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How to recover deleted files



How to recover deleted files

We show you how you can recover recently deleted files on your PC, either through some tricks to put into practice, or through the use of data recovery software.

Who has not ever had the fact of having mistakenly deleted files or files from the computer that they later wanted to recover and it has not been possible or has not known how to do it.

Windows has the ‘Recycle Bin’, which acts as a security element to be able to rescue everything that goes into it. However, if you have deleted files in order to free up disk storage space, it may no longer appear here.

You should know that there are alternatives to recover files, although for this, you have to resort to the use of third-party software or data recovery programs. There are programs that, if you have previously installed, will save you some troubles.

Before showing you the options for recovering lost files, you should know that the longer it has been since they were deleted, the more difficult it will be to recover them. Things get tricky on SSD drives, where unused cells are regularly removed to free up space.

There are free and paid software options that can help you in the task of recovering deleted files, but you must be careful before installing and using them since they could overwrite the same files that you are trying to recover.

If one of the following methods is successful, we recommend making a backup copy of your files to avoid a similar situation in the future. Whether backed up to the cloud or an external drive, adopting good habits will save you from headaches.

Most file recovery disk utilities work in a similar way, although as we indicate in each explanation, the efficiency of one to the other may vary. Proceed as follows for recovery.

  • Download the recovery software. Whenever possible, install the program on a different hard drive than the one containing the deleted files you want to recover.
  • Select the disk containing the erased information to allow the software tool to scan for recently erased files.
  • Select the files to recover.
  • Choose a location to save what the tool has located and is recoverable. It should be a different location than the original disk.

Recover deleted files from Recycle Bin

Whenever you have deleted something that you later want to recover, the first thing you have to do is go to the Windows Recycle Bin. When you select a file and press the Delete key (or right-click and choose ‘Delete from the menu’), Windows passes it here.

The operating system moves it to the Recycle Bin, which has its own icon on the desktop. Restoring a file from the ‘Recycle Bin’ is simply double-clicking on the desktop icon to display the contents and then right-clicking on the file and selecting ‘Restore’.

If the Recycle Bin icon isn’t visible, look under ‘Show or Hide’ in the Start menu and you should see a shortcut to Settings where you can check the box next to the Recycle Bin to make it appear.

However, don’t always rely on the Recycle Bin as a safety net – it has a size limit and once you exceed it, old files will be permanently and automatically deleted.

The default size is suitable for most people, so there is a good chance that the files you want to restore are still present in the Recycle Bin. To check the capacity or modify it, right-click on the Recycle Bin and select ‘Properties’.

However, if you are in the habit of using the ‘Shift-Delete’ shortcut keys, they bypass the use of the Recycle Bin, thus permanently deleting the data. Also, if your files were on an SD card or USB drive, there is no Recycle Bin feature.

Before resorting to file recovery software, you should opt for some additional avenues. Have you shared the file or document by email? Have you saved or synced it with a cloud storage service? Or maybe you took a backup?

If the answer to all of these questions is no, you are ready to proceed with the option of using a file recovery tool or software program.

Free vs paid data recovery software

Here’s a list of freeware options. The most famous among users is usually Recuva from Piriform.

Sometimes a free tool is all you will need. But many of these programs have limited power to recover files, or are limited in the number of files or the amount of data that you can recover before paying for another more advanced version.

Often times, these premium versions can find and restore files that the free versions cannot. For example, if you format a hard drive (the long option, not the fast one), then you may find that free recovery software can still recover files.

Here are three of the best payment options, most of which offer a trial version or at least show the files available for recovery before you have to pay, which is quite a detail.

Tips to recover deleted files

Act quickly! The sooner you realize you’ve accidentally deleted a file, the better your chances of recovering it. When you notice its loss, don’t save anything to disk and don’t even download or install a file recovery utility.

If the file was on the hard drive of your PC or laptop, do not modify its current state, as a change could overwrite the same files that you are trying to recover.

Use the portable version. Some recovery programs can be run directly from a USB flash drive, but you must download them using a different computer.

Even browsing the Internet to find a recovery utility causes files to be overwritten on your drive, so use a different PC to download the software program or tool.

Free up some space. The recovery utilities only work reliably with sequential files. If your disk is reasonably full, Windows often has to divide the file into blocks around the disk.

Also, the drives use different file systems and any disk recovery utility will only work with certain types of file systems. Windows hard drives use the NTFS file system.

However, USB flash drives and memory cards generally use some variant of FAT (FAT16, FAT32, or exFAT) and you must select the software with the necessary support for all your media.

Can files be recovered from a bad SSD or hard drive?

Once we have clarified that the files do not have to be lost forever, we come to the greatest fear on the part of computer users: the appearance of a hard disk failure.

This could manifest itself in a number of ways, but in general, Windows won’t start, not even in ‘safe’ mode, and turning on your PC may be accompanied by unpleasant disk noises. You risk losing all the contents of the disc.

Some suggest that certain hard drives have been repaired by putting them in the freezer for a while. But this is like putting the wet mobile in a jar with rice grains to await their salvation, it only happens on certain occasions.

Often times it won’t work and trying it could be the last straw for the record to break down further. Our recommendation, therefore, is that you do not try this or any other repair associated with DIY.

In return, as soon as you suspect a hardware failure, you should immediately shut down your PC and contact a data recovery company like Kroll OnTrack. These companies have large stocks of replacement parts that they can exchange in their cleanroom to restore the failing part.

How to recover deleted files

Once this is accomplished, they will copy all the data they can recover onto encrypted removable media such as a USB drive. This works for failures of disk parts such as electronic circuit boards, the motor, or the read/write head, but there is a limit.

In the case of mechanical discs, if it is the disc part or the head plates that are scratched, you usually end up with recovery options. Fortunately, these failures are rare.

As always, it is worth assessing which company we should use and whether it is a good idea to choose a company that diagnoses the problem or provides us with a budget since in most cases advanced recovery will cost us an arm and a leg.

Technicians can also use the latest techniques to recover data from a failing SSD drive. These services can cost around € 700 so it should be the last resort to turn to and only if the lost data is of great value to you.

How to recover deleted files

For our tests, we have used Diskdigger, but the process is similar to all recovery programs.

Step 1. Download DiskDigger. You don’t need to install it, just extract the contents of the .zip file and run the .exe file. Remember that if you have already accidentally deleted some files, you should not download DiskDigger to the disk that contains your lost files.

Step 2. Start DiskDigger. The main screen shows all discs. Select the one containing the deleted files and click ‘next’ three times. Now the disk will be scanned and all deleted files will be listed; this could take some time.

How to recover deleted files

If the files you are looking for are listed, continue to the next step. If not, you could try altering some of the options on the previous screens and scanning again.

Step 3. DiskDigger will not be able to display the correct file names, so to help identify lost files, a preview option is provided. Select a file from the list on the left and choose the label ‘Preview’ (for photos) or ‘First few bytes’.

How to recover deleted files

Also useful for photos is the ‘thumbnail’ option in the ‘view’ menu, which will show small images in the list.

Step 4. When you have identified your lost files, select them from the list on the left and click ‘Recover selected files …’. Next, select the device and folder where you want to restore your files (this should not be on the same physical drive as the lost file).

How to recover deleted files

The rest of the files will be saved with automatically generated file names, so you will need to rename them to your original names.


How to charge the mobile without charger



How to charge the mobile without charger

Having your mobile charged throughout the day is essential to stay connected with family, friends and co-workers. Achieving this may seem straightforward if you have a charger and a plug wherever you go, but it is usually not the usual thing. If you spend a large part of the day away from home and cannot provide you with a suitable charger for your smartphone, the situation can get complicated.

What can I do if my mobile runs out of battery and I don’t have a charger? Not everything is lost. There are alternatives so you can load it. Discover how to charge your mobile without a charger, without any cable and even without a plug. Keep reading this article.

Wireless charger

Don’t you know how to charge your cell phone without a charger? The latest generation mobiles are usually adapted for wireless chargers, so it is no longer essential to carry yours in your backpack or bag if your phone runs out of battery.

charge mobile without charger

The most recent models of mobile phones, such as the iPhone 8 and later, like other Android phones, have a wireless standard incorporated so that any compatible wireless charging station or pad can be used to charge the smartphone.

There are different wireless chargers on the market, such as pads placed on tables and stands that allow the mobile to be charged by placing it in a vertical position.

If you have problems charging your mobile phone, you will be interested in this other article about Why my mobile does not charge.

USB port of a laptop

You can also charge your mobile without a plug. You only need to have a laptop with a battery and a USB cable to connect it to one of the output ports of the computer itself. This alternative is handy if you find yourself on the street or in the event of possible blackouts in the office, at home or in class.

By connecting the mobile to the laptop’s USB port, you can charge it while the PC’s battery lasts. In this way, the phone will be powered by the power of the laptop. The big drawback of this charging method is the slowness: a smartphone takes much longer to charge in this way because the USB ports of laptops are not prepared to support high-speed charges.

Portable solar charger

To go one step further and charge the mobile without cable, the solar charger is a recommended alternative that bets on renewable energy. This charger can charge only with the energy perceived by the sun.

Portable solar charger

This method is helpful if you are outside on a very sunny day. You will have to extend the charger cells horizontally to charge them with the sun and, later, charge the mobile with this accumulated solar energy.

Power bank or laptop battery

Portable batteries are handy because they store energy with which different electronic devices can be charged. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to charge mobile without electricity in situations of blackouts.

Charge the portable battery every 6 months even if you don’t use it. Power banks do not store energy forever, so they lose it little by little. To charge your mobile with this method, connect the USB cable to the output port of the portable battery. This cable is usually built into the power bank itself.

Power bank or laptop battery

If your mobile battery does not last a day, indeed you are interested in this other article in which we tell you if it is terrible to charge your mobile at night.

Crank loader

Crank chargers are another option to discover regarding how to charge the mobile without a charger. These types of chargers can charge a phone battery thanks to the energy created by turning a crank.

It is the slowest and most tiring method, but if you want to exercise and use the most ecological way possible, it is one more option to value to charge your mobile.

Backpack with integrated battery

Some backpacks have a built-in battery to charge the mobile without a plug or charger. In this way, you will not have to carry your charger with you, and you can charge your mobile anywhere thanks to this replacement battery.

There are different types of backpacks with built-in batteries on the market. Consult a technology or mobile expert to find out which one best suits the characteristics of your cell phone.

Charge the mobile with headphones

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and the ways to charge a mobile as well. If the previous methods have surprised you, the following will not be left behind: currently, there are headphones with which you can charge your mobile battery.

Charge the mobile with headphones

These state-of-the-art headphones will allow you to listen to music and charge your mobile wirelessly, that is, without any cable. How to charge a cell phone without a charger with headphones? To find out, you need to understand how it works.

These fast-charging headphones contain a hidden adapter with an integrated micro USB connector that allows you to charge the mobile without cables. Furthermore, these devices can also be used to transfer data between the hearing aids and the phone.

Therefore, if you want to listen to the music of high quality and at the same time have headphones capable of charging your mobile, you can buy one of these devices.

Application to charge the battery without charger

Currently, numerous applications promise to charge the mobile battery without a charger, plugs or cables. To do this, they say they use different energies, such as that produced by the vibration of the mobile, its agitation or even Reiki.

Nowadays, knowing how a mobile phone and its battery work, we know it is impossible to charge it with an application. For this reason, we recommend that you distrust these types of applications, although some of them can serve to accelerate the load in a specific way, such as when we are in a hurry.

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How to Activate Dolby Atmos on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3



How to Activate Dolby Atmos on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is one of the smartphones that already supports the stereo speaker feature. Not only relying on speakers on two sides but audio quality is also guaranteed to be maximized with Dolby Atmos on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has embedded Stereo High Dynamic speakers. This technology allows you to enjoy richer, louder bursts of sound.

The audio quality produced by Dolby Atmos technology is certainly not in doubt. With the presence of the Dolby Atmos feature in the audio sector, bursts of surround sound will sound very realistic to the ear.

Interestingly, the surround sound offered by Dolby Atmos can be enjoyed directly from the phone’s stereo speakers without having to connect to earphones.

How to Use Dolby Atmos on Galaxy Z Flip 3

How to Activate Dolby Atmos on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

In the following, we will share a tutorial to activate the Dolby Atmos feature on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

  • Open the Settings menu or Settings
  • Then select Sounds and Vibration
  • Then go to Sound quality and effects
  • Tap the toggle to activate the Dolby Atmos feature

Finished! Now the Dolby Atmos feature is active. You just have to feel the difference in the audio quality that is presented.

For those of you who want to experience premium audio quality on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone, this latest folding cellphone from Samsung is officially available in India through Samsung’s online and offline store network.

This smartphone will be available in Black, Cream, Lavender, Phantom Black, Gray, White, and Pink colors. Especially the last three colors, only available exclusively on the official Samsung website.

There are two variants of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 provided. The price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 with 8 GB / 128 GB RAM is $. 1100.

Meanwhile, the highest variant of the Galaxy Z Flip3 which has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory is priced at $ 1200.

Thus the tutorial to activate the Dolby Atmos feature on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. Good luck!

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How to Transfer Old Mobile Data to the Latest Oppo HP



How to Transfer Old Mobile Data to the Latest Oppo HP

How to transfer old cellphone data to the latest cellphones like Oppo, you must know. Moreover, when you just bought the latest smartphone and don’t want to bother moving data manually.

This year, many smartphones were launched. Oppo is one of the brands that regularly releases the latest cellphones in India, such as the Oppo Reno6, Oppo A16, Oppo A74 5G, Oppo Find X3 Pro, and many other series.

Well, if you just changed your cellphone by buying the latest model Oppo smartphone, we recommend delaying resetting your old cellphone.

Because, you can move old HP data, such as applications, photos, videos, music, contacts, and others, to the latest Oppo cellphone in a very easy way. So, you don’t need to install applications again, move data manually, and do other complicated processes.

How to move old cellphone data to Oppo’s new cellphone? Come on, see how to clone HP Oppo from the following Steps:

How to Transfer Old HP Data to Latest Oppo HP

How to Transfer Old Mobile Data

In the following, we share how to move old cellphone data to the latest Oppo cellphone. In making these tips, we tried to transfer data from Asus ROG Phone 3 to Oppo Reno6.

How to clone HP Oppo:

  • The first way to transfer data to Oppo’s new cellphone is to prepare the Clone Phone application which is available on the Google Play Store on the old cellphone.
  • Open the application, and allow the Usage Information Access requested by the application.
  • Then, allow other access requests, such as contacts, camera, location, and more.
  • On the latest Oppo cellphone, in this case, the Oppo Reno6, press the Import from Old Phone button in the Import Data section, when you just did the first settings when you bought this phone for the first time.
  • Select the Import data from an Android phone option, because your old smartphone is not an Oppo brand. If your old cellphone is Oppo, select Import data from an Oppo Phone.
  • Scan the QR Code using your old Android smartphone by pressing the Start Cloning button.
  • On your old phone, select You may also select the cloning data by yourself to select which data and apps you want to move.
  • If so, press the Start Cloning button. Wait a few moments (depending on the amount of data transferred) until the process is complete.
  • Then, the Clone Phone system will restore data and then the transfer process from the old cellphone to the latest Oppo cellphone is complete.

How, isn’t it easy to move data from an old cellphone to a new Oppo cellphone? You can easily move data, contacts, photos and videos, applications, and other data from old phones to new Oppo phones.

Good luck on how to move all data to the new Oppo cellphone, friend!

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