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Free GTA V In The Epic Games Store Until May 21



Free GTA V In The Epic Games Store Until May 21

Following a practice already established since December 2018 of offering games, Epic is now giving GTA V, one of the best selling games ever, from the online store. The demand was such that the site was offline for several hours

High demand for the ‘free’ video game GTA V led the Epic Games Store to be ‘down’ for eight hours on Thursday, the first day that the company started offering all interested parties the Premium Edition of GTA V – which includes “the complete history of GTA V, Grand Theft Auto Online and all related updates and content”, says the company, as well as the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, with one million dollars to be used in GTA Online.

The tassel will remain until May 21 and was announced through a post on Twitter on the official Epic Games account. It was also through this route that the company reported that the store page ended up ‘going down and the site was unavailable for several hours.

High traffic and high demand later affected other company servers, with Epic explaining that it was investigating difficulties reported by Fortnite and Battle Breakers players. A few hours later, normality was also restored for these games.

For users interested in the ‘tassel’, simply activate the two-factor authentication mechanism and can request your free copy of the game at the Epic Games Store.


How to speed up Call Of Duty without lag and with maximum graphics?



How to speed up Call Of Duty without lag and with maximum graphics

As we already know, Call Of Duty is one of the best shooter style games, however, it presents lag many times, and if you want to play on PC or mobile, with maximum graphics and no lag, here are some tips that you can follow speed up this game and thus have a better experience.

What should I do to free up space on Call Of Duty and get better performance?

In order to free up space in Call of Duty and get better performance, you will need to follow a few tips, and here we will tell you what they are:

Have your frames per second

In Call of Duty for Phones you will find an option that allows you to force or stop the execution of a specific number of frames per second.

Then, for better game performance, we recommend that you activate this feature, only do it if you have a high-end or mid-range phone the same way you do with a computer because if your PC phone is a little older you will have to set this feature to a minimum. so that this form does not suffer from your processor.

Improve your shadows and textures

In addition to the option we just mentioned, we also recommend turning off the shadow and sawtooth quality due to the game’s textures, as this will make Call of Duty work better.

And if your phone is mid-range, this option will be of great help as you can see how the FPS speed will increase. This, like other settings that affect the game’s graphics, when activated will imply that the phone’s CPU and GPU are under a higher load.

It should be noted that many times the memory of our mobile phone is very full and this is a big problem as it can affect the performance of the more demanding applications.

The more apps, photos, or videos you have on your phone, the harder it will be to find the registry, so under See how it’s done, we recommend you free up space on your personal phone.

How To Optimize Speed ​​And Graphics In Call Of Duty From Computer?

To optimize the speed and graphics of Call of Duty via your computer, we recommend the following suggestions.

Lower its quality to a minimum and improve its sensitivity

One way to optimize Call of Duty is to lower its picture quality or also known as graphic details.

  1. But for that first of all, you need to have the game installed on your computer because if you do it online it won’t let you make these changes because here the important thing here is that your internet connection is good and stable, if not then the game lagea.
  2. We’ll start off by going to the video game settings section.
  3. Already in the settings, you can see a submenu where you can configure various sectors of the game, including screen settings, sound settings, configure controls and even read the credits.
  4. We will locate in the screen settings section, where you have to select the option that says about the screen resolution, this way the resolution will decrease allowing the game to run without forcing the CPU, thus giving you a faster experience.
How to speed up Call Of Duty without lag

To improve the sensitivity of a video game, you need to go to the settings, there you need to click on the option level of detail, high by default, set very low, this way the sensitivity will be much better, which will allow us to get better performance in the game. Thanks to this, the graphics card will work less forced.

Activate the game mode

If your personal computer has a game mode installed, we recommend that you activate this as this will give the game better performance, and if your computer does not have it, don’t worry, you can download it from the internet and this way your computer will focus all its engine power on the video game as it will ignore other programs like browsers, windows office programs like Microsoft Office and more.

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How to Play Overwatch for Free on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 – Try Beta or Official Game



How to Play Overwatch for Free on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 - Try Beta or Official Game

At this point, most are aware of what type of game Overwatch is and what it is about, but many do not know if it is possible to play it for free. Through the following article we will talk a little about how to play Overwatch for free on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 – Try beta or official game or rather, what you should know about this topic.

Play Overwatch for free Is it possible?

Overwatch is a very interesting first-person shooter video game that mixes the fantasy and characteristic aspects of Blizzard, in an entertaining title. The game is available for PC, Xbox One, and Play Station 4.

It should be noted first that Overwatch is not free and its closed beta version is no longer available, therefore payment is required in order to enjoy this multiplayer title. In any case, there are several times that Overwatch has been free. We will talk about it below.

Play Overwatch for free on PC

While you can get Overwatch for PC, as we have pointed out before, Overwatch is not a free game, in fact, on the PC platform the prices at the time of publication of this article are $ 19.99 for the standard version and $ 39.99 for the legendary version.

How to Play Overwatch for Free on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 - Try Beta or Official Game

In any case, there have been several occasions in which Blizzard has allowed its First Person Shooter to be played for free. The last time this happened was from December 15, 2020, to January 5, 2021.

During the previous period, computer users could enjoy the title completely free of charge. In any case, this trial period was brief and ended as indicated on January 5, 2021. In any case, remember that you can download Apex Legends for pc for free, a good alternative to Overwatch.

Play Overwatch for free on Xbox One

Outside of the closed beta testing period in 2015, the Blizzard Shooter has not been many times played for free. In fact, it is known that this occurred in 2018.

From November 20 to November 26, 2018, Xbox One users could enjoy the Overwatch title completely free of charge. This was due to a promotion for users who decided to purchase the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or Xbox Live Gold.

How to Play Overwatch for Free on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 - Try Beta or Official Game

However, since then, there is no other way to play Overwatch for free. Therefore, if you want to play Overwatch on Xbox One, you will have to pay for the game in its standard version or in its legendary version, which has a cost of $ 59.99.

Play Overwatch for free on PlayStation 4

As with the PC and the Xbox One, there have been few times that users of the Sony console have had access to Overwatch for free. In fact, also in 2018, precisely in the period from November 20 to November 26, 2018, Overwatch could be played for free.

This promotion was temporary and also extended to the computer and Xbox One version. In the case of PlayStation 4, all users with the PlayStation Plus membership had access to the video game during this period.

Still, as with the PC and Xbox One versions, the only way to play Overwatch is to buy it. In the case of PlayStation 4, the value of the game in its legendary version is $ 59.99.

In conclusion, although Overwatch cannot be played for free, there are many promotions and discounts on each platform. In fact, until February 18, 2021, Overwatch is on sale for the PlayStation 4 platform, for a value of $ 19.79, so if you see this information before that period, take advantage of it if you want to have this popular video game.

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How to Cancel or Void a Digital Game Reservation on Xbox One – Quick and Easy



How to Cancel or Void a Digital Game Reservation on Xbox One - Quick and Easy

Everyday video games are innovating much more. With them, we can disconnect for a long time if we are stressed by a bad day either at school, at work or we simply have nothing to do and we would like to enjoy our favorite video game.

Maybe you’re the type of person who is passionate about video games. And we can’t blame you, the virtual world is really vast and has many wonderful things to discover and enjoy.

The advantage of video games is that there are many of them we will always have at our fingertips. They are available on a wide variety of platforms so that we can enjoy them at all times. If you have an Android, an iPhone, or a computer you can have at your disposal a great variety of incredible games. There have even been other exclusive platforms for video games such as the Xbox.

There are people so passionate about this virtual world that they are aware of the new releases of the most anticipated video games. They see the need to be up-to-date and updated with the best and get the ones that have just been launched on the market.

Can a game be reserved before its release date?

Luckily for fans, it is possible to make a reservation either physical or digital for a video game. In this way you can enjoy it at the same time it is launched.

For those who love to make these digital purchases know that they have virtual stores such as Sony and Microsoft . They really are a great help as they are the safest virtual stores and have an excellent reputation.

How to Cancel or Void a Digital Game Reservation on Xbox One - Quick and Easy

These virtual stores are the favorites of many. They have a large number and variety of video games and they give us this possibility to reserve them. But we also know that that can be a great temptation. We know that the excitement of experiencing and playing something new can lead us to make more than one reservation of digital games. Maybe you read the description and found it very interesting.

But what if we regret it after making this virtual reservation? Maybe you think that everything is lost. It is normal for you to get frustrated and think that having made this purchase it is impossible for you to get a refund. Even if you are stuck in developer mode you can do a simple process to be able to change and remove that mode.

But if you have made a reservation on Xbox One and want to cancel it, you should not worry. You have a means to which you can go and thus recover all the money you have spent and also cancel the reservation, this means is Windows Central. You really can get a chance to get a refund and cancel your reservation. You just have to pay attention to the suggestions that we are going to give you and you will be able to make that return in the blink of an eye.

How to cancel an Xbox One reservation?

The first thing to take into account is that there is no specific place where it tells you that you can cancel the reservation. So the first thing you should do is contact Microsoft technical support.

How to Cancel or Void a Digital Game Reservation on Xbox One - Quick and Easy

What you should do then is contact Microsoft directly and thus request the cancellation of what you have reserved. To do this, you must access the Xbox One support site from your PC. After that, you must indicate the type of problem, in that space select billing, and then the other option.

Once at this point you will see the option to chat with Xbox support. First, you must indicate the credentials with which you normally access your Xbox account.

This is where you will have space to raise your situation with the company’s assistant. You will need to explain that you want to cancel a reservation you made for an Xbox One digital game. During the summer your console may overheat a bit.

After this, to verify your identity, you will be asked a series of questions that you must answer honestly. And according to the payment method, it will make you a refund of the item you had reserved. This is the quick and easy procedure to cancel an Xbox One reservation.

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