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Names for WiFi



Names for WiFi

The vast majority of homes have a WiFi network through which family members who live together can connect to the Internet. To install it, a router, a name for the network, and a password are essential to protect it and prevent other people outside the home from taking advantage of it and being able to connect from the outside or in the same building.

Although it may seem an irrelevant aspect, naming the WiFi network has its importance. Have you just had one installed and you don’t know which one to put? Do you want to change the name to make some WiFi jokes to your neighbors and the visitors you receive? Discover different names for WiFi in English, professionals, and other characteristics by reading this article.

Names for WiFi troll

One of the first things that visitors will ask you to enter your home is the WiFi network and the password to connect and not spend a lot of data. It has happened to you on more than one occasion, right? Although it does not cost, sometimes it is tiring. To turn that situation into a funny moment, choose to put a troll name on your WiFi network so that visitors, and neighbors who want to take your network for free, are left with a poker face. Here are some funny Wi-Fi name suggestions :

  • Mama is this
  • I buy silver
  • Not suitable for seniors
  • Pay for WiFi
  • WiFi fiber
  • Disconnecting WiFi
  • Forbidden network
  • Hack router
  • Network not available
  • Infested mobile
  • Dangerous virus
  • Trojan threat
  • Offline network
  • WiFi not found
  • Good afternoon neighbor
  • Free beers
  • Opel Corsa For Sale
  • Searching for wireless network
  • Deny access
  • Insecure WiFi

If you want more funny name ideas for WiFi, another possibility is to use existing or made-up funny names and surnames, like these.

Professional WiFi names

Business WiFi networks also have a name that can be changed. Normally, they are serious or with austere names, but you can change it and put a hilarious one to share laughter with your colleagues and surprise the boss by being witty. Put some of these funny names for WiFi in a more professional setting :

  • Connection 60 kbps, u (operator) -60 kbps
  • Band 821.13a
  • Windows devices
  • 129.3.001
  • (insert company name) SA
  • 010101001111000101
  • WiFi connection159
  • WiFi Office
  • Office router 1
  • Room 3 router
  • Network (insert company name)
  • (insert company name) WiFi 2
  • Computers (insert company name)
  • WiFi Devices2021
  • Fiber WiFi 779945
  • WiFi section A

Names for WiFi in English

To complicate the connection to the WiFi network a bit, especially for those people you know who have a low level of English, choose to name it with expressions or Anglo-Saxon words. In this way, your particular ‘tenants’ of the network will ask you and you can have fun with some pious deception. Here are some name ideas for WiFi in English :

  • Warning FBI!
  • Skynet blue
  • Virus detected!
  • WiFi disabled
  • Network not_found
  • Potential virus detected
  • Exe. virus
  • hack network
  • Give me WiFi!
  • Pay WiFi, please
  • CNI detected
  • LAN under down
  • Boys gone Wireless
  • Spider-Lan is coming soon
  • The best Lan
  • network only for work
  • Wait! Setting up
  • Global WiFi
  • Lan is down
  • Search my WiFi

Names for WiFi of movies and series

Lovers of series and movies have in the name of the WiFi network an opportunity to include their favorites. Titles, characters, characteristic objects … they can become geek names for WiFi and whoever wants to connect will have to adapt. For example, the names for WiFi of The Simpsons are very varied, so fans of the series can include their favorite characters as it happens with other series and movies. Another very popular choice is Harry Potter WiFi names. Here we propose several original names for WiFi related to movies and series that you can put on your network:

  • Harry’s network
  • Voldemort takes over the WiFi
  • The magic network
  • JK Rowling connected
  • Homer Simpson is in the house
  • Blame it always on Bart
  • Friends forever
  • The one that is coming!
  • Breaking lan bad
  • Shrek network
  • Two very dumb fools with WiFi
  • Manolito glasses without WiFi
  • Fast and furious connected
  • The Torrente network
  • Ham Ham WiFi WiFi
  • Avatar network
  • Tarzan LAN
  • The paper house has stolen my WiFi
  • Without WiFi, there is no paradise
  • Lisa is always right
  • Moe’s Tavern
  • The Serranos want WiFi

How to change the name of the WiFi network

Do you want to change the name of your home WiFi network and you don’t know how to do it? After giving you many ideas of names for WiFi, at OneHOWTO we help you to be able to change it correctly. Follow these instructions:

  • Access the configuration page of the router installed through the IP (usually or similar encryption).
  • Enter the address, password, and username in the browser.
  • If it is the first time you access it, the user will be admin or similar and the password will be 1234 or 0000, but in any case, try to contact the operator to certify the access code.
  • The name of the network corresponds to the SSID, that is, Service Set Identifier. It will be the one you have to edit to put the one you want.
  • The code contains a maximum of 32 characters, mostly letters and numbers.
  • You can include spaces between the characters.

Now that you have decided what name to put your WiFi and you know how to change it, you may be interested in learning how to know how many devices are connected to your WiFi, so you will see if apart from the people in your own home there is someone else who takes advantage of your network.


What does XD mean in WhatsApp



What does XD mean in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded applications worldwide. This fast messaging service allows you to send and receive texts, audios, images, videos, documents, animated stickers and GIFs. The possibilities of communicating through this App are multiple, even using very specific codes and expressions such as xd.

You have probably received an xd from a friend or relative on more than one occasion instead of an emoticon. Although it is popular encryption, it is written in many ways on WhatsApp and not everyone is clear about its meaning. That is why we discover what XD means in WhatsApp and we show you the best examples of its use. Do not miss it!

What is XD on WhatsApp

The meaning of XD refers to uncontrolled laughter, specifically out loud. This expression represents the emoji of the laughing face which, turned to the right, shows a face with its mouth wide open. In addition to this characteristic, he also has his eyes squeezed tightly and this is an unmistakable sign of intense laughter.

Despite being clear about the meaning of the emoticon, its representation is usually written with the xd in WhatsApp and other options. The most popular is XD, that is, the two uppercase letters; the xD, only with the letter d in capital letter and the Xd with the x as a capital letter.

The use of XD on WhatsApp, social networks and other instant messaging services are very popular. However, the Royal Spanish Academy has not yet admitted it. To find the first appearance of this expression, we must go back to 1952, being used as a symbol of the so-called Postera armada. We point out that the numerous uses that the XD has, both in the emoticon and symbol versions, became known especially in Latin American countries.

The meaning of XD in WhatsApp can lead to misunderstandings. Many users confuse it with the meaning of god. In fact, the interpretation by god expresses an exclamation of sheer amazement. In this case, it is represented by a P and a D. That is, it substitutes the X of the XD for the P. But for now, it does not have this meaning, so read the messages and the context carefully before responding to avoid problems of understanding.

Examples of XD on WhatsApp

Each context gives a particular meaning to XD, but as a general rule it is used to express that something has made you laugh out loud or as a reaction to a very funny image, video, audio or graphic animation. It is a quick way to portray that you are laughing a lot, with very small eyes because of the huge smile as represented by the emoji itself.

The XD has been used for many years and, despite WhatsApp updates and new emoticons, many users still write it in their private or group conversations. Therefore, it is important to fully understand its meaning with the following examples :

  • Two go over a bridge and the one on the left falls.
  • XD

In this context, the receiver of the first message reacts with an XD so that the other interlocutor knows that the joke has caused him a lot of laughter.

  • David, I’m going to be a little late. I’m still at work XD.

The sense of the XD in this case is a little different. With its use, the sender tries to soften the situation that he is commenting on to the receiver to indicate that it will take time to get to the appointment because of work. Being something without premeditation or malicious intent, the XD serves to show an understood resignation.

  • Have you seen the hair this boy wore at my graduation?
  • XD

The XD again signifies a laugh out loud reaction. The receiver of the first message expresses the grace that the text makes him when he realizes that a boy is completely dishevelled in a photo of the other interlocutor’s graduation, that is, his friend. It is the simplest example to understand the meaning of XD.

What did you think of this article about the meaning of XD in social networks? Leave us your opinion in the comments! And if you also want to discover what 7u7 and uwu mean, don’t miss this article.

If you want to read more articles similar to What does XD mean in WhatsApp, we recommend that you enter our Internet category.

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What does mood mean in social networks?



What does mood mean in social networks

Currently, social networks are essential for society, they are a meeting point that has grown exponentially in recent years. Words like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are words present in our day-to-day lives, great resources that have facilitated communication between millions of people around the world. In this way, the interaction between people of different languages ​​through the Internet brings with it new terms.

In this article, we offer you information about one of the most used expressions, specifically, we explain what mood means in social networks. Do you want to be up to date and be clear about its meaning? Keep reading!

What is the mood in social networks?

In the first place, mood is an English term that has been incorporated into our language like many others. This expression gives information on the state of mind of the person who is publishing said information. On many occasions, it is used together with an image so that it fulfills a more visual function of the mood that the user wants to show at that moment.

In social networks, it is common to observe phrases next to a photograph that shows the feeling of the person who publishes it. For example, you can see a photograph of a rainy day next to today’s mood is a bit sentimental or yesterday I didn’t have a good mood.

What does mood mean on Instagram?

Instagram is the social network par excellence of the moment, for a few years, it has been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the pleasant satisfaction that the public has about it. This application combines text with images and, in this sense, the user is more attracted to interact with it.

The term mood on Instagram is more easily used than on other social networks since as we have commented previously, it has a more visual and effective component. In this way, the user publishes the state of mind that he wants to project to his followers through an image next to the hashtag # mood, with the aim of making it clear that at that moment he has a feeling of joy, sadness, euphoria, disappointment, peace, among others. The hashtag on Instagram is used in order to gather content on the same topic, so in this case, the hashtag brings together all the mood themes. If you want to learn about how the hashtag is used on Instagram in this article we will explain it to you.

Examples of mood in social networks

We show you some of the examples of mood in social networks so that you take them into account when publishing on your social network:

  • In the image a child appears looking out the window, the text that accompanies the photograph focuses on: we are already Monday … #mood. In this case, the publication gives us to understand that the person who publishes this image next to the text is tired or melancholic. For this reason, its mood is one of fatigue or nostalgia, in the same way, that the image it spreads is.
  • In the photograph there is a happy girl who has just adopted her pet, along with the text: It’s here! # mood. In this sense, the mood shows us the joy of the girl to have the new member of the family in her arms. The mood can be one of happiness.
  • The illustration shows a man celebrating a goal for his team, along with the text: We have finally scored! # mood. Taking into account the previous examples, you can conclude that the mood of the person who appears in the photo is one of satisfaction when seeing his team win.

Two of the most used moods on Instagram focus on Saturday #mood and Sunday #mood. These terms in Spanish refer to a cheerful and happy state of mind, specifically: Saturday attitude or Friday attitude.

After researching the term mood, you can see that the images, on many occasions, speak for themselves. You do not need words to express yourself and, in addition, it is a way of feeling and communicating with the followers. In short, this youthful language is currently in vogue and is used by a generation that is constantly visually impacted with advertisements, posters, and screens, with the aim of retaining said information in memory for a prolonged period of time.

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What do 7u7 and UWU mean?



What does 7u7 and uwu mean

The use of emoticons in social networks is very frequent. By combining characters, emoticons are created to convey emotions, sensations, and a myriad of feelings. Although the graphical representation of emoticons is the most popular and easiest way to display them, they are also generated with letters and numbers, as is the case with 7u7 and uwu.

Both 7u7 and uwu are very common characters on social networks, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Have they ever sent them to you? Probably yes, but you do not know its real meaning and you want to discover it in order to fully understand the messages that come to you. Find out what 7u7 and uwu mean, either on WhatsApp or social networks, and some examples. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

What is 7u7 and uwu on Whatsapp?

Before knowing what 7u7 and uwu mean, we must bear in mind that these characters create different emoticons and, therefore, also have different meanings. Therefore, we are going to see them separately.

Meaning of 7u7

The expression 7u7 in a WhatsApp chat is used to communicate something with a touch of humor. It can also complement the sending of an image or a simple message. With the 7u7 characters, you can bring a spark of humor to what you are transmitting to an individual or to a WhatsApp group without the need to add a graphic emoticon.

However, 7u7 can have different connotations depending on the criteria of each user on social networks. These are the most popular:

  • For youth age groups, 7u7 means a sad face. In these characters, each 7 represents an eye. The vertical line means a falling tear and the horizontal line is used to expose the closed eye. Finally, u functions as a mouth in a sad position.
  • In adults, 7u7 has a totally different meaning than sadness. Each number 7 represents an eye of the emoticon looking in one direction. Both eyes do it mischievously. For its part, u represents a tongue or an open mouth with a daring or suggestive expression.

Meaning of uwu

On both WhatsApp and Facebook, you will have seen the uwu emoticon. This combination of characters is of Japanese origin: in the Asian continent, users have more graphic reasoning due to the peculiarity of their alphabet.

The expression uwu has a special meaning for otaku, that is, the most fanatical people of Japanese culture. In this case, it represents a feeling of happiness. However, the meaning of uwu can be very different depending on the context, as it happens with the rest of the emoticons. These are the most popularly known:

  • In anime and manga, uwu represents a small face.
  • UwU also represents a feeling of tenderness and enormous happiness. Typically used on WhatsApp and other social media as a reaction to something beautiful and touching.
  • Depending on the context in which it is used, when someone makes a comment with uwu, this person may try to flirt with you. If it is a comment to a photo on Facebook or WhatsApp, the flirting is evident.
  • In cases where you return a message from uwu after a photo comment, the meaning is acceptance of flirting. Be cautious in these situations to avoid misunderstandings, especially if you are chatting with a stranger.

In short, the use of 7u7 and uwu in WhatsApp can have different meanings depending on the context. They represent different emoticons in each case and situation, so you should pay special attention to the type of chat you are in at the moment and the person you are communicating with. It is not surprising that they have one meaning for you and another for the other person.

Examples of 7u7 and uwu on Whatsapp

After clarifying the meanings of 7u7 and uwu in WhatsApp and other social networks, it is convenient to put some common examples in chats so that you definitely understand the meaning of these emoticons.

Examples of 7u7

“How about we go out tonight? 7u7.” In this context, he makes the comment mischievous and suggestive, with the clear intention of wanting to go further.
“I left the gym late and missed the train. I don’t know what to do 7u7.” In this case, it represents the sad face with both eyes closed and shedding tears.

Examples of uwu

  • “You are a love uwu.” This is a reaction to a nice, tender, or touching comment. The characters represent an emoticon with a face of extreme happiness.
  • “I’ve seen your new profile picture and you look very handsome @ uwu.” In this context, uwu is used to flirt and hint at that person.

As we have tried to expose before, what 7u7 and uwu mean is very subjective and it all depends on the context in which they are used. Always keep this in mind, as well as the characteristics of the other person, since the meaning of emoticons is also conditioned to different age groups.

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