using WhatsApp on iPhone, tap on the contact’s name while viewing the chat thread, then select Custom Tone.

5. See who you chat with the most

Want to know who the people you talk to the most on WhatsApp are?

To do this, open the WhatsApp application > tap the three dots at the top right corner then select settings > select Data & Storage (storage and data) > open Manage storage (manage storage)

After that, a list of the contacts who have messaged you most frequently on WhatsApp will appear. You can also tap on each contact to see more details.

6. Turn off auto-download media, save storage

Usually, in groups, there are those who often send photos and videos, so to save your cellular data and also not to fill up your phone’s storage memory, you have to disable the automatic storage feature.

To do this, enter the WhatsApp application > settings > select data and storage usage, select media auto-download (Settings – Data usage & storage Automatically download media).

In when using mobile data (When connected to Cellular Data) uncheck all media, as well as in the menu when connected on Wi-Fi (When connected to Wi-Fi).

7. Export conversations

You can export conversations if you really need to save them. While viewing a conversation, Android users need to tap the Menu button followed by More > Export Chat.

On iPhone, the process is similar to viewing a chat thread, tapping the contact’s name at the top of the screen, then scrolling to the bottom of the Contact Info page and selecting Export Chat.

8. Delete files quickly

Sending photos and videos on WhatsApp will make the internal memory of the phone’s storage full and can make the phone sluggish.

While deleting them one by one from each chat would be too much of a hassle. Quoting Pocket-lint, you can delete it quickly through one of the rarely known features of WhatsApp.

To do this, enter the WhatsApp application > settings > select storage and data > manage storage > Under the ‘Review and Delete’ section, you can tap the ‘Larger Than 5 MB’ or ‘Forwarded Many Times’ tabs> after that Select the files to be deleted, then delete.

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How to Fix Broken SD Card/Micro SD on Android Without Using a PC/Laptop



How to Fix Broken SD CardMicro SD on Android Without Using a PCLaptop

SD Card or Micro SD is one way to increase storage capacity on Android phones, but there are often common problems with this SD Card. One of them is an unreadable, corrupt, damaged SD Card and others.

SD Card and MicroSD can sometimes trigger problems when used on several types of android devices, both when copying files and moving files. And this is what triggers the error

  • reading and writing (reading and writing)
  • memory not detected
  • request to format SD card
  • and other errors.

Slow file access speed can also be a symptom of some damage to the SD Card / Micro SD.

If you are experiencing errors regarding the SD Card / MicroSD on your Android phone, here are some repair solutions that you can do.

First Solution: Update Your Android System

Updating your phone’s operating system and OS can fix a number of issues including those related to accessing files stored locally and on the SD card. Because in an update package there are several fixes and performance improvements.

Second Solution: Don’t Forget to Unlock the SD/MicroSD card before use

On some SD / Micro SD cards, there is an unlock feature before using the memory. Therefore, check and make sure the status has been unlocked before use.

Third Solution: Clean the SD Card Copper and Format

Next, try to clean the SD card on the copper part, if there is dust or foreign objects stuck it will block your android phone chip to read it.

And he continued by formatting it when it was finished cleaning.

Fourth Solution: Further Improvement

For further improvement, there are several articles that we have prepared previously, you can read them at the article link below and select the list of articles according to the problem you are facing.

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How to fix Redmi Airdots that can’t be charged



How to fix Redmi Airdots that can't be charged

Are you looking for a solution to Redmi Airdots Charging Problem?

We will give you proper details on how to fix Redmi Airdots charging Problem. You just read this article properly ok.

Redmi AirDots has a charging system using a casing, so if the Redmi AirDots battery runs out, you can simply insert it into the charger casing. This charge is already available when you buy these Redmi AirDots.

In this article, I will give a few tips and solutions that I experienced when using Redmi AirDots. That is about some of the Redmi AirDots problems that I experienced, including:

  • Redmi Airdots that can’t be charged
  • Redmi Airdots can’t be charged on the left/right
  • There is no charger notification (LED Charger) when charging Redmi Airdots
  • Redmi Airdots dead side
  • And some other problems

If you are currently experiencing the same problem as I am, maybe this article can help you.

Here’s how to fix Redmi Airdots that can’t be charged:

1. Remove Plastic On Air Dots

This can also be said to be a trivial matter, if you have just bought a Redmi Airdots and this is the first time it has been charged, remove the protective plastic on the two Redmi Airdots, to be precise, the position of this plastic is in the magnetic section with a thin blue color.

Because plastic can block the charging process. Moreover, this plastic is quite thin and if you don’t pay close attention, you may not know it.

2. The battery box has run out

Because the Redmi Airdots charger process uses a box, try to pay attention to the indicator light on the charger box, if you see a flashing red LED light, it means that the Redmi Airdots Box battery has run out, re-charge the box, and after that continue the Redmi Airdots charge process.

3. Don’t Charger Air Dots When the Charger Box is refilled

Do not do the Redmi air dots charging process at the same time as charging the Box Charger.

fix Redmi Airdots

4. Press the button on the dead air dots

If one of the Air Dots indicator lights is off, you can press the button on the dead Air Dots. Do not release the button until you insert the air dots into the charger box and place it on the magnetic holder, and then release the button.

Next, let it sit for a while. Later the LED light will turn on automatically.

5. Is your Redmi AirDots Original?

If all the methods above have not succeeded in solving the problem of Redmi AirDots that cannot be charged, it is likely that the Redmi AirDots that you have are fake or KW. Because in some forums also discussing this problem quite a lot occurs on fake Redmi AirDots.

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How to Convert Blur Photo to HD



How to Convert Blur Photo to HD

One of the problems that quite often occurs in a photo file is the problem of blurry photos. Indeed, lately, camera technology, whether it’s a cell phone camera or digital camera, has developed technology to anticipate these blurry photos.

However, blurry photos still occur. Whether it’s because of a shot that doesn’t fit, the moment of taking photos in a hurry, unstable hands when taking photos, and several other causes of this blur problem.

If at this time, you have a blurry photo. Maybe you have thought, is there a way to fix this blurry photo? Or is there a way to convert blurry photos to HD? The answer is that everything is possible.

To help you solve the problem of blurry photos, in this article, we will give you tips on how to convert blurry photos to HD. And all that is done without having to install any application. And even this method you can do on your Android/iOS Phone or on your PC/Laptop.

Here’s how to turn a blurry photo into HD:

  1. All you need to prepare is that your phone/PC is connected to the Internet
  2. Open Browser on your mobile device or PC, then open the site . Yes, this is a site owned by adobe that will help you fix blurry photos to HD.
  3. Click Unblur your image
  4. Next, you will be asked to log in, there are quite a lot of login options here, you can use the log-in option with Gmail, Facebook, Apple, and other accounts. Here I will try to log in with my Gmail account, then I will choose Continue With Google and after that enter your Gmail account address and password
  5. Upload your blurry photo which will be corrected or converted to HD by clicking Upload photo
  6. Click the blur photo that you just uploaded, after you click the photo you want to edit, several tools will automatically appear on the left screen. There select or activate the Enhancements button
  7. Change or slide some settings such as contrast, brightness, saturation, highlight, shadow, and others, which will automatically change and correct the blurry part of the photo. See in the image below, the edited photo already looks clear and quite clean. Adjust the settings until you feel the photo looks clear and good.
  8. Click the download button to save the photo you have edited.

Notes :

You can also use the Filter feature, to make your photos look more HD or good, and you can also add some filter effects there.

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