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How to back up contacts on Android? – Make backups easy



How to back up contacts on Android

Backing up is very useful when you want to keep important information, so in this article, we’ll tell you how you can back up your contacts so you always have them on hand.

There are several advantages to backing up your contacts on a mobile phone, and here we will tell you in detail what they are:

You never lose them

One of the most important benefits we get when backing up our contacts is that we can get those contacts back even if we have lost or misplaced our cell phones. This important function will also help us in the event that the device has been erased by the factory, or even if our phone breaks. In either of these cases, you’ll never lose your contacts.

You share quickly

Having a backup of your contacts also has another advantage or benefit, and that’s you can share them faster, meaning you’ll always have them on hand and won’t have to ask people for phone numbers again.

As for copying all existing contacts to mobile, regardless of the Android OS version, here you can do each of them in two ways.

Use your Google account

One of the most frequently used methods of copying existing contacts to your mobile and ensuring that you never lose them is to use the contacts app that comes by default on your mobile and sync it with your Google account by following these steps:

  1. On your Android mobile, go to settings.
  2. There, select the Google option, and then in the Google application settings.
  3. You can see different options below, select the one that says contact sync.
  4. Already during the synchronization of contacts, you need to activate the backup option, as well as the synchronization automatically.
  5. And finally, just choose the google account where the contacts will be saved.
How to back up contacts on Android - Make backups easy

Downloading data

The second method for copying your contacts to an Android phone and saving them is to download the data, and it’s very simple and you just need to follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to go to the contacts application that comes with your personal phone.
  2. In the application, you can see all the numbers of the people you saved as contacts.
  3. Then click on the plus button which is represented by three dots and you will usually find it in the upper right corner.
  4. When you click the plus button, a menu will appear with different options between them, import and export which you need to select
  5. Note that the name of this option may change depending on the device, it may be on behalf of sharing contacts or just exporting.
  6. When you have import and export selected, you will get other actions that you can do, you can import contacts you have in internal storage, however you need to click share contacts.
  7. This will save all your contacts as a file so you can share them.
  8. Then you will be given various options where you can save the file you just created, for example, you can move it to Drive and from there move it to a more secure site, to a USB flash drive or CD.

Note that you can also transfer the contacts you have on Google to another account if you wish.

If for some reason you have changed your personal phone and want to transfer or rather restore old phone contacts, it is very simple to do so and here we will tell you the steps you need to follow.

If the contacts you had on your old phone have been synced with your Google account and it’s the same you will be using on your new phone, your contacts will be automatically restored when you sign in to it.

back up contacts on Android

And if you used the second method we mentioned to create a backup and want to restore it on a new phone, you will have to follow these steps.

If you have saved it on a USB stick, all you have to do is transfer the file via your computer to your mobile phone and the contacts will appear on your new phone. What if you saved it to Google Drive, you just need to open it, then find the file and click on it to download it.

In the notification bar, you will know when the file is completely downloaded, just click to execute it and here you will be able to see all your saved contacts.

It should be noted that these procedures are a bit easier to perform when you are going to transfer contacts from an Android phone to another Android, but when you want to transfer those contacts from Android to iPhone it is a bit more tedious but impossible.


How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using Accounts and Apps



How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using Accounts and Apps

In this article, we will give you tips on how to watch TikTok videos without having to download the TikTok application and without having to log in first on your cellphone.

Even this way, you can browse and watch TikTok videos from just your computer/laptop browser and your phone.

How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using Accounts and Apps

1. Watch TikTok videos on the TikTok official site

You just need to open TikTok official website to view videos, if you don’t want to watch TikTok videos using the app you can use this option

2. Watch TikTok Videos on Facebook.

The average TikTok content creator usually reposts their TikTok videos on their Facebook account. You can also do this as an alternative to watching TikTok videos without an application.

3. Watch TikTok videos on Twitter.

While most of the other users often share their favorite TikTok videos on other platforms like Twitter. You can also try browsing the Videos tab while doing a search on Twitter.

4. Watch TikTok videos on Youtube

Actually, youtube also has a short video feature, like TikTok. It is not uncommon for TikTok content creators to also re-upload their TikTok videos on the youtube platform.

With some of these options, it also indirectly saves the use of your device’s resources. Because there is no need to install all applications with the same purpose.

Hopefully useful, thank you.

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How to make an Android phone a remote even though it doesn’t have an infrared feature



How to make an Android phone a remote even though it doesn't have an infrared feature

Android phones do have a lot of features that can make it easier for us to do our daily routines. One feature that is quite popular is the infrared feature, which allows us to make an android phone as a remote for tv, air conditioning, and other remote devices.

But, lately, it’s increasingly rare for us to find Android phones or cellphones that no longer have the infrared feature. Really, very unfortunate.

However, in this article, we will provide information and solutions to you on how to make infrared for android, even if your android phone or cellphone does not have infrared features.

Here’s how to make an Android phone a remote even though it doesn’t have an infrared feature:

1. Buy and Use Infrared OTG

OTG (On-The-Go) is additional hardware that has many functions, one of which is connecting hard drives, flash drives, joysticks, and other devices to your android phone.

Not only that, OTG devices can also be used to connect additional infrared devices to your android phone.

You can buy this infrared OTG at a mobile phone accessories store or buy it online via e-commerce, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopee, and others. And you can simply type in the product search “Infrared OTG”

There are 2 types of infrared OTG infrared, namely ordinary infrared (Micro SD) and infrared OTG Type C. If your android cellphone charger still uses a type 2 / Micro SD port, then you can buy a regular OTG infrared, and if your charger uses type C, then you should also buy infrared OTG USB.

How to make an Android phone a remote

2. Connect Infrared OTG to your Android phone

If you already have infrared OTG, try connecting. If it is connected, then you can download the remote application on the google play store.

If the tools and applications are already installed, you can immediately use your Android phone as a remote.

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How to Save and Maximize RAM Capacity on Android Phones



How to Save and Maximize RAM Capacity on Android Phones

RAM on an android phone is used to store temporary data on your android while doing any activity whether it’s for the operating system, applications, dame, and others. For example, RAM has a role when you edit photos or videos with an application, well, once the editing process is complete, the photos are saved to your device storage so they don’t get lost. The more RAM Memory capacity you have, the more you can do. Like doing multitasking tasks.

Because this RAM is in the form of a physical component, it is not possible for you to upgrade RAM on an Android phone. It’s different from a laptop or PC, where there are several RAM slots that you can add at a later date.

However, the RAM on your Android phone allows you to use it more efficiently. Also, if you have a device with Android 11 or 12, you most likely have the ability to extend RAM even further by allocating some of your storage using a feature called Virtual RAM.

Here’s how to save RAM on Android phones:

1. Turn off Animation Features

Save and Maximize RAM Capacity on Android Phones

It turns out that the animation feature can actually consume more RAM and that’s not so important to me. Therefore, our suggestion is that you can disable the animation feature in the settings of your Android phone.

2. Limit Widget and Live Wallpaper Usage

These widgets and live wallpapers are quite greedy in terms of RAM usage. Many refresh frequently and occupy bandwidth, while some are constantly active. In addition, this can also cause your battery to run out faster and wasteful even in standby mode.

So remember to limit the number of widgets and live wallpapers that apply to optimize RAM memory, to keep your Android phone optimal.

3. Delete applications that are not in use

Don’t install too many applications on your android phone, make sure you only install the applications you need, and make sure to check regularly what applications you rarely use. And if it’s no longer necessary, you can just delete the app.

4. Activate the RAM Plus (Virtual RAM) feature

On Android 11 and 12, it already has a feature called RAM Plus. Let’s take the example of Samsung phones, which already have the RAM Plus feature, where you can add and increase your RAM capacity many times over.

To enable RAM plus on Samsung phones, you can go to the menu:

Settings > Battery and device care > Memory > RAM Plus.

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