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Levi’s Bluetooth Jacket Lets You Control Your Smartphone



Levi's Bluetooth Jacket Lets You Control Your Smartphone

Levi’s Bluetooth Jacket

Google’s Jacquard project reached Levi’s consumers two years ago. But its new version is much friendlier: built into the brand’s jackets, it adds a small touch-sensitive smartphone remote control to the sleeve. You will be able to purchase both the simple model ($ 198) and the shaggy lined ($ 248). The price difference from the offline option is still over $ 100.

They now use a smaller (and therefore easier to add to the wrist) Bluetooth module and a new method of making: Levi’s has given up weaving the touch-sensitive threads on the sleeve. Instead, the company makes a regular jacket and then inserts the item developed by the Jacquard project into the left wrist.

This made it possible to significantly reduce part cost (the previous model cost $ 350). Also, the first version needed to have a stiffer sleeve, as it was necessary to prevent random touches from triggering the system – this was solved with better algorithms.

How does it work?

To wear the jacket, you must have a Google account (most people already have one, considering the number of Gmail users). The customer then has to agree to the company’s terms of service and privacy policy. If you wish, you can choose to submit reports.

Up to four different swipes and ringtones can be programmed to perform actions such as playing music, turning on noise-cancelling headphones, muting the device, inserting a markup on a map, or having the device’s virtual assistant read calendar appointments or details. from a requested Uber, among others.

Physically, the difference from the smart jacket to the ordinary one, besides the little flexible left wrist, is the fact that there is a single push button. This is necessary because, although the system works with touch materials, it relies on electronic components. According to Google and Levi’s, washing does not spoil the product.

Levi's Bluetooth Jacket Lets You Control Your Smartphone

The same Bluetooth module added to the jacket is still worn in the backpack that Yves Saint Laurent launched in early September. After inserting it into the appropriate slot on the sleeve, stop it with the phone. A small notification light can be useful when it is difficult to feel your sleeve vibration.

Two years ago, the outfit was intended for cyclists, who should not have to look at a screen while moving and could slide their fingers on their wrists for some actions. Now your audience seems to be more extensive.

Source:- TheVerge



What is artificial intelligence and examples



What is artificial intelligence and examples

Technological progress in recent decades is unstoppable, surrounding daily life with machines and robots capable of operating automatically. What was seen a few years ago as something futuristic is increasingly present in today’s society thanks to artificial intelligence, which works in the shadow of human activities.

The importance of artificial intelligence in your day-to-day life is increasing, as there is a multitude of examples. All are designed to facilitate or improve people’s lives, solving problems focused on human behaviour or satisfying their needs. To discover what artificial intelligence is and examples, what it is for and the different types, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

What is artificial intelligence and what is it for?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer study and research focused on finding new formulas that mimic the functions of human neurons. These formulas are executed by machines that are dedicated to solving problems arising from human behaviour and satisfying their needs through logical and mathematical mechanisms.

Therefore, when asking what artificial intelligence is for, you should know that it tries to produce machines programmed to carry out tasks automatically, that is, without the need for their work to be supervised by a human being.

What is artificial intelligence and what is it for

What is the importance of artificial intelligence?

The implementation of artificial intelligence is very important because it allows automating processes carried out manually in a common way. This allows procedures to be more efficient, reliable and without causing signs of fatigue in people, and this is where the importance of artificial intelligence lies.

What is the goal of artificial intelligence? Make it possible to optimize products, logistics processes and plan inventories. Its importance continues to grow, but human research is essential for systems to be configured correctly and artificial intelligence to continue to evolve.

Types of artificial intelligence

Now that you know what artificial intelligence is and what its importance is, you should know that there are many types of it. As it develops, new variants emerge. These are the most prominent types of artificial intelligence:

General artificial intelligence

It is a machine that imitates the intelligence of the human being with a great capacity for action. This type of artificial intelligence is capable of learning and replicating behaviours to solve problems or issues, a virtue that makes it one of the most versatile today.

His role is also that of thinking, having a unique understanding not totally robotic. Faced with each situation he must face, he proposes a different solution.

Artificial narrow inteligence

This type of artificial intelligence is more inflexible because it does not adapt or mould itself to the requirements of a particular machine or system. It focuses on a single task, devoting all its complexity to it. This type of artificial intelligence is designed by programming the actions it executes and prepared to assume a single role.

Artificial superintelligence

The next type of artificial intelligence is considered the most powerful because it is an autonomous and conscious machine. Instead of simply replicating human behaviour, it exceeds their capabilities. This type of AI is still under development as it is designed to have a greater ability than humanity.

limited memory

Smart machines with limited memory are reactive and have a small amount of storage. Therefore, this type of artificial intelligence encompasses more advanced machines than reactive memory because they are capable of integrating data and learning from content.

Reactive machines

This type of artificial intelligence encompasses the oldest and simplest machines of artificial intelligence. It is based on the reproduction of human behaviour only when it receives stimuli, that is, it only performs reactive actions. Because they have no memory, these machines are unable to learn or manage an internal database.


It is just a concept or idea that serves to guide the development of artificial intelligence. It contains no definite creations, but the plan is for future machines to be aware of their own existence. Self-awareness is the highest level of development that artificial intelligence can reach, so it requires a lot of time and effort.

Theory of mind

This type of artificial intelligence has been researched for a long time. The idea on which it is based is to become one of the most powerful and innovative models, having the ability to understand the interactions to which it is exposed with great efficiency. The theory of mind deals with emotions, reflections and needs of the human mind.

What is the importance of artificial intelligence

examples of artificial intelligence

Due to the different types of artificial intelligence that exist, there are many examples that you can come across in everyday life. Some are as follows:


One of the most used intelligent machines in everyday life is smartphones. In this example, artificial intelligence is present in many of the actions carried out by the smartphone, such as the built-in voice assistant or the portrait mode enabled in the camera: it is the mobile phone itself that is responsible for arranging the captured image automatically. automatically to improve it as much as possible.

Voice assistants

This example of artificial intelligence is about machines that interpret what is communicated to them through language processors to respond to human requests or needs by executing a certain action or responding verbally.

Medical applications

Many hospitals already use them: they are machines that work daily with surgeons and doctors. What is artificial intelligence for in this example? It turns out that they are programmed to reach areas that the clinical eye cannot.

In this way, there are surgical, diagnostic and defibrillator machines that offer very good results thanks to artificial intelligence.

Social networks

One of the main attractions of social networks is their ability to personalize. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to monitor in real-time what is done while browsing the Internet, showing specific and interesting ads for each person and making more assertive recommendations of friends.


Most email services such as Outlook and Gmail use artificial intelligence to identify SPAM messages and to prevent inbox clutter. In addition, this automatic action saves us work and time, more important purposes of artificial intelligence in general.

GPS applications

GPS applications are essential to optimize the routes of the displacements of our daily life or in any trip. Currently, artificial intelligence is used to detect traffic in real-time, offering the best route alternative and providing information on police bombings or accidents.

What is the problem with artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence improves the quality of human life, but it also faces some problems:

  • The limitation for multitasking: Artificial intelligence is applied to a specific activity or area of ​​knowledge as it is currently developed, while human intelligence is integrated and can perform many tasks.
  • The volume of data: artificial intelligence needs a greater volume of data to understand characteristics and concepts compared to the human brain.
  • Understanding its conclusions: It has not been possible to determine exactly how artificial intelligence reaches conclusions. Until now, only the joint functioning of neural networks has been verified, but the reasons why an artificial brain reaches a certain result or conclusion is unknown.

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Positive changes on the market. RAM is finally getting cheaper



Positive changes on the market. RAM is finally getting cheaper

RAM prices started to drop by 5-10 percent. both on the American and European markets.

Cowcotland reports that several Corsair and G.Skill module kits have already fallen by € 5-15 this month. In the US, prices for 16GB and 32GB RAM kits drop by an average of $ 10 to $ 30.

CowCotland reviewed price charts for several G.Skill and Corsair products, including the Trident Z and Vengeance lines. Some kits, such as the 2x8GB Trident Z and 2x4GB Aegis kits from G.Skill, were only cheaper by € 1-3. However, other kits, such as the G.Skill Trident Z 2x8GB 3000MHz, Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 3200MHz, or the G.Skill Trident Z 2x8GB 4000MHz show larger drops of 15-20 euros.

According to PCPartPicker, in the US, the same price cuts also apply to 32GB and 16GB kits. Especially the Corsair 2×8 GB LPX and RGB Pro 3200 MHz CL16 kits fell by almost $ 10-20 in August.

In general, more common memory kits suffer from greater price reductions, and rarer high-clocked kits with low latency have higher downgrade tolerance. The same applies to four-channel sets.

We recently wrote that contract prices in the RAM market should drop by a maximum of 5%. This is because manufacturers have to cut prices to get rid of excess inventory. The contract market situation translates into consumer prices with some delay.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how long the price cuts will last. The last three quarters have seen steadily rising RAM prices, so reversing this trend is a major respite for consumers.

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China Launches World’s First Glass Cable Car, Gives Passengers Beautiful Views



China Launches World's First Glass Cable Car, Gives Passengers Beautiful Views

China has debuted its first glass-bottomed sky train, which will allow passengers to see 270-degree views of the country’s beautiful landscape.

According to a report on CNN, adapted on Wednesday (7/7/2021), the glass-bottomed sky train, which resembles the country’s most popular animal – Panda, was launched from the production line from Chengdu, Sichuan Province on June 26.

The train runs on renewable energy and can travel at a speed of 80 km/h. The train is part of the Dayi Air-rail project, which includes China’s first renewable energy suspension rail demonstration track.

According to Global News, reported on Wednesday (7/7/2021), the new energy aerial rail refers to a cable car driven by a lithium battery power pack.

Maximum 120 people can fit in each car. Given the fact that glass can reflect heat, the train is air-conditioned to balance it. It is made of lightweight carbon fiber material. Unlike the subway or light rail, the air-rail project combines tourist traffic and sightseeing features.

The Dayi Railway, with a distance of about 11.5 kilometers, has four stations connecting several important tourist points. The project is being developed by Zhongtang Air Rail Technology. They are targeting construction to be completed by the end of this year.

“The new generation of vehicles weighs about 2.5 tons, is 0.5 tons lighter than traditional ones, and has the lowest self-weight coefficient in the industry,” Zhong Min, deputy general director of Zhongtang Air Rail.


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