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LinkedIn Hacked Again, 700 Million User Data Leaked and Sold on the Dark Web



LinkedIn Hacked Again, 700 Million User Data Leaked and Sold on the Dark Web

The social networking service specifically for business, LinkedIn has just been reported to have experienced a data leak again. About 700 million LinkedIn user data reportedly leaked and is now being sold on the dark web.

If you look at LinkedIn’s user data, which has now reached 756 million, this proves that 92% of LinkedIn’s user data has now spread on the internet and is ready to be sold.

According to a cybersecurity company called RestorePrivacy, the data seller has provided 1 million data samples, and once verified, the data is indeed valid.

It was stated that the data was obtained by utilizing the official API from LinkedIn which had loopholes so that users’ data could be easily retrieved and sold.

“On June 22 yesterday, there was an advertisement selling 700 million LinkedIn user data. One forum member also provided a data sample containing 1 million LinkedIn user data,” said RestorePrivacy .

The leaked LinkedIn user data consisted of email, full name, phone number, address, geolocation records, LinkedIn username, work experience, gender, and other social media usernames.

In fact, this data leak is not too dangerous because there is no leaked password data. Moreover, data such as name, gender, and work experience can indeed be seen by all LinkedIn users freely.

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How to change, modify or delete WeChat location on Android, iPhone or computer?



How to change, modify or delete the WeChat location on Android, iPhone or computer

There are many instant messaging applications. The first that comes to mind when talking about phone “socialization” apps might be: WhatsApp, Telegram, Badoo, or Tinder for being the most famous or most popular, but we can go deeper and get one that meets all of our needs in a range of interaction.

Therefore, we are going to introduce you to WeChat in case you don’t know it as it is a top-rated app where you can meet people and chat with people you don’t know, and maybe nearby as if it was an instant messaging app you can also call without using a phone number.

While many people still do not know what advantages this application has, among the tools it offers, we will tell you: how to change the location to WeChat, which is one of the innovative possibilities of this application. It is something that we will see a little further.

How to change location in WeChat?

In a few words, with WeChat, you’ll be able to chat with your contacts as if it were WhatsApp. All you have to do is slightly shake your phone, and there will be locations of people you may know and have the app so you can contact them, for example, people you don’t know who is close to your location, but in the same way, you can contact them and start a chat by making new friends.

The app comes from the same makers of Line, another instant messaging app built into many mobile phones, both low-end and high-end, which can also be interesting when interacting.

Thanks to WeChat is the location that allows us to meet new people close to us. If you don’t have a correctly set up location, we may not find anyone or people we can talk to who are not even from our country, and the worst part is they don’t speak the same language, so it’s essential to have your location set up correctly.

WeChat has released a recent update: The app no ​​longer allows you to change locations. On the other hand, it’s essential to know WhatsApp has an option to send and share your location so that your friends or family know where you are. To meet more people, it’s best not to update the WeChat app.

How to delete the WeChat location on Android, iPhone or computer

Fake location on WeChat

The update that doesn’t allow you to change the location is 6.0 because if you mentioned that the update is installed on your device or a newer version, you wouldn’t be able to change your WeChat location, as we already told you.

If you have a lower version, what you need to do to change the app location is as follows:

  • You’re going to turn on location in your phone’s Settings.
  • After that, you need to go to Google Maps.
  • You need to find a fake location where you should be for WeChat.
  • As soon as the map shows the location, you will have to open WeChat.
  • If you pay attention, the location is now fake, not where you are.

How will you see having a fake WeChat location? It’s pretty simple, and in minutes you will be able to be anywhere in the world for the application, and you will be able to communicate with new people.

Of course, if you have an updated version of the app, as we mentioned above, doing this fake localization trick on WeChat will be impossible. You can try uninstalling the app, removing the option to automatically install updates from your mobile phone, and downloading the previous version’s APK over the Internet.

If you choose to do this, we recommend you visit a trusted website as many APKs contain malicious code and may put your mobile device at risk.

Remember that you can work with us. We hope that thanks to your comments, which are so essential to us, this guide has helped you.

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New Features of Facebook Messenger, Making it Easier for Users to Send Messages to Groups



New Features of Facebook Messenger, Making it Easier for Users to Send Messages to Groups

Facebook, which has now changed its name to Meta, has just introduced a new feature in one of its chat applications, Messenger. This new feature is expected to make it easier for users to send messages.

The new feature is called @everyone shortcuts. How it works, the @everyone shortcut will send notifications to all group members for incoming messages.

If the message uses the @everyone tag, it means that the message is addressed to all group members and will be seen by all members.

This feature is very suitable for disseminating information to all group members, rather than sending them one by one. Messenger will tag everyone in the group.

Meta says this @everyone shortcut can be used on Android and iOS devices in the Messenger app.

Here’s how to use the @everyone feature:

  1. When you start Messenger with @everyone, all members in the group will receive a message notification.
  2. This feature is suitable as a reminder, an invitation to a get-together, or collecting answers to urgent questions or requests.
  3. With this feature, messages can be seen by all group members.

Not only the @everyone feature, but Meta also introduces the silent feature. When using this feature, chat group members will not get notifications for messages sent by users.

Especially for iOS devices, Messenger provides shortcuts shrug, table flip and gif to express emotions when sending messages.

This text-based shortcut makes it easier to type emoticons, shrug and turn the table (table flip). Users can type “/shrug” to add these emoticons; there is no need to type symbols.

The new shortcut feature coming to Messenger is Pay. However, it is only available to users in the United States for iOS and Android devices.

The pay feature sends or receives funds via Messenger, and the platform does not charge additional fees.

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How to Delete Instagram?



How to Delete Instagram

One of the social media often used by the public is Instagram. On Instagram, various features are provided to support the needs of its users, such as the photo and video sharing feature.

To join Instagram, users must first create an account. After that, they can only play on Instagram.

However, it is undeniable that there are only a handful of people who forget their Instagram accounts or, for some reason, want to deactivate or delete their Instagram.

If you are one of the few people who forgot your Instagram account or want to deactivate or delete an Instagram account but don’t know how you can follow the three ways to delete an Instagram account below.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account

Deactivating your Instagram account means that your account is no longer active on Instagram. However, this inactivity is temporary and not permanent. So, your account will not be deleted; it’s just that it’s not active for a while. For those of you who want to deactivate your Instagram account, here are some ways you can follow:

  1. Open an Instagram account via browser.
  2. Login as usual by entering your username and password.
  3. Select the settings option by clicking on the top right corner. Then, select the profile menu, and at the bottom, there is an option Temporarily “Disabled My Account.”
  4. State the reason you want to deactivate your account temporarily. Make sure you find the most relevant reason so you can be selected in the options.
  5. Re-enter your Instagram account password.
  6. Done, your Instagram account is temporarily deactivated.
  7. If you already want to go back to Instagram and reactivate it, you can log in as usual.
How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Not infrequently, Instagram users forget their Instagram accounts. You can reset the password and log in with the new password.

However, if you no longer want to use the Instagram account permanently, you can follow the steps below to delete an Instagram account.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account in the browser.
  2. After successfully logging in, you can access this link.
  3. The question “Why Do You Want To Delete, @yourname?” will appear. You can choose several questions according to / relevant to the main reason for permanently deleting your Instagram account.
  4. If there is no appropriate reference for the reasons provided, please select the “Something Else” option.
  5. After applying how to delete a permanent Instagram account, confirm by re-entering your account password.
  6. Select “Delete Username” and automatically
  7. Your Instagram account will disappear.
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