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How much YouTube can pay for subscribers and / or visits



How much YouTube can pay for subscribers and or visits

Who does not know YouTube! It is the largest social transmission site on the internet, every day more consumers are subscribing. Many create a channel to transmit content and receive remuneration doing what they like and share it, but how much does YouTube pay for subscribers or visits?

How much does YouTube pay for subscribers or visits?

Today it is very common for people to want to become an influencer and earn money through the creation of content on this digital platform. The big question asked by all those who want to get started in the world of YouTube, is how much do you pay for your subscriptions or for views.

This monetary issue has always generated uncertainty in the user community, but even more so in those who are looking to start as a youtuber. But the reality is that you must take into account several factors that influence the payment that the platform makes to its active users.

What does payment depend on on YouTube? How much do you pay for visits?

As we have already mentioned, the payment is subject to several conditions, which contribute to what a channel creator may receive. It is no secret to anyone that giving a specific figure is complex because the payment is adapted to the following conditions.

  • Type of audience : Remember that there is a great variety of audience that your content will reach, and each one is more in demand than others. Among these there are children, housewives, lovers of beauty, sports, cooking and a long list of what exists.
  • Channel design : The structure of the presentation of the videos definitely attracts an audience.
  • The language: Not all languages ​​generate the same amount of visits, surely the most common languages ​​are the most frequented videos.
  • The channel theme
How much YouTube can pay for subscribers and or visits
  • Video length
  • Advertisers : They are like channel sponsors, if your videos generate views, they pay you.
  • Partner .

The minimum payment is 0.5 USD per thousand visits , but that varies depending on the country where you monetize and the price of national currency. In Europe you can pay almost one euro per thousand views, we return to the same thing, it cannot be said that there is a specific payment.

It only remains to take accounts and investigate how to work effectively with YouTube, surely with the tricks to increase visits you will generate satisfactory income.

How much does YouTube pay for every 1000 visits?

Having a YouTube channel has become one of the most used means today by millions of people in the world to obtain money from home. But there are several factors that will determine how much you can earn on YouTube for every 1000 visits. And among these we can count, the audience to which it is directed, the language or country, the type of content that is broadcast in the video, etc.

But even so, you will not have an exact payment from YouTube for every 1000 visits and this can range from 2 to 35 dollars. Therefore we can see people who earn $ 15 for every 1000 visits, while others can earn $ 2.5. And this will be according to the factors that we mentioned earlier.

What influences the payment

All of the above will affect in a positive or negative way, so that the public that generates the visits is captured and allow you to charge. Hence the hard work that goes into being a content creator on YouTube , at first it may be difficult, but at the same time it works.

How much YouTube can pay for subscribers and or visits

That is why the creator of the channel encourages subscribers to keep the notification bell activated so that they can watch the videos. We can say that the payment on YouTube for visiting is relative , who creates the channel determines how much it will charge by tracking the visits .

Let’s remember what YouTube is

To understand a little better how the monetary system of the YouTube social network works, let’s briefly remember what this platform consists of. Working from home with YouTube and generating income is an opportunity that many are considering, or even already started to generate income.

  • It is a website where videos are broadcast, channel followers express their acceptance through a Like or Dislike.
  • It can be broadcast live , and others give their comments, subscribe to the channels they want, helping whoever creates the content on YouTube.
  • This platform is the second most requested in the search engine, of course after Google who owns the rights to YouTube.

If you are motivated to start your own YouTube channel and feel that the paid factor worries you, hopefully the article has worked for you. All those who are users of this platform and have a channel know that it requires a lot of effort and constant work.

How much can you earn on YouTube depending on the country?

This is a very important factor that must be taken into account when you want to know what the average earnings you will receive from YouTube will be . Since the videos that are made in English-speaking countries will have higher profits than those that are made in countries where another language is spoken such as Spanish for example.

As the English language has greater penetration and is the most widely spoken in the world, advertisers will pay more for those videos from countries that use English as their official language . Therefore, being a YouTuber in Spain, Argentina or Mexico will not be the same as being a YouTuber from the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

How much will a youtuber earn per million subscribers?

We must understand that a YouTuber will not earn money by the number of subscribers he has , since what really matters is the number of views his videos have. But of course the number of subscribers greatly influences the views you will have on any content that you upload to the platform.

And this is easy to understand, because a person who has 10,000 subscribers will have a greater chance of obtaining 1000 views or reproductions. Therefore, if you are a Youtuber who has 1 million subscribers, you will have a great chance of having more than 10 thousand views and thus obtaining more than 10 thousand euros .

How much can Top Youtubers actually earn?

Nowadays there are famous YouTuber who earn astronomical sums of money and you do not imagine that these figures could be reached. In the last measurement that was made in 2021 of the top 10 YouTuber who have made the most money on YouTube. You can see figures that range between $ 14 million and $ 22 million , what do you think?


How to show IDM on YouTube in Chrome



How to Show IDM on YouTube in Chrome

This is how to bring up IDM or Internet Download Manager on YouTube in the Google Chrome browser, follow every step, OK!

Surely you often experience it, when you want to download videos on YouTube but the IDM software doesn’t appear on Google Chrome.

Even though I have installed IDM correctly, but it still doesn’t appear, what’s the matter? If you have installed it correctly, there is one more thing that you must install on Chrome Guys.

Curious, what should you install? Let’s just see how to bring up IDM in Chrome, check this out!


  • Make sure you have IDM installed on your PC or laptop, guys.
  • Then open the Chrome browser
  • On the main Chrome page, you select Web Store.
How to Show IDM on YouTube in Chrome
  • When you enter the main page of the Web Store, you can immediately search for the IDM Integration Module in the search field.
  • If you have found it, you click the Add to Chrome button.
  • Wait until the download process is complete.
How to Show IDM on YouTube in Chrome
  • Later a dialog box will appear asking for approval and just select Add extension.
  • Close and reopen your Chrome browser.

Now go to YouTube and see IDM will appear when opening the video.
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So that’s it, how to bring up IDM on YouTube in the Chrome browser. How easy is it? Now just pop up your IDM and download all the videos on YouTube!

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How to Prevent Pegasus Spyware Attacks on Personal Cellphones, Must Try



How to Prevent Pegasus Spyware Attacks on Personal Cellphones, Must Try

In the last few days, the internet world is being enlivened with the emergence of spyware Pegasus latest version.

Reportedly, spyware Pegasus is used by the governments of various countries to spy on the cellphones of a number of parties.

A number of names are said to have been targeted, from French President Emmanuel Macron, Telegram CEO Pavel Duvrov, to PSG football club owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi on the list.

They immediately took several actions to avoid being attacked by spyware Pegasus.

Currently, the main targets are important figures.

However, it is possible that Pegasus spyware also attacks ordinary people.

For that, we want to share how to prevent Pegasus spyware attacks on personal cellphones.

Want to know what it’s like? Continue to the next page!

Pegasus spyware can attack via messaging applications such as WhatsApp and iMessage.

If the device has been attacked, then the access on it can be said to have been taken over.

With Pegasus spyware, someone can remotely read incoming messages, emails, photos in the gallery, tap phones, track locations, and record voices.

The way to prevent Pegasus spyware attacks on personal cellphones can be said to be “hard and easy”.

University of Surrey cybersecurity professor Alan Woodward said in theory the Pegasus spyware could be removed from the device.

However, it is difficult to know whether a cellphone has been attacked by the pegasus spyware or not.

For this reason, he suggested that users routinely restart their cellphones.

In addition, users can also install anti-malware software to strengthen security.

“If you are someone who is at risk, you should install some anti-malware software on your phone,” he said as quoted by

Furthermore, another way to prevent Pegasus spyware attacks is with the help of security applications.

This application can consist of a password manager or authenticator. Morning Context co-author Advait Palepu has shared his recommendations.

Through his Twitter account @advait_px, he created a thread containing recommendations for software and applications that can be used to prevent Pegasus spyware attacks.

Some popular software names such as Bitwarden and Google Authenticator are included in the list.

In addition, there are other ways that can also be done to avoid Pegasus spyware attacks.

Launching The Washington Post, users must be diligent in updating software.

Because with software updates, automatically the security system used is also updated and stronger.

To make it easier, users can set after the device to automatic update to make it more practical.

However, the automatic update can be set specifically if the device is connected to WiFi only.

The reason is, to update the software takes a lot of quotas and a strong signal.

Then users who are still using cellphones that are more than 5 years old are also highly recommended to replace them.

Especially if the cellphone has not received the latest operating system update from the developer.

Well, those are some ways that can be done to prevent attacks spyware Pegasus.

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6 Tips for Keeping Twitter Accounts Safe So You Can Avoid Hackers



6 Tips for Keeping Twitter Accounts Safe So You Can Avoid Hackers

Twitter has many users, some of whom expect to avoid hackers who aim to account for bad things.

For users who want to avoid hackers can follow 6 tips to keep a safe Twitter account.

Of course, the tips for maintaining this account are done directly in the application Twitter, or his website version.

Twitter has become a fun place to find inspiration from diverse content, participate in conversations to find useful new hobbies.

Not infrequently from this platform we often find interesting things that become trending.

The experience of using Twitter will be more comfortable if everyone stays alert and takes steps to improve security.

In an effort related to security and privacy, Twitter said it always reminds people to be responsible for managing their respective Twitter accounts.

These 6 tips to keep your Twitter account safe were also given directly by the company, let’s take a look at the next page!

1. Use a unique password

Make sure you create a strong Twitter account password using a minimum of 10 characters with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.

Try to use a different password for each website you visit.

Consider using password management software that can keep all of your login information safe.

In addition, you can go to the Password reset protection menu located in the Twitter account settings.

2. Use the two-factor authentication method

Actually, we have heard this second method quite often on various platforms including Twitter.

However, for those of you who have just discovered these tips, see how and their benefits on the next page.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer for your Twitter account to be secure.

In addition, to ensure that only you can access your own Twitter account.

That way only people who have access to your password and mobile number (or security key) can log in.

Starting in late June 2021, Twitter users have the option to use a security key as the only form of two-factor authentication (2FA), which is the most effective way to keep Twitter accounts secure.

3. Make sure you are logged in via the official Twitter site

Phishing will always lurk for personal information if people visit fake sites.

A Phishing web interface similar to the Twitter log-in page is very vulnerable to deceive users.

So Twitter provides tips to double-check the links you open, both from email and Direct Messages before providing your personal data including passwords.

Furthermore, to be even more secure, you can do something that you can see on the next page.

That is, those of you who are affected by phishing can change your password as soon as possible and read the guide at this link.

4. Be wary of those who act in the name of Twitter

These tips are given because there are parties who are not responsible on behalf of Twitter.

So you need to always be vigilant if there are parties claiming to be Twitter representatives who contact and ask for personal data.

Twitter says it never asks users for passwords via email, Direct Messages, or replies.

That way users are expected not to open attachments or links if they receive a message to install any software, as it’s not from Twitter.

5. Be alert for suspicious login alerts

Twitter will usually send notifications via email or push notifications if it detects suspicious activity or when you log into your Twitter account from a new device for the first time. You can check the benefits of this notification on the next page.

Incoming alert notifications usually include a location that is an approximate IP address used to access Twitter.

Through this notification, you can verify whether the person who actually entered through the device is you or not.

Otherwise, we recommend following the steps listed in the notification to secure your account, starting with changing your password.

6. Check existing links on Twitter (especially if they are shortened with

As a place for conversation to occur, people on Twitter share a lot of interesting information, and many share links to other sites, either through Tweets or Direct Messages.

If you see a link using a URL shortener, such as or TinyURL, be sure to check the direction of the link before opening it.

Or you can use a free plug-in from Chrome or Firefox to show an extended URL without having to click it first.

Of 6 tips to keep a safe Twitter account, which do you think is very important?

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