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How to gain followers on Instagram for free



How to gain followers on Instagram for free

Instagram is possibly the most used social network in the world today, since it has more than 600 million users. It is not surprising that, due to this, this social network has become a fundamental instrument of growth , both personal and business. It is normal for many users to wonder if it is possible to increase the number of followers of their account, and the answer is simple: yes.

Well, there are two ways to get followers on Instagram for free: organic and paid. There are even tools to buy followers on Instagram, which feed on ghost accounts. This is a highly inadvisable option, as many people will easily be able to tell. At oneHOWTO we have compiled and ordered more than twenty tricks with an organic strategy in which you will not have to invest a single euro, just a little time. Therefore, do not miss this article and discover how to gain followers on Instagram for free !

Set up the account as a company

In the Settings section of your Instagram profile, scroll down to change the type of account. The professional or company account allows you to access the statistics of both the profile itself and the publications and stories. With this data you will be able to better define your positioning strategies, since you will discover what it is that attracts the people of your profile . In addition, you can also add more additional information about your business or brand, such as website, address or contact.

Still, we recommend downloading the Statigram app . A tool to manage your activity on Instagram that will give you all the information you need to study yourself and be able to control what you are doing well and what you are not.

Design the profile well

First of all, the first thing is to be clear about what your brand will consist of and how you are going to show it through Instagram. Choose the photo well, although on the social network it will look very small, but it will be the way your followers recognize you every time you appear again. Similarly, think carefully about a good username, which you feel comfortable with and which is easy to repeat and memorize. Check out our article Names for Instagram and discover how to create a custom name on this social network.

Finally, decide what your content will be like. Many times something simple and unique but whose model is attractive and original is better. Look at other accounts that have many followers and you will see the importance of the brand image decision . Focus all your effort on being recognized.

How to gain followers on Instagram for free

Give importance to descriptions

Maybe we thought that on Instagram an image is worth a thousand words, but no. A good text that completes the profile or accompanies each photograph is a safe bet to win over other users . The algorithm knows this and that is why it takes into account the content of Instagram. If you wonder how to get followers on Instagram for free, taking care of your written content is one of the first strategies you should adopt.

Thinking about keywords is vitally important, as users will come to your content just by searching for a specific word. Do not forget that, in any case, the texts you choose must be clear and authentic. Take advantage of the 22,000 characters in the caption!

A curious gift trick : it seems that inserting the word “comment” in the caption of the photo increases the participation and the traffic in the publications.

Draw attention with pictures

Despite this, the image continues to be the protagonist of this social network. The quality of the photographs, despite being very important, should not be your main concern. Prioritize your brand’s strategy through the image , thinking carefully about what it shows and why they follow it. Your audience may not be fascinated by photo editing, but they will be attracted or hooked on the content you share.

A secret : they say that cold colors, like blue or dark green, generate more likes than warm ones.

How to gain followers on Instagram for free

Add the location

Why add location to gain more followers? The radar is one of the elements most considered by the Instagram algorithm. The platform, like your product, is very interested in your location, as this allows it to create links between your account and other people who are close to you. Makes sense? Well, for Instagram yes, since it considers that people who live in the same city surely have more tastes and hobbies in common. A curious conclusion, but one that undoubtedly works. If the logarithm suggests our brand to people close to us, it will surely be easy for us to get followers on Instagram .

When you’re editing a post, you can let your radar automatically suggest nearby locations. Although also, you can use the search engine yourself to find the location that interests you the most.

Make questions

The new marketing is based on the model of social networks and these, in turn, on interaction and participation. It is really effective to ask or call the voices of our followers. Ask them something in relation to the publication or any topic that may interest your brand, in order for your users to comment and interact with you . The comments, in the same way as the content, are material with which the algorithm works to position you in the first places of Instagram, with which you will gain many more followers. The more interaction the better.

Make calls to action

In the same way, invite your users to go further. With a call to action, known in English as Call To Action , you will get them to go to your biography and click on hyperlinks to your website, your personal blog or your store. Learn how to upload YouTube videos to Instagram to promote channels from other platforms as well. In this way, they will start to get to know your brand better and you will quickly gain popularity . Suggest them any related sites that might benefit you. Tell them and they will.

Comment on similar accounts

You are, after all, one more user who also has to participate. If you want your audience to trust your brand, it is good that they know that you are like them. This is a very effective way of getting new people to meet you as well . But above all, the more you comment on related accounts, the more your algorithm will be located where you really want to be, and you will reach more people quickly.

Put a lot of hashtags

Hashtags are tags that archive our publications in independent and public folders on the network. It is the most basic and essential way to reach more users . Think of keywords related to your publication and add as many more as you can, always taking care that it does not end up looking like spam .

When you type a hashtag on the keyboard, suggestions with the most active hashtags will automatically appear, along with the number of people who have currently used it. Choose generic hashtags with a lot of participation, but also more specific, to narrow your niche.

Create a hashtag for the brand

Choosing one or more brand hashtags is an interesting trick to achieve engagement , that is, a commitment from your followers. This creates a much more solid identity. The ideal is to choose a general hashtag that accompanies all your publications, since it will encourage a very concentrated activity around you and will give users the feeling of being part of something. The strength of the brand image is, without a doubt, one of the best strategies to gain followers on Instagram for free.

Locate and follow the target audience

This is one of the exercises that you should start doing daily, if you really want to see your account grow. Take some time to find people who follow content similar to yours . Enter similar accounts and follow the people who have liked those posts. Normally, these people will also follow you back, seeing that what your content is of interest to them.

How to gain followers on Instagram for free

Find out who unfollows you

This is a very important marketing job. To find and strengthen our target audience, it is important to know who is following us and who has stopped , as well as why. Following accounts that do not follow us back will damage the brand image, since it will increase the number of “following” and not the number of “followers”, which will reduce prestige.

There are several applications that will help you in this task, such as Unfollow for Instagram or Unfollowers And Ghost Followers . These are the most popular, but not the only ones. Choose the one that works best for you.

Schedule a posting calendar

This is perhaps the part that seems heaviest, but the most necessary as well. A publication calendar will help you set a pattern in the periodicity of your content, so that you accustom your followers to a schedule of new publications . In addition, with the help of a calendar, you will not forget to upload new content, a fundamental requirement to reach more followers.

There are tools that will help you to do this, in addition, by scheduling the publications automatically, such as Hootsuite . So you can focus on this work at the beginning of the week, for example, and then you can engage in interactions with your followers and continue with the rest of your work.

Upload stories daily

You yourself will have already realized the pull that stories have on Instagram. In fact, posts are hardly ever given any importance compared to the traffic generated by daily stories. This step is vital to gain more followers on Instagram.

Uploading stories daily is a way to get closer to your followers and interact more with them. In addition, it is very important that you interact with other accounts, mentioning them for example in your stories, so that they share your content and you can reach more users . Use hashtags, stickers or gifs in your stories to also position yourself in public folders where many more profiles will view your content. To make them more fun, don’t forget to put on music .

The more you publish, the closer you will be to the first ones that appear on the main page of each user, so your brand will be positioned better.

Take a live video at the same time and on the same day

Repetition hooks and, in this case, will hook your users to include in their schedule an activity offered by your brand. You may not do it every day, you may decide to do it once a week. But do not forget that it is a very effective strategy to gain followers, since users will know your routine and will recommend you to other friends or family . Plus, live shows appear first in line, ahead even of stories.

Join Instagram Reels

As the first interested in Instagram, we must also be the first to be up to date with any news. Reels is a new short video feature on this platform, a format that relates content of the same theme from different user accounts . The visibility that Reels offers because of how viral and powerful it has become is essential when it comes to reaching many more profiles. If you are wondering how to gain thousands of real followers on Instagram, do not hesitate to switch to the TikTok format and join the fashion of the moment.

Choose the best time to post

It seems like the best day to post content is Wednesday. The meridian, unlike the weekend, is apparently the time when users use their mobile phone the most . Within this day, the best hours are around 5 in the afternoon, and then 11 at night. Scheduling your content for these time slots is essential to gain likes and followers on Instagram.

However, it is recommended that you test yourself which is the schedule that works best for you. This rule is not only variable over time, but it also depends on the type of content you launch and the audience you are targeting.

Tell stories

In professional terms, storytelling has an English name, storytelling . It is a practice as old as our species, because the societies in which we live today began by listening to a story around a fire, until these stories and people multiplied.

If you look closely, you will see that there are accounts on Instagram that are directly based on a personal diary. It is very easy to get hooked on these types of accounts . Your brand may not have anything to do with this content, but you can apply storytelling at specific times. The stories are a good way to do it, with which you will achieve more public outside.

Like images from other accounts that your audience follows

It is another very important way of interacting. You will get more people to know you, but above all you will encourage Instagram to feel more active and receive more data about your activity, generating a better address in your algorithm that will suggest people close to you and interested in your brand .

Be natural

You already know that social networks are a horizontal communication space where the important thing is that all people interact with each other and equally. Your followers want to see or intuit that there is someone real behind your brand , since that will make them feel closer to you.

Do not forget about them and listen to them, spy on them as they do with you, as they are the main source of information to build your brand and gain real followers on Instagram. When they share your publications, mention you, or talk about interesting topics for your audience, do not forget to share their content in stories and tag them, so that they adopt the dynamics and do the same with you .

Ask directly to share

What don’t they? Ask for it. Find a way to communicate directly and honestly to your users that you are trying to grow as an Instagram user and that you need their help. Ask them to share your content in their stories and to recommend you to other users, since you need their collaboration to get followers on Instagram . If you don’t dare, take a look once more at how other accounts that you like do it.

Encourage collaborations

Seek to collaborate with other people who have a large following, as this is the best way to reach your audience as well. This step will also strengthen both accounts, not just yours, so it is an excellent proposal to make. You can choose to mention these other accounts in your stories or tag them on Instagram .

It is not necessary that they be accounts very similar to yours. In this case, the important thing is that your followers have common interests and that they share the same space on the network.

How to gain followers on Instagram for free

Create giveaways and viral challenges

The classic that, far from dying, will continue to grow. If Instagram is an entertainment platform, challenges and giveaways are the most powerful hook to generate the active participation of your users and gain more followers . Generating a prize expectation will encourage users to decide to share and participate in your content. You can suggest under the conditions that it is necessary for each participant to share the publication in their stories, in order to reach more people. Also, you can require that they mention multiple friends.

Do not forget that perseverance is the key to success. Put in place some of the tricks to gain followers on Instagram for free that we have suggested in this article and you will see how your followers will gradually rise like foam. Although it is not an easy task, since there are no miraculous pages to get followers on Instagram for free, if you are constant you will surely achieve your purpose.


Why is Youtube Go Not on the Google Play Store?



Why is Youtube Go Not on the Google Play Store

YouTube Go is another version of the youtube application, one of the features of this youtube go is that it can save your data usage and internet quota. Another feature that is no less interesting is that you can also watch YouTube videos offline.

However, why is Youtube Go not on the google play store?

The purpose of Youtube Go is to optimize the application for use in countries where mobile data is expensive and internet connectivity is not yet stable. This means that you will not be able to find apps within the Play Store from your Android device.

In terms of application size, YouTube Go itself has a fairly small size of 10MB, using a fairly simple design. With the youtube go app, you can also preview the video before watching it. And of course, you can download videos that you will watch offline. Although the size of the application is small, you can still choose the resolution, adjust the use of the data package, and share videos like the youtube application in general.

Currently, the beta version of YouTube Go has been launched in 130 countries around the world, is India included? If at this time, you haven’t seen the Youtube Go application on the Google Play Store.

However, if you still want to download and use the YouTube Go application on your phone right now, you can use and download the APK version of Youtube Go. We will discuss how to do this in the article below:

Here’s how to download and install Youtube Go on your Android phone:

  • If so, you need to enable Unknown Sources first on your phone by: Go to Settings Menu > Security and enabling the Unknown Sources feature.
  • After that, continue the Youtube Go APK installation process as usual.
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How to put Google Discover on an iPhone



How to put Google Discover on an iPhone

If you want to be informed about all the news without having to search for the news one by one, the solution is Google Discover. Thanks to this Google extension, you will be able to have all the news about your favorite topics, and best of all, you will also be able to have them on your iPhone. In this post, we tell you how to do it.

What is Google Discover?

This functionality of Google gives you information about your settings without you asking for it. When you open the Google app, you will see a list of relevant news on the topics you are interested in, whether it is your favorite football team, your favorite music style, or the news that may interest you the most.

You can find Discover in two ways. The first is on an iPhone or iPad, open the Google app. The other is by opening the browser and going to Once here, you will need to access your Google Account and you will be able to configure the Discover option. The difference between this feed and the search engine is that Discover is designed to be personal and tailored to what the user is looking for.

The content is automatically updated when new information on these topics becomes available. But in the search engine, you have to be the one looking for specific things you are interested in, and the latest news does not always appear, nor is it updated automatically. Discover does not return search results but returns them automatically.

How to customize Discover

Before you can customize Discover, you must have a Google Account and access the browser, either from its own app or from another browser, but always using Google. To start managing your content in Discover, choose one of the following options, depending on which browser you use will be one or the other.

  • Chrome: Go to Manage suggested articles.
  • A Google app or Follow the steps below to choose what information you want to receive, follow or stop following.

Step 1: Turn on the web and app activity setting

The web and app activity setting saves your searches, browser history, and other types of activity in your Google Account.

  1. Open the Google app on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap your top right profile picture or initial and luego search activity.
  3. Tap Activity saved.
  4. Turn on web and app activity settings.

Step 2: Select the news you want to receive

If you’re looking for something you’re interested in, you can follow that topic to get news about it on Discover.

In the Google app

  1. Open the Google app on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap your top right profile picture or initials and luego settings.
  3. Point Interests and luego Your interests.
  4. To follow new topics, go to “According to your activity” and press Add.
    • To hide a topic in Discover, tap Lock.

in the browser

  1. On an iPhone or iPad, open your browser and go to
  2. Press Menu at the top left and luego the settings.
  3. Press under «Discover». Manage interests and luego Your interests.
  4. To follow new topics, go to “According to your activity” and press Add.
    • To hide a topic in Discover, tap Lock.

Step 3: Change how often you see topics in Discover

NOTE: Only you can see the news you like, but your choices can be shared anonymously with editors.

Open the Google app on your iPhone or iPad or go to in your browser.
Tap Like at the bottom right of the card you select.

This determines what is displayed in Discover

To find out what’s going on in Discover, Google uses information from your device and other Google products.

In addition, Google uses the data stored in your Google Account. This data is retrieved from the settings that you can change, enable or disable. These settings include:

  • Activity online and in applications. Learn how to view and control activity data online and in apps.
    • Information about the apps on your devices. Learn how to manage app information on your devices.
    • Information about the contacts of your devices. Learn how to manage contact information on your devices.
  • Position history. For Google to use this information, the web and app activity settings must be turned on. Learn how to change the Google app’s location settings.
  • Location settings: Some of the information displayed in Discover is selected based on your home location. Learn how to set home and work locations. If your home location is not available, Google may estimate your location using other sources, such as your IP address. Understand and manage your location when you search on Google

How to access the news

Accessing it is very easy and there are several methods. The first is to use the Google application installed on your phone, a colored G icon that takes us to the search engine and automatically shows us the Discover section with all the content that may be of interest to us or that the search engine thinks. . But that is not the only option we have access to.

For example, some devices allow us to swipe right from the Home screen or to enter Discover. And other Android phones and tablets show us directly if we open the site from the browser, and here they will show us all the news and developments.

So you can disable Discover

If you no longer want to use Discover or disable it, follow two simple steps. Like the previous configuration, you have two options, depending on whether you do it from the Google application or if you do it from another browser.

In the Google app

  1. Open the Google app on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap your top right profile picture or initials > settings > general.
  3. Turn off Discover.
  4. in the browser

Please note that this feature may not be available in all languages ​​and countries.

  • Go to on an iPhone.
  • Tap Menu> Settings> Discover > Do not show on the home page .
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How to have free internet on Virgin Mobile on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks?



How to have free internet on Virgin Mobile on Facebook,Whatsapp

We go ahead with many of the best tutorials we can consider when getting free internet on our innovative mobile devices. On this particular occasion, we are discussing the possibility of accessing Virgin Mobile Colombia 2020 free Internet.

Suppose you want to learn how to have Free Virgin Mobile Colombia Internet 2020. In that case, you must know that step by step, you will be able to do it step by step, and you will have access to all kinds of features, including chatting, browsing, watching unlimited videos, e.t.c.

Indeed, you have to consider that this online free Virgin Mobile Colombia 2017 trick works flawlessly in any Android device version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

Before starting this tutorial, we must say that it is essential to remember that to access Virgin Mobile Colombia 2020 Free Internet, we need to enter Virgin APN correctly on our smartphone; otherwise, step by step does not work.

The first thing we have to bear in mind in this regard is to go to Settings, Cellular networks, APNs / Access Points as it looks in our Android version or device model. After following the steps above, the next thing to do is download the latest version of SlowDNS for free.

How can I have free Internet with Virgin Mobile on my Android?

Once you’ve reached this point, the next thing you need to do for the app to work is turn on Unknown sources in Settings and Security. Anyway, after installing the app, what you have to do is turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data.

At the same time, you need to check if the SIM card is out of balance, which can be quickly done by opening a website or sending a message via WhatsApp, of course, in case it does not reach the addressee.

While you’re at this point, you’ll need to open SlowDNS from the app’s main menu, and the next step will be to configure your VPN app with the appropriate data. You will see various information appear, and in the third option in this regard, you will see that the application offers several free servers.

In this sense, you have to consider that all servers support the user limit, and we will not be able to use them if they are rolled up beforehand.

If you cannot find matching servers, we recommend trying to test the Dutch servers one by one (TG or TG7), considering that they usually offer the best performance for most users in this situation.

After completing the previous steps, press Connect, and automatically, SlowDNS will display a screen indicating the time of the connection. However, the truth is that its information does not make sense in particular.

In addition, a key at the top of the screen means that the connection has been successfully established, which is what interests us in this situation.

After completing this step-by-step, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of Free Virgin Mobile Internet 2017 and enjoy Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp completely unlimited for free. As always, if you have any questions or comments, you know that you can contact us.

How to have free internet on Virgin Mobile on social media

Can I have accessible social networks on Virgin Mobile if I have an iPhone?

Yes, it is possible; in principle, you will need to start configuring your hardware with the correct APNs, so you don’t have any problems using your data. If you do not have information on how to do this, you can go to the official Virgin Mobile website and copy the user manual to make the appropriate configuration.

After making the APN settings, we review the various options and data packages to which we have access and select only the one that best suits our profile.

Were you able to get it? Virgin Mobile Colombia Free Internet 2020 With This Step By Step? Remember that we are ready for your questions in the comments.

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