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What is the Windows key and what is it for on my PC?



What is the Windows key and what is it for on my PC

The Windows key is small in size but multiple in its functions, it is available in the system to provide a wide range of utilities; that will facilitate the work in the different tasks to be carried out.

This is known as the home key or super key for its multiple functions and directions that it gives to the monitor on your screen when you use it.

What is it and where do I find the Windows key on my keyboard?

Many people in their homes have or have ever had a computer, either from any other brand except Apple; since all the others are worked with the same operating system from the giant Microsoft. These computers have been a useful tool for almost all users and have advanced in terms of their design, adaptability, and operation.

Currently, Microsoft Windows brings a key with the company logo on their PCs; which in principle identifies that it works with this system and second is that it allows enabling programs and other platforms with which the computer is installed.

This key is a tool used on the computer to manage Microsoft Windows, which is located at the bottom of the keyboard between Ctrl and Alt; This has a very wide utility and allows us to directly enter the menu; providing us with a range of open windows to introduce us to the innovation of experiences for daily living, also obtaining effective learning.

What is the Windows key and what is it for on my PC

What are the functions of the Windows key?

Generally, many people are unaware of all the functions that this small but very important key has, and if they knew it thoroughly they would save time and; at the same time, the task or activities they wish to carry out would be made easier by using it.

Without it, it would be impossible to capture new knowledge through the computer, in the area, we are wanting to enter; although we will also find the variant in the Windows key when giving it the correct use and this is where we classify it as the Windows key and the pause; the Windows R key that knowing how to use it appropriately will result in quick access to the desired information in the system.

The previous original keyboards of the computer with 101 or 102 keys, did not have Windows keys, but nevertheless, it was in the launch of Windows 95 and when the change was made to keyboards with 104 and 105 keys it was that this became the standard key.

With it we can see a drop-down menu that presents us if we press it; There will be all the programs, platforms, browsers, games, and other applications or tools that are installed from the factory and those that we add to this list for our functionality. Basically, it is a key piece to have access to everything on the pc.

Most used shortcuts and combination of the Windows key and its function

This key is identified and we can use it in various combinations in the sum of two Windows keys and a menu key marks the transformation of the keyboard; both to get help and to copy, paste, cut, put text in bold.

Also to undo an action, underline a highlighting or important text, delete a file, capture the screen, take a picture of the required window, close a web page, restart Windows or close, open the start screen.

It is so incredible that it even allows you to switch between the applications that are open, minimize the window or all of them and even restore them, also open the task manager and make it not hide and the system properties.

We will not find the same organization of the keys in the same sense on keyboards. This small key has many functions, accompanied by ALT, SHIFT, or CTRL, it helps us to immediately introduce ourselves to the activities to be carried out without going to the menu, also knowing its functions would allow us to save time in the tasks to be elaborated.

This key that favors us every day allows us to take shortcuts even every time the system is updated, although it was introduced with Windows 95.

What is the Windows key and what is it for on my PC

Shortcuts in Windows 10

Windows + M that minimize the windows that are opened without being able to maximize them again if pressed again, Windows + L gives way to lock the screen and to unlock the password is used, Windows + Tab generates a total view of all virtual desktops, these among others also includes these among others that include Windows 8.

It should be noted that in Windows 10, in addition to the functions in the different combinations of this key, there are others that are not so easy to remember to use; but with practice, they are memorized and learned through experience as constant users.

It would start with a few combinations and add little by little arriving at a time when you can use them easily and properly.

So the correct use of this simple little key; but great in functions and executions will result in an effective and wonderful job, being satisfied at the time of doing it.

Shortcuts in Windows 8

For the Windows 8 version, the key grants a series of characteristic shortcuts that differentiate it from other programs. Here you can find out what some of them are.

  • You can search apps with Windows + Q
  • Windows + C to go to the toolbar of this version
  • Windows + I to go to general settings
  • Windows + O for the block menu
  • Windows + D to show or hide the taskbar
  • Windows + L is used to block the PC
  • Windows + E to open the PC
  • Windows + H is for sharing
  • Windows + X to go to the tools menu
  • Windows + up arrow to maximize the window where you are
  • Windows + U to go to the Ease of Access Center
What is the Windows key and what is it for on my PC

Shortcuts in Windows 7

In the event that you have the Windows 7 version from Microsoft; you need to know which shortcuts to apply from the keyboard of your PC just by pressing the Windows key and any other. With us, you will learn some of these functions that can be of great help to you.

To open the notification area of ​​the taskbar use (Windows + B); if you want to change the taskbar application (Windows + T); so that you open the file explorer (Windows + E); to minimize idle benefits you can use (Windows + Start).

Now, you can show or hide the desktop with (Windows + D); also if you want to open the popup that says ‘run’ (Windows + R) and; to search for files and folders press (Windows + F).

How can I disable the Windows key?

For many, being able to deactivate the Windows key is a challenge, since its procedure is a bit longer and requires a certain protocol. However, it is understood that it is possible to disable the Windows key from any computer. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Open Windows startup and search for ‘registry editor’
  2. In this day double click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder
  3. Then you open SYSTEM and then CurrentControlSet
  4. Once there, slide the cursor and scroll down until you get Keyboard Layout
  5. After you click on edit or edit, in the drop-down menu you select new and put ‘binary value’
  6. Assign to this created value the name of ‘Scancode Map’ and press on accept
  7. Then you enter the following binary code ‘00000000000000000300000000005BE000005CE000000000’ separated in pairs
  8. After that, click on accept to confirm the change.
  9. Finally, you close all the tabs and programs, restart your pc and when you turn on you will see that it will no longer be enabled

To reverse the action, you just have to do the process again , the only thing you have to add is that in the created value you must change them or delete all the values; You can also delete the folder and restart the computer again and it will be activated again.

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10 Easy Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 Laptop Performance, Let’s Try It Yourself



10 Easy Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 Laptop Performance, Let's Try It Yourself

During the pandemic, most of the activities are done online, using a laptop of course.

However, intensive use of laptops can quickly degrade performance.

So we need an easy way to keep the laptop tight and comfortable to work, study or find entertainment.

It’s no secret that the performance of a computer (PC) or laptop will decline over time.

Moreover, if the user is fond of installing applications and stuffing the hard disk/SSD with various files and documents until it is full.

To maintain or even improve the performance of computers and laptops, there are several tricks that can be done, especially for devices with the Windows 10 operating system.

You can follow these steps without having to install any additional apps.

This means that some of the features listed here are built into the system by default.

The following are 10 powerful ways to improve the performance of a PC or laptop with Windows 10.

1. Clean the hard disk

The first thing you can do is clean your computer’s storage space from various junk files with the “Disk Cleanup” feature.

This feature can be accessed by visiting the Start menu, then typing the keyword “disk cleanup”, and then pressing Enter.

On the next page, select which hard disk you want to clean and click the “OK” button.

Then, select any files that you want to clean by placing a “tick” in the box provided.

After that, click “OK” and “Delete Files”.

This process can be done periodically to free up storage media space from various files that are not so important.

2. Hard disk optimization

Apart from being cleaned, the memory blocks in storage also of course need to be optimized (optimized) or rearranged (defragmented) so that they can read and save files smoothly.

This process can be done through the “Defragment and Optimize Drives” feature.

To optimize the hard disk, you can type the keyword “defragment” in the Start menu and click Enter.

Then, select which hard disk to optimize and click the “Optimize” button.

Wait until the defragmentation process is complete.

Just like disk cleanup, you can do this process periodically.

3. Remove unnecessary apps

The applications installed on the computer basically eat up the storage media.

If you like to install applications, let alone a variety of heavy software such as games, you can be sure that your remaining storage will quickly run out.

Well, you can remove various unnecessary or rarely used applications as a solution.

To do this, you simply type the keyword “add or remove programs” in the Start menu and press Enter.

A few moments later, you will be presented with a list of applications installed on your computer.

Select an unused application and click the “Uninstall” button.

4. Restrict programs when the computer boots

When the computer is turned on (boots), Windows 10 will actually run a number of applications automatically.

The series of applications can be in the form of a default program from the OS itself or an application installed by each user.

If there are many applications that run automatically, then the boot process will take some time.

You can disable these various applications through the “Task Manager” feature which can be accessed by right-clicking on the taskbar.

Then, select the “Startup” tab, select the program that is not so important, right-click on the program, and select the “Disable” menu.

5. Turn off unnecessary background programs

In addition to disabling Startup programs, Task Manager can also be used to turn off various running programs.

Programs that are currently active, or running in the background, basically eat up memory or RAM.

This can erode computer performance, especially if you have a small capacity RAM and lots of programs running.

Now, to turn off various running programs, you can access the Task Manager feature again and this time select the “Processes” tab.

On the screen, select any application that you feel is no longer needed, then right-click and select “End task”.

10 Easy Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows 10 Laptop Performance, Let's Try It Yourself

6. Scan the computer regularly

It’s no secret that viruses or malicious software (malware) can have an impact on computer performance.

To prevent these malicious programs from entering, you can scan your computer periodically.

Windows 10 itself is equipped with security features that can scan computers for viruses, malware, to spy applications (spyware).

This feature can be accessed by entering the keyword “virus & threat protection” in the Start menu and pressing Enter.

Then, click the “Quick scan” button to scan the computer. Wait until the scanning process is complete.

If a malicious program is found, this feature can clean it automatically, so you don’t have to bother cleaning it manually.

7. Change the power setting to “Best performance”

If you are using a laptop, Windows 10’s power mode can affect the overall performance of the computer.

This aims to save power because laptops rely on batteries as the main power source and are intended for mobility.

The performance of the laptop itself can be set to the “Best performance” mode, but the battery power will be more wasteful later.

There is also a “Best battery life” mode that allows the system to suppress all processes and hardware capabilities to save battery.

You can switch between the two modes easily by clicking the “battery” icon in the notification tray row located in the lower right corner of the desktop display.

Then, slide the “lever” to the “Best performance” setting.

8. Change the appearance and remove desktop animation

The appearance of the desktop or computer interface (UI) that is not simple can have an impact on the overall performance of the computer.

Because various animation effects and so on make the system work harder.

You can lighten your computer’s workload by removing various effects and making your desktop UI more system-friendly.

You do this by typing the keyword “adjust performance” in the Start menu and pressing Enter.

Then, select the “Adjust for best performance” option, click “Apply”, and click “OK”.

9. Turn off the Indexing feature

Have you ever searched for various files on your storage media using the “Search” feature in Windows 10?

The search engine in Windows 10 basically relies on the “Indexing” feature to provide search results as efficiently as possible.
If the Indexing feature is disabled, then the search process will take time, but on the other hand, it will also improve computer performance.

For those of you who don’t use the search feature very often, it’s a good idea to disable the Indexing feature.

You do this by entering the keyword “search indexing” and pressing Enter.

Then, click the “Modify” button and uncheck all the available boxes and click “OK”.

10. Update Windows 10 system regularly

Not infrequently a system update brings a number of fixes that may also improve overall computer performance.

Likewise in Windows 10. To keep your computer in top condition, you can update your computer regularly.

Updates can be done by typing the keyword “check for updates” in the Start menu and then press Enter.

Click the “Check for updates” button to see if there is a new update or not.

If there is, then the computer will update the system automatically as long as there is an internet connection.

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How to know if an image or photo has been edited, has filters, or is a photomontage



How to know if an image or photo has been edited, has filters, or is a photomontage

Without a doubt, the technology that exists today for photography and visual effects means that we can no longer distinguish between reality and montage. There are montages so well achieved in programs so advanced, like Photoshop, that they have outwitted more than one. Or even not so advanced programs, but very tenacious and expert editors who know how to handle them well.

Editors who have the talent and precision to make an amazing photo montage that can fool even the most judicious for photographs.

This has proven to be a problem at times when we fall for deceptions. Likewise, when we really need the veracity of the photo, but it looks so well achieved that we could not tell if it was retouched even with our good eye.

However, there is more than one trick and even a program and application on the internet that can help us and facilitate these problems. Next, we are going to bring you some solutions and methods that you can use to check the veracity of a photo. And in this way, see if you have any filters, edits, or montages.

How do I check the details of the photo?

The first and easiest thing you can do is check the metadata of a photo. If you have a photo downloaded, transfer it to your PC. Right-click on the photo and see properties. In the window that appears, click the details tab. This will show you a long list of details about the image.

The resolution, date of capture, and modification among many other things distributed in several sections. The direct section that interests us is “origin” since if the photo was edited or exported from a program, it will necessarily appear there. Keep in mind that you may find the metadata removed from the images, but it is still an effective booby trap since many are unaware of this relevant clue.

What pages help me to see if a photo is edited?

Another more specialized way is found on the Fotoforensics page. This page allows a more direct and accurate analysis of photos and can easily unmask a montage. You must upload a photo from your computer or copy the URL of a photo online. The page will also show you the more advanced metadata of the photo.

However, the specialty of this page is that it subjects the photos to a special dark filter. The way to find out the edit of a photo is as follows.

When passing the photo through the dark filter, if it is real, it will have to be seen evenly in the filter. The edges should be symmetrical and everything should look the same; black and white pixels that do not stand out. If there is any editing in the photo, this will be noticed because we will see the edited part with purple pixels.

This is because a photo is edited or filters or montages are added, the original pixels are altered. In this way, adding disparate values ​​and colors that do not match the original environment.

This difference will coincide in the photo as some light flashes of that purple color. The margin of error for this is that in very bright photos the natural light flashes can also be highlighted in the filter.

However, it is a matter of logically analyzing and seeing if it is normal for those flashes to be in the photo or in that area of ​​the photo. If there was the manipulation of pixels, the filter is ideal to unmask a montage.

How can I compare or see the origin of a photomontage?

Similarly, another simpler method when they pass you an edited image is to search for it on Google. Open the Google Images section and drag the photo you want to test there from your computer. Hopefully, the results will match the photo to where it came from, what page it came from, and who took it. A similar photo service is given in its other section of Google Photos.

How to know if an image or photo has been edited, has filters, or is a photomontage

Also, you will find the original version if you think it was edited. Other pages where you can use these specialized searches are Jeffrey’s Image Metadata Viewer and TinEye. These pages help you find results from the origin of the photo as well. When it was released, where, and if it was released.

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How to use and share the same mouse and keyboard on two or more computers



How to use and share the same mouse and keyboard on two or more computers

These days it is very common to meet someone who uses more than one computer at the same time to work, but constantly changing mouse and keyboard can become tedious. Therefore, today we will explain how to use and share the same mouse or mouse and keyboard on two or more computers simultaneously.

Below we will show you all the options that exist so that you can finally order your workstation in a comfortable way, eliminating all those extra cables, and optimizing the space you have. It is as simple as connecting a wireless keyboard to a PC.

Software to share mouse or mouse and keyboard on two or more computers

The first option you should consider if you use two or more computers and want to share the same mouse and keyboard is to download software that allows you to connect these devices to each PC. In this section, we will talk a little about some of the best software that you can use for this.

  • USB Network Gate. Also known as USB over Ethernet, this software provides secure access to almost any device via a USB connection, even if they are not in the same room or if it is a Mac and a PC.

To use it, you only have to download the application on both computers: to which you have your mouse and keyboard physically connected, and to which you want to share this connection; and then choose ‘Share local USB devices’ and ‘Connect remote USB devices’, respectively.

  • Synergy. This application was specifically designed to share mouse and keyboard on an unlimited number of computers via WiFi, whether they use Windows, Linux, or Mac. Just download it and you can even use a shared clipboard and customize hotkeys.
How to use and share the same mouse and keyboard on two or more computers
  • Input Director. This application has the limitation that it can only be used on a Windows computer, but it allows you the same functions of sharing clipboards and customizing the hotkeys that Synergy offers.
  • ShareMouse. This is probably the easiest application to use among those we have mentioned, but it has the peculiarity that it only works if all the computers that you want to control with the same mouse and keyboard are connected to the same WiFi network.

Use a KVM switch

If you still don’t know what a Switch is, we invite you to find out a bit about it before reading on. This piece of hardware will allow you to connect multiple computers to a single monitor, so you can control them all with a single mouse or mouse and a single keyboard.

All you need to do to make this work is connect all the computers to the switch, and connect your mouse and keyboard as well. Then, you must use the switches that the switch has to be able to control one or the other computer at the same time without changing the mouse or keyboard at any time.

Although it is easy-to-use hardware, and adaptable to both Windows and Mac, it can be very expensive (especially compared to the free software options that we mentioned in the previous section). This is not to mention that it can become annoying because of all the cables that connect to it.

Use a remote desktop application to share keyboard and mouse on two or more computers

Applications that allow you to have remote control of a computer are becoming more and more popular, especially if you have to telecommute and cannot take the PC you use at the office with you. Although sharing the mouse and keyboard is not exactly their main function, they are very useful to achieve this end.

How to use and share the same mouse and keyboard on two or more computers

Today there are multiple remote desktop applications. Although TeamViewer is one of the most popular, there are many free alternatives to this app. By downloading any of these applications you will be able to access all the files and resources of the remote computer, including control over the keyboard and the mouse.

We hope that with any of the options that we show you in this article, you will be able to use and share the same mouse and keyboard on two or more computers simultaneously without any major problem. And remember that you can also connect a keyboard and mouse to your mobile if you wish.

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