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How to Install and Activate VMware Workstation Pro (100% Permanent)



How to Install and Activate VMware Workstation Pro

This tutorial is about how to install and activate VMware Workstation for beginners. VMware Workstation is software commonly used to create virtual machines. With VMware Workstation, we can easily install the operating system in the main operating system.

Generally, users use VMware Workstation to just learn or want to experience using other operating systems. Be its Windows operating system, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, and other operating systems.

How to Install and Activate VMware Workstation Pro

By creating a virtual machine, you don’t need to do dual boot / multi-boot which of course will eat your storage resources directly. And again, the use of dual boot / multi-boot also has its own risks and is not recommended for beginners. Here are the steps on how to install and activate VMware Workstation:

  1. Extract the VMware Workstation installer file that you downloaded from here . Then click 2X then the initial installation window will appear. Then select Next .
  2. Then tick I accept the terms in the License Agreement then select Next .
  3. Leave the default for selecting the installation folder location, select Next .
  4. Then select Next .
  5. Select Next again.
  6. Next select Install .
  7. Wait for the VMware Workstation installation process to complete.
  8. When finished select Finish .
  9. Open the VMware Workstation Pro application .
  10. Here we are asked to enter the serial number to activate VMware Workstation Pro. Previously you need to download the tool for activation via the link below:
  11. Before you extract the file, first turn off the antivirus. Click the Windows button then type security then open Windows Security .
  12. Click Manage settings.
  13. Turn off all protection features marked with a red box.
  14. If a notification like this appears, just select Yes .
  15. The antivirus that has been turned off looks more or less like this.
  16. Run keygen .
  17. Extract the VMware Activation file then run keygen . Click Generate then copy the serial number that has been provided.
  18. Enter the serial number, then click Continue .
  19. If a notification like this appears, select Yes .
  20. Next select Finish .
  21. Now you can use VMware Workstation Pro to its full potential without being bothered by the appearance of a popup asking you to activate it.

That’s a tutorial on how to easily install and activate VMware Workstation. For those of you who have difficulty operating VMware Workstation, you can ask through the comments column below. We can discuss the matter with other users!



Logic Pro X, Software for Arranging / Mixing Audio Vocals



Logic Pro X

DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. While Logic Pro X is a DAW software used for editing, it is recording, mixing, or combining, arranging, and digital mastering via a computer. Maybe you are still not too familiar with Logic Pro X.

But for those who are always in touch with the DAW is certainly no stranger. Even Logic Pro X is now widely used software, and performing various tasks becomes easier when you use Logic Pro X. Apart from Logic Pro X, there is other DAW software for your information.

This software is Nuendo, Cubase, FL Studio, and Pro Tools. However, we recommend Logic Pro X because this software offers several advantages, and one of them is its simple appearance.

That way, people trying it for the first time don’t have to experience much trouble. As long as they understand the basic features, they can operate Logic Pro X easily. Logic Pro X is for MacOS. However, you can also use Logic Pro X on Windows operating system devices.

Fitur Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X, Software for Arranging Mixing Audio Vocals

Some of the features available in Logic Pro X include:

  • Logic Pro X allows you to adjust the pitch or tone
  • In Logic Pro X, there is also a feature where you can edit vocal audio
  • You can also increase and decrease the tempo with the software
  • Plus, Logic Pro X has a simple interface that makes it easier for anyone who uses it

Meanwhile, related to how it works, Logic Pro X is not much different from other software that has the same function. But when you ask which is the best DAW, this will come back to your individual needs. Each software offers advantages and disadvantages.

However, we still recommend Logic Pro X because of the simple look we discussed earlier. In addition, Logic Pro X also comes with many built-in sound libraries. The sound collection is also quite large and varied. You’ll find guitars, basses, drums, streams, pianos, and much more.

Therefore, for those interested in learning about the arrangement, we recommend that you use Logic Pro X. In the editing section, this software also has many good plugins. For example, AU Pitch is used to raise or lower the tone or tone.

There is also Flex which is used for editing related to vocal audio. In Logic Pro X, there is also a Polyphonic that you can use to increase and decrease the tempo.

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VMware Fusion: A Solution for MacOS Users Who Want to Try Other Operating Systems



VMware Fusion A Solution for MacOS Users Who Want to Try Other Operating Systems

VMware Fusion is software that allows you to run several operating systems virtually. So, when for example you have a computer with a Windows operating system. Then you can install other operating systems with VMware Fusion on one computer.

Other operating systems that you install are only virtual so they will not affect the boot process. Usually, VMware Fusion is used to teach someone how to install a certain operating system. For example, if you want to learn how to install macOS or Linux, you can install it through VMware Fusion.

So, you don’t have to sacrifice a particular computer or laptop. Just install VMware Fusion and do some setup. Then you can start the installation process. After the installation process is complete, you can also operate the OS when you operate it on a computer.

However, it should be understood that although VMware Fusion does not interfere with the boot process, it requires a computer with certain specifications to install it. If you install it on a standard computer, chances are that VMware Fusion will only interfere with computer performance. You may have difficulty operating the software or even opening other software.

Features of VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion A Solution for MacOS Users Who Want to Try Other Operating Systems-image

Some of the features you can find in VMware Fusion include:

  • VMware Fusion is a software that allows you to install other OS on one device virtually
  • VMware Fusion is compatible with various types of operating systems
  • The software has a simple interface and is easy to understand so that users who are first time operating VMware Fusion will not experience difficulties
  • Running the VMware Fusion software will not interfere with the performance of your computer as long as it has the minimum specifications as we described

VMware Fusion has an easy-to-understand interface. Even if you have never used it, you can adapt well. The menus also don’t make you confused so you can know what the steps you should use to install the OS in VMware Fusion are.

Many have installed VMware Fusion. This software has a way of working that is not much different from other Virtual Machines. Provided you have a computer with the appropriate specifications.

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Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS: Solutions to Solve Problems on iOS Devices



Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS Solutions to Solve Problems on iOS Devices

Are you an iOS device user? Although it rarely happens, there are problems that occur and are experienced by iOS users. One of them is an iTunes error. Apart from that, there is also another problem where the iPhone suddenly lags. Another problem is the difficulty of resetting.

You have to solve all these problems. You can not continue to leave it because it will most likely interfere with your activities. There is a lot of software you can use to solve this problem.

Among the many software, one that we recommend is Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS. The software is specifically made to solve various problems that occur on iOS. There have been many who have tried to use Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS and indeed its ability is unquestionable.

Not only that, its simple interface makes it easy for everyone who wants to use it. This is an added value while other software is quite difficult to use. There is another interesting thing about Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS.

Features On Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS Solutions to Solve Problems on iOS Devices

This software has the ability to solve problems that occur on iPod and iPad. You can use it to solve problems like iTunes errors, trouble resetting, and several other problems.

You can also download Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS for free. No need to worry because the software you are using is safe from viruses and advertisements. So, after you install it please can immediately use it to fix the problem that occurs.

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS also has a small size so it doesn’t require a lot of storage space. You can also use the features in it without spending any money. A practical and lightweight software for you to choose to solve problems on iOS devices.

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS has several features as we will discuss below:

  • Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS is software that will help solve iTunes errors
  • If you’re having trouble resetting your iPhone, then Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS will help you solve the problem
  • Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS you can use for free
  • The features in it are able to overcome more than 150 problems that occur on iOS and iPadOS
  • You can also use it to safely downgrade iOS
  • This software has a simple look that makes it easy for its users

That’s the discussion about Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS. You can get more detailed information by downloading it now. Chances are you’ll find something else we haven’t mentioned. Various problems with iPhone, iPad or iPod can be solved with the features in it.

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