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MS Word

Latest Microsoft Word Tutorials for Beginners



Latest Microsoft Word Tutorials for Beginners

Being one of the important software, learning Microsoft Word, is really important for you to do. If you are currently new or learning Microsoft Word, then you are in the right place.

I am Singh, I will review it in full for you.

Let’s look at the following material:


The Microsoft Word guide for beginners that I will discuss this time is for beginners, yes.

If you feel you can or are good at operating Microsoft Word, this article may not be suitable for you, because the material this time is very very basic, or just the beginning.

1. Create and Open a Document

Creating and opening documents is the most basic step that you must know.

When you first open Microsoft Word, you will be presented with a display of various templates. On the menu, you can choose ” Blank document ” to create a new document without a template, so leave it, blank guys…

Then, for how to open a Microsoft Word document, it means you already have to be in the application. The steps are very easy, all you have to do is select the menu:

File > Open > Browse

2. How to Save a Microsoft Word Document

For how to save a Microsoft Word document, you only need to select the menu:

File > Save >

Then find the place you want to save it, for example, select the Document folder, or put it on the Desktop, or a portable hard disk can also, yes, just personalize the location.

Oh yeah, apart from that…

You can also directly press the Save Icon button (see image below). Or it could be the easiest option is to press Ctrl + S.

Oh yes, Microsoft Word also provides a Save As menu, this menu is used to save old documents with new names.

So, if you edit a friend’s document and want it to be your own, you can use Save As to save it.

Select the File menu > Save As > Find the place you want to save it.

3. How to Change Microsoft Word Font Type

To change the font in Ms Word, you have to go to the Home menu > then click on the part that has been marked Number 2 and change the font as you wish.

Important: If you have previously written a few words and want to change the font, then you must block all writing by pressing Ctrl+A first. Otherwise, there will be no font changes.

For how to change the Microsoft Word font size, you can change it through the numbers to the right of the Font column.

How to Set Spacing Between Sentences (in paragraphs)

This menu is used to adjust the spacing between lines in a paragraph. If you’ve written a few sentences, just press Ctrl+A first.

select Home > then select the Paragraph launcher icon.

Then, in the Line Spacing section, please change it as needed.

If so, you just click OK.

How to Change Microsoft Word Paper Size

Setting the paper size is usually used before printing a document.

By setting the paper size, the appearance of the document and also the results when printed will be the same, guys.

To change the size, select the menu Layout / Page Layout > Size and select the required size.

Important: Not all sizes are listed in the size menu. To change to your liking, select the More Paper Sizes menu and enter the desired size in the Width (width) and Height (height) fields.

How to Set Paper Orientation

There are 2 kinds of paper orientation in Microsoft Word, namely Portrait and Landscape. The portrait is the view of the paper in a standing position, while for landscape is the view of the paper in a rectangular position.

To change the MS Word paper orientation, select the Layout / Page Layout menu > Orientation > then select the orientation as needed.

How to Create a Microsoft Word Border

Border Microsoft Word is used to beautify the appearance of the page. However, nowadays this menu is rarely used.

Select menu Design > Page Borders.

  • Setting is the display border that is displayed, it can be in the form of a box, shadow, 3d, or you can also customize it.
  • Style is the type of border that will be displayed.
  • Color is the color of the border.
  • Width is the width of the border.
  • Art is a type of border that contains images.

Please just create as you want, guys.

How to Make a Ms Word Table

How to create a table in Microsoft Word is usually used to set the type of content.

Tables in Ms Word can be changed to be cool, but this time I only provide steps to create a simple table.

For how to create a Microsoft Word table, select the Insert menu > Table > then select the number of columns you want.

Until here, that’s it for now

Will Update Again Guys…

There are still lots of Microsoft Word tutorials to cover in the future. Besides me, on our site, you will also see other tutorials and of course not only about Microsoft Office.


MS Word

How to Make Letterhead in Microsoft Word



How to Make Letterhead in Microsoft Word

How to make a letterhead in Word correctly and neatly is actually easy, but surely there are still many of you who don’t know how to make it.

In an official letter, of course, there is a letterhead and there is always a line at the bottom right. Well, it turned out to be quite easy to make you know.

Apart from being the introduction to a letter, letterhead is also commonly used as a place to write the identity of the letter, such as the identity of the sender and recipient.

For those of you who want to know how to make it, here we explain in full the steps to make a letterhead in Word for you.


You should know how to make a letterhead in Word this time, guys, especially when you want to send letters between agencies.

Although not all agencies use it, it doesn’t hurt you to try and find out how to make this letterhead, here are the steps!

  • First, open your Word.
  • Place the cursor at the back of the last word of the letterhead
  • Then select the menu Borders – Borders and Shading.
  • After the border menu appears, all you have to do is select the line you want on the menu with a sign like this.

Don’t rush to click Ok, because there’s one more thing you have to do to make it, guys. In the section below, remove it or set it like this to make the line only exist at the bottom, and then Ok.

Yeah, you have successfully drawn the line, Guys, it’s easy and fast, right, how to make a letterhead in Word?

You don’t need to be confused anymore about how to make it. For beginners, making letterhead or letterhead does sound quite difficult.

In fact, how to make a letterhead in Word is fairly easy as long as you already know the procedure. After all, the letterhead cannot be made casually because it is an official identity.

The letterhead contains the official identity of an institution, agency, or company. Well, you can create an official identity on the letterhead in Microsoft Word.

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MS Word

How to Create a Background in Microsoft Word



How to Create a Background in Microsoft Word

This way of making a background in Word aims to beautify the appearance of the document and make it more attractive Guys.

Usually, this is often found in the use of proposals, certificates, covers, and not infrequently in job applications.

With this function, how do you make it? It’s so easy. Yes, although there are several ways you can do this, you can follow this tutorial in full.


This background function is very useful if you want to create a document that upholds the originality of Guys, for example, a thesis.

In addition to having to know how to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word, you may also need to know how to create a background in your thesis document, especially in showing the results of the tests you did.

How to make this background is also needed if you want to make an official letter from the agency. Besides needing to know how to make letterhead lines in Word, you also need to know how to add a background to the letter. Here’s how:

  • The first thing you can do is change the color.
  • Go to Design – Page Color – and immediately choose a color like this.

That is the easiest way and you can change the color according to your needs or tastes, guys. In addition to this method, you can also replace it with an image that you have.

The method is almost the same, guys, pay attention to the following rare:

  • Go to the Design menu.
  • Click Page Color.
  • Select Fill Effects.
  • Next, select the tab Picture – Select Picture – From a File.
  • Then find the image you have and press Ok
  • Finished! The background will change.

But, you also need to remember that both methods will not appear when you print either color or image.

To make it appear when printing, then you need to go to the File menu – Options – Display – and check the Print background colors and Image.

Well, after you go through these few steps, the background will change and also enter when you print, GRATZ!!! It’s easy to make a background in Word.

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MS Word

How to Create a Signature in Word



How to Create a Signature in Word

There are several ways to make a signature in Microsoft Word. And the method is really easy, just follow the steps below, guys!

Making a signature is really needed, especially in the digital era like now, right? Of course, you need a signature in your Word file, so from that our Team will provide this tutorial in detail.

Actually, you can also use a third application or additional devices such as pens that support your PC or laptop. But this is the easiest way without using other devices and applications Guys.


You need to sign first, Guys on a piece of white paper. Make sure the paper is really white and the pen has colour ink that you can really see clearly.

This function is for later photos or files the resolution will be smaller Guys. Not only that, but the customized color saturation will also reduce the thickness of the pen color, you know.

So make sure you give a signature with a clear enough emphasis. Here’s how to create a signature in Word:

  • Prepare a white paper with a signature on it. Photos using a smartphone or you can directly scan the signature through a scanner.
Create a Signature in ms Word
  • You can reduce the resolution and crop it so that the photo focuses on the signature. For convenience, click the image file > Edit.
  • On the Paint menu, you can resize to reduce the resolution. Choose 50 per cent resolution, fill Horizontal 50 and Vertical 50
How to Create Signature in Word
  • Hover over the exact position of the word you want to add a signature to. Click Insert > Picture > insert the previous signature image file.
Create a Signature in Word
  • After you insert the image, reduce the size again using the cursor for more precision.
  • Double click on the image.
  • On the Format menu, select the Color > Recolor > Black and White 50 per cent submenu.
How to Create a Signature in ms Word
  • if your signature is not clear, double click on the image, select menu Correction > Brightness 0 per cent (Normal) Contrast 40 per cent.

You can change the last two steps depending on the contrast and color saturation you want, guys. So you can at the same time adjust the thickness of your signature that has entered the word, so guys.

I also said what Guys, how easy it is to make a signature in Microsoft Word! The most important thing is to make sure your signature is clear enough, and the photos are of high enough quality. Obviously, so that later your signature looks good, it doesn’t break.

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