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Discover Contact Lenses That Can Help Correct Color Blindness



Discover Contact Lenses That Can Help Correct Color Blindness

It is estimated that the human eye can identify about a million colours. However, some people cannot distinguish some tones; they are called colourblind. To try to reverse this situation, Sharon Karepov and Tal Ellenbogen, researchers at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, created a contact lens capable of allowing people with colour blindness to see all colours.

Currently, fixes for the problem are commercially available. However, they are far from being compact, as is the case with lenses. The technology can transfer colour correction filters to the surface of contact lenses and thereby change the perception of colours.

What is generally classified as colour blindness refers to a variety of conditions that affect the way the eyes and the visual system identify different wavelengths of light. Most colour blind people can see the colours, but not all of them.

For example, people with deuteranomaly, the most common type of colour blindness, see a less radiant colour palette, mainly in shades of green and red. According to Karepov, this can hinder the performance of simple everyday tasks, such as checking the ripeness of fruit.

image Credit: Sharon Karepov, Tel Aviv University

In an image, shared by the pair, you can see how the technology works. The photo on the left is of a typical tree, as most people see it; the central image shows how someone with deuteranomaly sees the same landscape; the image on the right shows how a colourblind person sees the same tree using the lens.

The researchers’ technology promotes the filtering of the light captured by the eye. It makes a “correction” using the optical properties of the meta-surfaces – small surface variations designed to change the way the light reflects or passes through a material.

“Our contact lenses use meta-surfaces based on nanometer-sized ellipses to create a personalized, compact and durable way to address these deficiencies,” says Karepov.

The use of a meta-surface instead of a filtering agent makes it easy to make adjustments to the material to meet the individual needs of users. This means that it is possible to create specific lenses for each level of colour blindness, all according to the patient.

The lens resulting from this process still needs to pass rigorous tests before it reaches the market. However, she did very well in clinical trials. The results showed that colour visualization could be up to ten times better with lenses. This may be the solution to a common problem, but one that can prevent some simple tasks, such as driving.

source:- sciencealert



Starship SN20 can make an orbital flight in a few weeks. SpaceX is preparing corrections



Starship SN20 can make an orbital flight in a few weeks. SpaceX is preparing corrections

Starship SN20 is a spacecraft that SpaceX has been preparing for a long time. The machine is now assembled and in Boca Chica, it is accompanied by the first stage called Super Heavy.

It is he who will enable orbital flight. When can it be expected? Here the secret was revealed by the founder of the company, Elon Musk.

According to the information provided by Elon Musk in the pages of Twitter, SpaceX will want to conduct an orbital flight of the Starship S20 in the next few weeks.

He claims that everything is basically ready and now the company only expects approval from the relevant authorities. Only then will it be possible to implement such a mission.

Starship SN20 can make an orbital flight in a few weeks. SpaceX is preparing corrections

SpaceX may make changes to the Starship SN20 ship

While the latest prototype is basically ready for launch, there may still be some modifications. Elon Musk has revealed that SpaceX wants to remodel the wings.

They will be made smaller and look slightly different as well. This is to allow, among others on the reduction of elements related to thermal shields. However, these modifications may not appear until later versions.

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When Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Performs Parkour Actions Like a Human



When Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Performs Parkour Actions Like a Human

Boston Dynamics now has some amazing robots like Spot which are currently on sale in the market even though the price is quite expensive.

But not only Spot, but Boston Dynamics now also has several other types of robots that come with their respective abilities, and recently they have demonstrated the capabilities of one of their newest robots, Atlas.

Through a short video uploaded to YouTube, Boston Dynamics shows how the ability of its Atlas robot can perform various parkour actions smoothly.

Because Atlas itself has legs and arms like humans, the robot can also do things like jumping, running, and doing backflips.

Boston Dynamics itself says that parkour is one of the most perfect ways to experiment with Atlas and in the video, it can be seen that this robot can maintain its own body balance when doing activities that are quite difficult.

Surely the presence of this Atlas can help many things in the future. We’ll see when Boston Dynamics will also sell the robot along with Atlas, which is now widely used for various purposes.

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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Company Criticizes SpaceX’s Going To The Moon



Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Company Criticizes SpaceX's Going To The Moon

Some time ago the space companies SpaceX and Blue Origin fought to seize funding from NASA to bring astronauts to the Moon. But the result of the fight was won by SpaceX.

Even though NASA had already decided to choose SpaceX as the company that would help it fly astronauts to the Moon, it was found that Blue Origin did not accept it.

Previously, the company created by Jeff Bezos had made an offer to NASA so that the funds provided could be less than what had been promised, now it has released an infographic that compares its rocket with SpaceX.

Through its official website, Blue Origin said that SpaceX’s Starship rocket has a system that is too complicated and also risky for astronauts who will fly to the Moon later.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Company Criticizes SpaceX's Going To The Moon

Blue Origin also compared SpaceX’s Starship rocket with its rocket which is considered much safer.

It was stated that SpaceX needed 10 trials to land the Starship on the Moon, while the Blue Origin rocket was claimed to only need 3 trials to land on the Moon.

In addition, the size of SpaceX’s Starship rocket is said to be too inconvenient, so astronauts will have to descend to the surface of the Moon in an elevator. While Blue Origin has a shorter rocket so astronauts can descend by using stairs only.

But after all, SpaceX already has a lot more experience in outer space. Because they have also worked with NASA to take astronauts to the ISS twice and everything was run successfully without any problems.

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