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Heavy Delivery Drones are Coming Soon

Delivery Drones:- There’s a new generation of drones that are being built to fly longer distances, at jetliner elevations, while carrying large payloads.



Delivery Drones:- There’s a new generation of drones that are being built to fly longer distances, at jetliner elevations, while carrying large payloads.

And these cargo carrying drones could be coming to an air space near you. Cargo drones could potentially upend the logistics industry, making deliveries that are safe, and efficient, and environmentally sustainable, but they can also be an administrative nightmare.

There’s a reason that giant companies like Google, and Amazon, and UPS are pushing ahead with their plans to fill the skies with cargo carrying drones, money.

Morgan Stanley estimates that autonomous urban aircraft could eventually become a 1.5 trillion dollar industry, by 2040, and that includes everything from vertical takeoff and landing the plane, flying cars, military UAVs, and yes, delivery drones.

Now there are a whole bunch of delivery drones that are being tested today. But what if you want to receive something more massive than an Uber Eats order?

Before they can rake in all that cash, drone operators are out to prove that these devices can deliver a social good, and that’s why so many pilot programs are focused on providing medicine.


Matternet is working with UPS to deliver blood samples to hospitals in North Carolina. Zipline is flying in medical supplies to remote locations in Rwanda. Swoop Aero is dispensing vaccines and other medication to tiny islands in the Pacific.

All those drones exist today, but what about the ones that are still under development, the heavy lifters. Let’s call them cargo drones, drones that are built to fly higher and further than anything available today, all while carrying weighty loads.

So Sabrewing is working on a prototype that can achieve speeds of up to 180 knots, and a cruising altitude as high as 22,000 feet. It’s called Rhaegal, which yes, is one of the dragons from Game of Thrones.

Another is called Nautilus, and it’s working on a 30-foot prototype that’s about the size and weight of a military predator drone. It’ll be capable of transporting 700 pounds of cargo a distance of 2500 nautical miles.

The company is also working on a larger scale two-ton freighter about the size of a Boeing 777.  Both companies are using measurements associated with boats because they are being designed to take off and land in the water, and that’s because they probably won’t get the regulatory approval to fly over populated areas.

Now, speaking of Boeing, the aerospace giant is working on its heavy-duty drone capable of carrying payloads of 500 pounds. But what kind of work goes into building a cargo drone?

Elroy’s CEO, Dave Merrill, talked about the challenge of building an aircraft capable of carrying this kind of weight. – At this scale, there’s a lot more modeling that goes in, a lot more aerodynamics that goes in. You need more capital, you need specialized expertise, for testing each building block.

So it’s a different kind of effort than building a smaller drone system. – And Merrill said that while some companies are retrofitting their drones for autonomous flight, Elroy is building its aircraft to be self-flying from day one.

They’re being built to attach and drop cargo as well as take off and land without any human interaction. – So the aircraft can land, taxi to a cargo pod, pick it up, and then take off again, without needing a person to come out and load or unload the system.

And we did that to save time so that the aircraft can always stay in motion, ever being utilized. And they also are designed for a much longer range. Most delivery drones, people are thinking about the last mile, we think about the previous 100 miles.

Elroy envisions its system being used to deliver packages over medium distances, in rural areas, or between distribution centers. – The benefit of vertical takeoff and landing is that you have a lot more flexibility in where the system can operate.

So, it can take off and land from an airport, or a helipad, but also it can take off from a parking lot, or the rooftop of a parking garage, or even a field. – The organization hopes to own a fleet of autonomous drones in the air, making deliveries by 2020.

I don’t think it’s as far away as we believe, but I do believe that companies are betting that some portion of the automated flight is going to be moving stuff around that’s not just small packages. – This idea of using drones to move goods between giant warehouses is super exciting.

But also, it raises some valid concerns about energy consumption. A 2018 research from the journal”Nature” discovered that electrical drones were far more effective than trucks, trucks, and trucks, and automobiles. – A drone can reduce greenhouse gas emissions for package delivery in most areas of the country by a decent amount, and in really low carbon electricity grids, like out west, and in New York state, it can reduce it by half, or more.

Although the analysis discovered that benefits could be paid off when the power useful for recharging and warehousing has been shrouded in, drones have a less environmental impact than a one item delivery by car. Today, the big problem is regulation. The unresolved issues include whether it’s safe allowing drones to fly outside a pilot’s visual field of sight, or even to use through the nighttime, or also to fly more humans.

And to answer these questions, the FAA created a pilot program to see how a drone delivery system might look in real life. Wing and Uber are just a couple of the businesses engaging, although perhaps not Amazon, that will be testing its drones having a consortium of European organizations in Belgium.

The tech development race for urban air mobility is going on right now. The technology, as it advances, should think through how it’s going to meet those certifications and make it safe for everybody. – So whatever set of guidelines the FAA and the private sector come up with, could have huge implications, not just for cargo drones, but also maybe for the way that we get around in cities in the future.

Urban air mobility is increasingly a hot pursuit among tech and aerospace companies. As absurd as it seems, the idea of flying cars is gaining serious traction. People are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in drone companies, today, because they believe that they will be more efficient, and better for the environment than the current system.

And that’s making people nervous. A Pew Research Center survey in 2017 discovered that 11% of Americans support drones, while 34% favor some limits on them. But 54% disapprove of drones flying near residential areas, and they site privacy and noise as their top concerns.

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Micrashell, The Incredible Futuristic Coronavirus Suit For Going To Bars And Concerts



Micrashell, The Incredible Futuristic Coronavirus Suit For Going To Bars And Concerts

One of the sectors hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic is, and will be for a long time, entertainment. It is an activity that works fundamentally on the basis of massiveness.

Cinemas and theaters have their reason for being in the public, and nobody goes to a music recital alone, not to a bar or to a party where nobody is. Precisely these are situations in which there must be people to be profitable, and entertaining.

It is not known when the vaccine will arrive, so it is also not clear when everything will be as before if it ever will be …


Taking this reality into account, many companies have started to manufacture fashion masks and masks, but there is one that went much further.

This is the Production Club, a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Los Angeles and Spain and specializes in designing immersive experiences for industries such as music, technology, and gaming.

The company created Micrashell, a sort of astronaut semi-suit, an ultra-futuristic outfit, which they explain was “specifically designed to meet the needs of the nightlife, live events, and entertainment industries in times of coronavirus and social distancing.”.

Micrashell is a computer protected against viruses, easy to control, fun to use, disinfectable, with the fast deployment of personal protective equipment (PPE) that allows you to socialize without distancing yourself,” they point out from the firm.

The founder of the company, the Spaniard Miguel Risueño, explains that with this idea they intend to help event industries of all kinds, which are now going through an “unprecedented recession”.


Micrashell features an airtight top suit with a protective scuba attached to gloves.

It can be worn on top of any clothing because the suit only occupies the upper body, allowing some freedom within the obvious paraphernalia such as going to the bathroom with ease and even having sex.

“With everyone in our industry focused on finding virtual solutions, we have decided to work on something more emotional, physical, and inherently human so that the industry can have a better chance of recovering quickly.

The team behind the design has a multidisciplinary background such as robotics, fashion design, or special effects, among others. We have worked 24/7 in 12-hour relays between the teams in Spain and Los Angeles until we finished the design. This is how Micrashell was born, “Risueño told El Mundo newspaper.


The suite includes the latest technological innovations. It is made of high performance, cut resistant tactical materials.

The helmet or diving suit has a particle filtration system based on the N95 mask, which is transparent to facilitate the vision of the person; It also comes with a voice communication system that allows you to make calls or control the audio levels of different sound sources without forgetting the pocket with battery charge to store the cell phone.

The apparel also has a built-in speaker system that lets you listen to live music in three modes: direct wireless from the DJ or band, as an emulation of the psychoacoustic-based spatial room sound, or as a direct amplification of club sound thanks to the microphone system embedded in the suit. In addition, it was built with a low resonator system, to transmit frequencies below 150 Hz by direct contact with the person’s body.

Lastly, the suit’s lens has vertical-horizontal rotation and monitoring LEDs with three functions: connection to the phone to take snapshots, a “chest eye” that allows you to see things that the suit obstructs the view and an intelligent vision system based on computer vision.


“The user will be able to consume electronic cigarettes and drinks through refillable capsules designed and adjusted on the underside of the helmet. The drinks are contained within these capsules that are only accessible to the user and the waiter or bartender, thereby thus adding a new level of security to the night world “they assure.

The set also has a lighting system, which the user can manipulate depending on their mood. “For example, a rainbow effect light can express joy, while red static light can express ‘busy’. And a flashing green light can represent a state of rest.”


According to the creators, the patent for this novel design has already been applied to the United States and they intend to carry out its mass production.

Anyway, and although they have not yet put a price on the invention, obviously it will not be “cliche” very accessible to all budgets.


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This Robotic Basketball Basket Makes All The Shots For You



This Robotic Basketball Basket Makes All The Shots For You

It has a robotic board and a motion sensor that measures the trajectory of each shot to move, so missing a shot is almost impossible

Few things are more comforting than hitting a ball, whether it’s paper or basketball. But of course, not everyone has enough aim to do it with a good percentage of correct answers. This is where the robotic basket comes in.

Its operation is easy to explain: you throw the ball more or less in the direction of the basket hoop and the frame of the basket will take care of moving and adapting thanks to a robotic arm, so the ball will always be hit. Come on, it does it all for you and in an instant.

This invention is the work of Shane Wightton, who has a YouTube channel called Stuff Made Here and who is dedicated to making these inventions that are so witty and simple in appearance, but that behind them have a great number of hours of work and knowledge about robotics and, in this case, applied physics.

The magic basket features a Kinect camera, which was originally intended as an accessory for the Xbox game console, but which, given its motion sensors and infrared camera, can be used for many other things. This camera analyzes everything that happens in the room you are in, and when a ball is thrown, it follows its movement and path very quickly.

This camera is connected to a simple computer built next to the robotic axis, which moves once it has calculated where the ball will land. This entire process runs in less than a second, in just 6 milliseconds, which is what it takes to snap your fingers twice.

Wightton had to face various problems, such as that the camera could identify any spherical object, including a human head, such as the ball; but the final result of his work guarantees a very high percentage of success.

The use of technology to turn very technical sports into a child’s game is common and is well documented on YouTube. There are also dart targets in which it is impossible not to hit the center or remote-controlled bowling balls that always strike.

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Robots That Emit UV Light Will Be Used In China To Disinfect Hospitals



Robots That Emit UV Light Will Be Used In China To Disinfect Hospitals

Now that China appears to have coronavirus infection under control in its territory, one of the biggest concerns is cleaning up the most diverse areas. One of the recent news there is the use of robots to disinfect hospital wards.

Humans do the first stage of cleaning. Then comes the robot. The equipment emits concentrated UV light that is capable of killing bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses. In China, more than 2,000 hospitals are expected to use the technology.

The robot is not new: it was developed in 2014 by the Danish UVD Robots to serve local hospitals that were looking for a more effective way to reduce hospital infection rates. Since 2018, it has been sold globally and is now available in 40 countries.

Per Juul Nielsen, chief executive of UVD Robots, says that demand has increased very recently. “Many units have been sent to China, especially to Wuhan.” According to him, other countries in Asia and Europe have also been looking for the solution. One of the hardest hit today, Italy, tops the list.

via:- UV

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