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How to add your Instagram to TikTok – Simple guide 2021



Today we will talk about the TikTok application, as it has become one of the most used applications today to achieve entertainment in these times of pandemic, it has had to go hand in hand with different applications and platforms so that in this way it can remain afloat during much longer and one of these is Instagram.

It is already possible to link the account with your YouTube channel, but in case you did not know it is also possible to do it with what would be your Instagram account so that in this way, other users can find you much easier through it, or just upload your videos directly in this application.

Not everyone knows how to link correctly in this application, and that is why today here in look how it is done we will give you all the details regarding the linking of your Instagram account with your TikTok account.

What is the use of linking TikTok and Instagram?

Once you link both accounts that you own, you can directly share your videos on both accounts simultaneously, without the need to save the videos and upload them individually.

In this way, it is possible for other TikTok users to find your Instagram profile from your TikTok profile to achieve more visits to your stories.

How to connect your Instagram account with TikTok

Obviously, the first thing you should do is have the TikTok application downloaded on your smartphone, and once it is downloaded and installed correctly you must create an account in this application, using your personal data.

Of course, you must also have an active Instagram account, to be able to link it to TikTok, without further requirements, below we will show you the step-by-step.

  1. Once it is on your smartphone, you just have to go to the central application panel and search for TikTok, and then press on it and open it.
  2. After being in your application, you must enter all your personal data, both email and password to enter your account.
  3. After having entered it, you must go to the icon of your profile, which is located in the lower right part of your screen, click on it.
  4. At this point you will be inside your profile, you just have to search and press the “edit profile” button which is just below your red or white photo depending on the version you have.
  5. At this point, you must slide the options until you find the Instagram call and press on it.
  6. You will immediately be redirected to the start of Instagram, where you must enter both your username or email and your password. In case you don’t know it, it also gives you the option to enter your Instagram using your Facebook.
  7. After clicking on “log in“, Instagram will ask you if you want to allow TikTok to make use of your information. To which your response will be to press the “allow” button.
  8. At this point, you will be able to post or share TikTok videos on Instagram without the need to individually download them for upload.

What if I can’t link my Instagram account to TikTok?

This function can be wonderful and in fact, it can save us a lot of work and time when we want to upload the videos to other social networks. But, like any good application or function, it can have some flaws.

Some users have filed complaints that they cannot sync their TikTok with the Instagram app and they don’t know why. Most likely it is due to an error on both platforms and that is why you cannot enter the link.

In other cases, although it is not very common, it happens that a security rule is being broken and therefore does not give the option of being able to link both accounts. We also recommend that you update both applications, to see if this way the problem is solved. If you don’t have any pending updates, try to uninstall the TikTok app and download it again to see if the synchronization option appears this way.

Other tools to link my Instagram profile to TikTok

The best way to link both accounts is by logging in to both and from the TikTok application, you connect it, following the steps explained above. We recommend that you have accounts created separately, so if for any reason you lose your account, your phone, or change it or some other situation, have both passwords and can re-enter.

What are the advantages of syncing Instagram with TikTok?

In general, this is an ideal function for people who are completely dedicated to this activity or who are busy and does not give them any time to upload and edit videos for all applications. You can make your video, edit it, and at once, with a single click, the video will already be on other platforms and social networks.

If you have problems with the internal storage of your mobile phone, you should not worry, since there is no need to download the videos, but they are shared directly from the app you are using.

Expand your community

The truth is that the TikTok audience is not the same as we normally get on Instagram, they are different applications, created for different purposes. So you must create quality content, in this way your followers will not get bored of your content and you can get many people to follow you on both platforms.

Upgrade your account

Create your own style when making your content, so you will be unique and this draws a lot of attention to people, make the most of your videos. Like any social network, you must use good hashtags, the best and appropriate to optimize your profiles. Use a good bio in both profiles, something that is curious and that is of interest to other users

Share stories of greater impact

The tools offered by the applications, especially TikTok, are not there for decoration, you must use them and make the most of them, in this way you can upload stories that attract the attention of your followers since it is something original.

Sharing stories will achieve greater visibility of your content since it is not a lie for anyone that people spend more time in the stories than in the same feed publications. If what you want is to advance a little more and want to reach more people, we recommend that you start using paid advertising on your social networks.

Get more followers

Do not forget to interact with all your followers, if they make a comment, answer it without shame and with the best of spirits, this is quite pleasant. Make stories or lives to reach more people, do polls and question rounds, create a different and fun moment with all your followers.

A super important fact that you should always apply is the reliable call to action, that is, the call to action, like, comment, and share with other followers if they liked the content or are to their liking. This is a technique that never fails, give it a try!

How can I unlink my Instagram account on TikTok?

If the case is that you are tired of having your Instagram account linked or you simply no longer use that Instagram for whatever reason, you can unlink it from TikTok in a really simple way, just follow the following steps:

  1. Once you are on your smartphone you must go to your central application panel and select the TikTok application.
  2. Once in it, you must go to the icon of your profile, located in the lower right part of the screen, and click on it.
  3. Once in your profile, just click on the “edit profile” button, located just below your photo.
  4. You slide until you find the option called Instagram, you must click on it.
  5. Then a small window will open in which the only option called “unlink Instagram” should appear. You must click on the “confirm” section.
  6. And ready immediately your Instagram account will be completely unlinked from your user in TikTok.



What is Tiktok Shop, how to sell and shop



What is Tiktok Shop, how to sell and shop

TikTok Shop is a shopping feature of the TikTok app. Here users can sell and shop online. This is the way.

Along with the development of technology, Tiktok is now starting to add an online shopping feature called Tiktok Shop. This ByteDance dropout application was declared the platform with the most users having a total number of downloads of more than 2 billion times per the first three months of this year globally.

Tiktok is increasingly loved by many people because it is a multifunctional platform with interesting features. Judging from the name, Tiktok Shop is online shopping and selling feature. We can shop easily as well as access the TikTok application.

Compiled by us from several sources, the process of shopping on this latest feature is very easy. You only need to make sure that the application that has been downloaded on the cellphone is the latest version and already has a registered account.

There is also no need to switch to another application to continue the transaction so as to make the shopping experience even easier. Tiktok Shop also offers products from various brands and products from MSMEs. We can also shop directly, and provide various promos to get the opportunity to get attractive prizes.

How to sell on TikTok Shop:

  1. Open TikTok Shop at this address
  2. It says Become a Seller, sign up with a Tiktok account to open a Tiktok Shop. Or, you can also sign up with a phone number and email.
  3. After that, fill in some required personal data information such as phone number, email, and so on to be completed.
  4. After that, fill in the profile of the Tiktok Shop Seller Center digit according to what you want, such as the name of the store to the type of business being run. Make sure the name used can be easily remembered by the buyer!
  5. After everything is done, then proceed to continue the registration. If it has been confirmed, then the Tiktok Shop Seller Center can be enjoyed to make sales.

How to shop on TikTok Shop:

  1. Open the TikTok app and visit the store account you want, or search for it in search with the hashtag #tiktokshop
  2. Go to his profile page and click ‘Shop’ with the bag icon. A list of items for sale will appear
  3. Select the item you want and click ‘Buy Now’. Fill in the shipping address, the number of goods and others.
  4. You can pay for goods orders via credit card, bank transfer, Ovo, GoPay and Dana.

That’s how to sell and shop on TikTok Shop. Good luck!

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How to Shop on TikTok Shop Live, Also While Live Streaming



How to Shop on TikTok Shop Live, Also While Live Streaming

Online shopping has now become a lifestyle for people and is available on many social media, including TikTok.

The short video sharing application TikTok has now expanded its business into the realm of e-commerce by releasing features of TikTok Shop in April 2021.

Then, what is it TikTok Shop? Just like his name, TikTok Shop is an online shopping feature that allows users to buy and sell goods directly in the application.

Past TikTok Shop, users can directly shop through TikTok without having to switch to another application to complete the transaction for purchasing the desired product.

Different from Instagram Shopping or Facebook Shops, this TikTok Shop feature does not direct users to the website of the store in question.

This means that for all purchase transactions, chat with sellers until the payment process is carried out within the TikTok application itself.

How to shop on TikTok Shop

The process of shopping at TikTok Shop is relatively easy.

For those of you who have never purchased goods through the TikTok Shop feature, please refer to the steps on this next page.

First, open the TikTok app on your smartphone (Android/iOS).

After that, visit the official store account of the product you want to buy.

Next, click the “Shop” icon (image of a bag) that appears on the main “Profile” page.

When clicked, you will find a product window from the store in question.

You simply choose what items you want to buy by scrolling down the screen.

If you have determined, click the “Buy Now” button in the lower right corner.

Then on the “Order Summary” page, fill in your complete address along with the order of the item you want, such as the number of items, color, notes (optional), and payment method.

There are seven payment options that you can choose from, namely, GoPay, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.

After going through all the stages, follow the next instructions until the payment transaction is complete.

How to view order history on TikTok Shop

To view the order history of the items you have purchased earlier, you can visit the “Settings and Privacy” menu, then select the “Orders” option.

There, you will see an “Orders” page containing tabs such as “All“, “Unpaid“, “To Ship“, “Shipped“, and “To Review“.

How to Shop on TikTok Shop Live, Also While Live Streaming

Apart from going through the settings menu, the “Orders” page can be accessed by clicking the “Inbox” tab, then selecting “Shop Updates“.

How to shop on TikTok Shop while Live Streaming

Interestingly, TikTok users can also buy goods directly during Live Streaming sessions.

Usually, creators or online stores on TikTok use Live Streaming as a place to promote goods while selling their products.

The trick, open one of the Live Streaming broadcasts that you want.

Products sold during Live Streaming are usually displayed through a small window in the lower right corner.

There, you can directly click the “Buy” button to make a purchase, then select “Buy Now“.

On the next page, fill in your full address along with the order of the item you want, such as the number of items, color, notes (optional), and payment method.

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Similar to Instagram Stories, TikTok Launches Similar Features for Its Users



Similar to Instagram Stories, TikTok Launches Similar Features for Its Users

Twitter recently officially removed its Stories-like feature, Fleets. But not long after, TikTok, which is now one of the most popular social media applications, has announced a feature called TikTok Stories.

As the name suggests, TikTok Stories is a feature that allows users to upload posts to TikTok which will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.

More simply, TikTok Stories is an Instagram Stories feature but for TikTok. Even the way the feature works is practically the same as Instagram Stories and is different in terms of layout.

If in Instagram Stories we can see markers for the number or duration of Stories through the bar at the top of the screen, in TikTok Stories the bar is actually at the bottom of the screen.

It is stated that currently the TikTok Stories feature has been presented to a small number of users from several countries. It is planned that this feature will be released globally in the near future.

“We are constantly thinking about how to generate community and enrich the experience on TikTok. We are currently exploring new ways to enable creators to bring creative content to the community,” a spokesperson for TikTok told The Verge.

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