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Tips for Making Short Videos for Online Business, Just Use HP



Tips for Making Short Videos for Online Business

The trend of making short videos is increasing on social media along with the advent of technology and tools that make it easier for people to make their own videos.

They can even do their own video editing quickly and easily.

This convenience triggers people to make creative videos that are not only for personal use but also for business.

We can see that more and more online sellers are making short videos as a form of promoting their business to make it seem more attractive.

This opportunity is a golden opportunity, especially for those of you who are starting a business.

With this short video trend, you can leverage social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to promote your business.

Create impressive business video content to get a lot of views.

Here are ideas for making promotional videos for your online business:

1. Tell me about the business process

You can make videos about the initial process of starting or building a business.

For example, if you have a clothing business, tell me about your early interest in the fashion trend business, your skills in designing clothes, or sewing.

It can also be about the challenges you face at work.
These simple stories can actually be the attraction of your short video.

2. Video Creation for Catalog

You can make behind-the-scenes videos when creating a photo catalog.

Record the moment when your team prepares the tools for taking pictures, decorations, shooting locations, the fun of shooting, the photo editing process, to the finished photo catalog results.

The pieces of the video when assembled with a video editing application so that it becomes a unique and interesting story.

3. Packing Process Video

You can make videos during the delivery process, starting from the pile of orders that come in, then how to pack it, until you are ready to take it to the courier or logistics.

To make it look dramatic, insert expressions of surprise and happiness because you can get orders from your customers.

Of the three short tips, edit video clips by adding text or hashtags according to the message you want to convey. Also add music, transition effects, or filters to make the video less boring.

You can use the Soloop application which is quite complete with effects to edit short videos.

To make it easier to make business promotional videos, you can use the OPPO Reno6 device which has the Bokeh Flare Portrait Video feature for real-time video processing.

The point is to capture portrait videos with a bokeh background, but still, make the portrait subject look natural and bright.

This feature can be used for both the front camera and the rear camera, making it easier for you to make beautiful videos.

In addition, there is the AI ​​Highlight Video feature, which can make the subject of the video appear bright.

The algorithms of Live HDR and Ultra Night Video will adjust the lighting naturally so you don’t have to worry about recording videos in the dark.

OPPO Reno6 It also has Portrait Beautification Video which displays natural beautification effects on portrait videos, with recognition of up to 193 facial feature points.

You can also be creative by making the subject in color while the background is black and white, thanks to the AI ​​Color Portrait feature.

By using the device OPPO Reno6, you also don’t have to worry about charging.

Device OPPO Reno6 It has 50W Flash Charge technology and a large capacity battery of 4310 mAh.

With a combination of the two, OPPO Reno6 can be charged 100% in just 45 minutes.

Color OPPO Reno6 can also be added as a property of your photos or videos because the color of the Reno6 device has a trendy color.


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How to Overcome playback errors on Twitter



How to Overcome playback errors on Twitter

The problem of playback error on Twitter is a video problem on Twitter that cannot be played for several reasons.

There are several reasons for this error to occur, such as:

  • Problems with your internet network connectivity
  • There is a problem with the Twitter app itself
  • Browser bug problem
  • and several other causes

In this post, we will provide you with a solution on how to deal with playback errors on Twitter.

1. Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

If the playback error on Twitter appears when you open Twitter in the browser.

Try to clear the cache and cookies in your browser. Sometimes system bugs and cookies can also trigger this error.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

When you play Twitter videos in a browser, the network is one of the main requirements that you have to make sure it runs properly.

To overcome this, you can ensure the following things:

  • Disable VPN apps
  • Change connection from WIFI to Data or vice versa
  • Restart your phone

3. Update the Twitter Application

If this error occurs, on your Twitter application, try checking. Is there a new version of Twitter available? if there is immediately do the update.

Because updating can fix errors or bugs that are currently happening in the application.

4. Wait a Few Minutes

If all of the above methods don’t work, then there’s likely a problem with the Twitter account. Such as maintenance problems, server down, and others.

Try a few minutes ahead, because usually errors like this do not last long.

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How to View, Change and Create Line IDs



How to View Change and Create Line IDs

One application platform that is quite widely used by smartphone users is the LINE application, this application is available for free on the Google Play Store (Android) and AppStore (iOS). Like other communication applications, you can send many things via LINE such as text messages or messages in the form of photos, audio, video, and files, and even create polls.

There are some questions about this, how to view, change and create line IDs? There are so many functions of this Line ID, in this article, we will tell you about how to Create, Change and View your Line ID.

1. How to Set ID Line

For the first time, you can measure your Line ID in the following way:

  • Go to menu Settings > Profile > ID
  • Then enter the Line ID you want, and select Check. (if the ID is available you can use the ID otherwise try adding a combination of letters and numbers)
  • If you see the message “This ID is available”, tap Save


  • After you select and save the Line ID, it cannot change and delete the line ID.

2. How to see Line ID

You can check and see the Line ID by:

  • Go to the Settings menu > then Edit profile.
  • You can see it on the ID LINE . It is your Line ID.

3. How to Change Line ID

This line ID is permanent, and you cannot change it in the future.

The only way to change the line ID is to create a new line account or you can delete the current line ID account and create it again.

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How to Overcome the TikTok link on WhatsApp can’t be opened



How to Overcome the TikTok link on WhatsApp cannot be opened

Are you a TikTok user who has experienced problems opening a link, especially on WhatsApp? If it is, this article will show you how to fix this problem.

To start the fix we will take a deeper look at this issue and address it as best we can. Here is the solution:

1. Exit the Tiktok and Whatsapp Applications and Then Login Again

We start with the easiest solution first, namely by exiting the TikTok and WhatsApp applications and then trying opening them again and reopening the TikTok link earlier.

This method is intended to avoid conflicts between systems.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Sounds trivial, but this is often overlooked. Make sure your internet connection is running well. If possible try using another internet connection. Or if you use a VPN application, try temporarily disabling it.

Because in several VPN applications, it was found that there were problems with several streaming video ports such as TikTok.

3. Enable Open link in the Default browser

There is a high probability that the TikTok link is not opening because the settings are not adjusted properly. For that, you need to set the settings properly. There are options in the settings (such as opening Links in the Default browser). It works to open and run videos and links from other apps in the same browser window. To see if it is configured correctly, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Open the Whatsapp application > Try copying the TikTok link
  • Then open your browser, and paste then open the TikTok link in the browser

Notes :

If the link usually opens, then there is no problem with the connection. Most likely there is a problem with one of the WhatsApp or TikTok apps. To be sure, I suggest updating the two applications first, be it Tiktok or Whatsapp.

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