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Overcoming WhatsApp can’t download images



Overcoming WhatsApp can't download images

In this article, we will give you tips on how to deal with WhatsApp not downloading images.

Usually, the message that appears is “Download failed” or “Download could not be completed” when you see a picture in a WhatsApp message. To fix this, here are the repair solutions you can do:

1. Exit the Whatsapp Application

The first solution you can do is exit the WhatsApp application and then reopen it.

If the error still appears, you can continue Restarting your device.

2. Update the Whatsapp application

The common cause of WhatsApp’s inability to download images is, upgrade or update issues on your WhatsApp application.

Try checking if there is the latest version of WhatsApp, if there is, immediately update your WhatsApp application.

Because one of the functions of updating an application, including WhatsApp, is to fix problems that occur. Therefore, make sure your WhatsApp is in an updated state.

3. Check the permissions and storage capacity of your internal memory

Because by default WhatsApp will store images in your device’s internal memory. If your memory is full, this is most likely the cause. For that, ensure your internal memory leaves at least 250 Mb of free space.

Furthermore, if there are no problems with your internal memory storage space, also make sure you have given storage permission access to the WhatsApp application.

4. WhatsApp is Down

If you have made sure all the methods above are running correctly and the error still appears. Then you should wait for a while. Most likely WhatsApp is being maintained or is down.



WhatsApp is no longer dedicated to chatting, shopping feature will be coming soon



WhatsApp is no longer dedicated to chatting, a shopping feature will be coming soon

WhatsApp is no longer just a message-sharing application. Later, users can make transactions or shop on WhatsApp via the Flows feature.

With the Flows feature, users can order train seats, and food, or make appointments without having to leave the chat room.

WhatsApp will start this feature in India. However, this feature will be available to businesses worldwide on WhatsApp Business in the next few weeks.

Users don’t worry, because WhatsApp’s parent, Meta, will verify business actors. To get Meta Verification, businesses simply demonstrate their authenticity to Meta and will later get a verified badge, enhanced account support, and protection from impersonation.

Meta Verification will come with additional premium features that include the ability to create custom WhatsApp pages, which can then be easily found via web search, and multi-device support to allow multiple employees to respond to customers.

WhatsApp collaborates with Razorpay and PayU for the Flows feature so that user transactions are guaranteed to be safe.

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How To Fix Unusable Whatsapp Accounts



How to Fix Unusable Whatsapp Accounts

The problem of your WhatsApp account not being able to use is one of the signs that your WhatsApp account has been blocked.

Below are some of the reasons why the Whatsapp account cannot be used:

  • The WhatsApp security system detects spam activity that you are doing in private or group chats.
  • You are violating WhatsApp policies and terms
  • You have been detected to have sent too many messages in a short period of time, whether using third-party applications or other means.
  • Your account has been reported and blocked by several WhatsApp users
  • And several other causes.
  • However, you can still fix problems with WhatsApp accounts that can’t be used, including:

1. Contact the Whatsapp Support Contact

If you are sure that you have not violated your account, then you can send an email directly to the WhatsApp Team using their contact form, at the link below:

WhatsApp Support Contact

Fix Unusable Whatsapp Accounts

However, this can only be done for personal WhatsApp users.

If you are using WhatsApp Business, you should email [email protected] directly with your concerns.

2. Try Re-Accessing Your Whatsapp Account in a Few Hours/Days

Sometimes the block that WhatsApp does is only temporary, you can wait between 8 to 24 hours. Check back during this time interval to see if your WhatsApp account is usable.

3. Try Uninstalling You Reinstall Whatsapp Application

This could be a system error, moreover, you are using WhatsApp in a reasonable category and not committing any violations.

For that, you can delete and reinstall your WhatsApp application. This way can usually fix system issues and bugs thoroughly.

4. Change your cellphone/mobile number

When you have made an appeal and the result is that you are still permanently blocked by WhatsApp, then you can be sure that you will not be able to use your account again. You need to use a new cellphone/cell phone number to register a new WhatsApp account to solve this.

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WhatsApp Releases Message Edit Feature, Suitable for Those of You Who Often Typo



Overcoming WhatsApp can't download images

The messaging application owned by Meta Inc, WhatsApp, released a new feature that might be very useful for users who often make typos or typos. The “edit” feature allows users to change messages that have been sent.

“From correcting spelling mistakes to adding context to messages, we’re excited to be able to give you more control over your chats. Within fifteen minutes of a message being sent, simply long-press on a sent message and select “Edit” from the menu,” wrote WhatsApp in a press release received by TheDigitNews.

Later, edited messages will be marked with the words ‘edited’, so that people who receive messages will immediately know that the message has been corrected without the need to show editing history.

But keep in mind, this message editing feature has 15 minutes after the message is sent.

image :-

As with all calls, media, and private messages, messages and edits that users make are protected by end-to-end encryption.

This new feature of WhatsApp has already been rolled out to users globally and will be available to everyone in the next few weeks.

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