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What are computer viruses and how to detect and combat them?



What are computer viruses and how to detect and combat them

Computer viruses are programs created to infect your PC or computer, and they can also be so dangerous that some are capable of stealing the information that is stored in it. In addition to infecting everything in its path, rendering the files practically unusable, because it will not only damage the software on your PC but the hardware could also be affected.

Computer viruses are encrypted programs created by people or programmers, with the aim of causing both material and economic damage to mostly organizations; Although there are also people who create viruses for academic purposes, the difference is that they never publish them, preventing users from harming themselves.

In addition, the latter work continuously in the development of antivirus that will serve to prevent a malicious program from infecting your computer, as is the case with Microsoft’s download support that has several antivirus programs that will prevent your PC from contracting one.

What are computer viruses and how to detect and combat them

How to detect a computer virus

Any PC can contract malicious software as it is also known since these are found on download pages, infected links, or simply by entering into contact by incorporating a mass storage unit better known as a Pendrive. For this reason, it is very important to be aware of the signs that will tell you that your computer is infected with a virus, so pay close attention.

1. The speed of your computer

The first thing you should evaluate is whether the speed with which your PC responds is changing since when a computer is infected by any kind of virus, it usually takes time to respond, that is, it slows down. Although there are many other reasons why your laptop could be slow, viruses are the main culprits.

2. Error messages

Error messages on computers should always raise an alarm since they occur because some problem is being generated within the computers. So if you see that your PC indicates an error when turning off or on, it is appropriate to carry out an analysis or look for a specialist to do it. Since if it is not a virus, maybe some software or hardware problem is presenting.

3. Evaluate the files on your computer

Another way to determine if your PC is infected with a virus is by checking the status of the files, in which case what you should evaluate is whether there are recent files or whether the extension of the documents is modified; if so, be sure that there is a malicious program on your computer. It should be noted that in that case, you could quarantine the viruses on your PC, thus avoiding losing the documents and files that are in it.

4. Antivirus

Finally, another method to find out if your computer has been infected by a computer virus is by analyzing it with an antivirus; They also perform a complete analysis, scanning all the programs and software found on the computer and thus determine the status.

What are computer viruses and how to detect and combat them

How to fight computer viruses?

To combat a computer virus there is only one way to do it, and that is by installing antivirus software on the computer since these programs are the only ones that can detect and eliminate viruses that circulate on the Web in time. In this case, it will be useful to know which are the best free antivirus for PC; this way you will be able to install the model or version that best suits you according to the activities you carry out daily on your computer.

However, there are some tips that applying them continuously will help you prevent your computer from being infected with these problematic viruses. The first thing is that you must be careful with what you download on the networks since many infected files with false names circulate there. Similarly, never accept contact files that you do not know, and if you notice that when you enter a Web page it tells you that it is not a safe place or place, automatically close the tab.


How to report a fraudulent website



How to report a fraudulent website

The Internet has reached such magnitude that for many unscrupulous people it has become a way to amass money quickly and easily. This is possible because the meteoric growth of the Internet has led to practices that develop in legal loopholes. In addition, the appearance and enforcement of existing laws are not the same in all countries, making it difficult to solve crimes committed on, for example, Chinese websites.

Although technology evolves much faster than jurisprudence, the user is not helpless and the Internet is much safer now than it was a few years ago. Keep reading this article if you want to know how to report a fraudulent website, how to report phishing or, in general, how to report cybercrime.

Report a website for fraud

Scams and scams based on hoaxes are common on the Internet and we can report them, just as we would if they happened in real life. In fact, the complaint is essential to be able to locate and act on pages, portals or companies that carry out illegal activities. Indian citizens have at our Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), with a ( helpline 155260 ) website ( where we can report any case of fraud or scam: fraudulent online stores, payments for purchases that we have not made, malicious or phishing emails, theft of personal data, etc. We also have other organizations specialized in cybercrime within the different citizen security bodies, as we will see later.

How to report cybercrime

There are many types of crimes that are punishable by law. Although the creativity of the cybercriminal is not without originality, the most common are scams (scams) and frauds (financial and administrative deceptions) that, in some cases, can be easily avoided by knowing them. These are the most common:

  • Sending money in advance: it is a very basic scam and avoiding it is easy. They promise you what they promise and no matter how much they earn your trust, never pay in advance for a service, a purchase, an investment, etc. Also, do not lend money to people who earn your trust using the Internet, as they may not even really exist, even if you have contacted them through social networks, online dating services, etc. For charity scams, first, verify the identity of the organization.
  • Credit card fraud: there are pages that appear authentic and are dedicated to selling the most varied things that do not exist: tickets to concerts, shows or sporting events that once paid to turn out to be false. When a credit card is used, there is a specific protocol for reporting fraud.
  • Data theft: You should also report data theft through fake web pages, a fact better known as phishing.

If you have been a victim of any of these or any other fraud, you should do the following:

  1. Contact the service or the provider company: many cases can be resolved using the support services of the portal itself. In the case of social networks, forums and emails, they can solve the problems themselves, as they are the first interested in that no one misuses their services.
  2. Victims of cyber fraud call on helpline number 155260, which is manned and operated by the state police concerned.
How to report a fraudulent website

What to do when you get scammed online

In the event that it is not classified as a crime and remains at fault for fraud, you can find solutions by going to the Customer Service or Support departments of:

  • In case of credit card scams or fraud, you should contact your card provider. You should also inform your bank.
  • In case of spam, intrusion into your privacy, account hacking, etc. you must contact the provider: Google if it is a Gmail email; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. if it is within a social network, etc.
  • Malicious web pages, with inappropriate content, content copies, paid links, malicious software etc., you can report directly to Google.

How to report a website to Google

There are many reasons why we may want to report a web page to Google. If this is your case, you should know that you have several sites to report the problem. If this is related to your Google account (for example, with your Gmail email) you can do the following:

  1. Click on your photo
  2. Click on the option “Manage your account”
  3. Report your problem (lower right)

You will be able to explain the problem and send screenshots to prove it. They will contact you.

  • If it is a third-party problem, for example, a suspicious web page, there is a complaints page where you can choose the type of activity and send your report.
  • If you use Chrome as your default browser, you can install an extension (More Tools> Extensions> Add extension) called Suspicious Site Reporter. This will allow you to report pages involved in computer crimes.

How to report phishing

Phishing is the name of a type of scam that consists of using emails, forms or any other type of simulation to be able to access personal data such as passwords, bank details or access data with which crimes of identity theft, theft are later committed. accounts or scams on your behalf.

It is the most common type of scam and you can report it directly to Google, in a department called Safebrowsing. If you are interested in this information, be sure to visit this article on How to delete my information from the Internet.

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How to Take Long Vertical Screenshots on iOS 14, Easy and Fast



How to Take Long Vertical Screenshots on iOS 14, Easy and Fast

Do you often use the screenshot of the feature on the device iPhone?

For example to take and save picture screen display after making a bank transfer via the mobile banking application or saving a text chat in the form of a picture.

Sometimes the look you want a screenshot, it may not be enough in 1 screen that appears on iPhone need to scroll down.

This makes the screenshot of the result usually becomes incomplete or you have to save more than 1 picture screenshot.

Well you know on iOS 14 there is a feature to take screenshots length easily and quickly? In this article, the MakeMac team will cover how to retrieve screenshots long or screenshot vertical length easily and quickly.

Method Screenshot Long on iOS 14.

1. Via Safari

In iOS 14, Apple has provided features screenshot Full Page for Safari browser.

With this feature, you can take picture screenshots on 1 complete page of the website that is being accessed.

Results screenshot This is in the form of a document PDF which can be directly saved to the Files application, share to email or send to chat on WhatsApp for example.

Here’s how to use the features screenshot Safari iOS 14 Full Page:

  1. Open the website you want screenshots in full pages.
  2. Do screenshot by pressing the button screenshot according to the device used (for example in iPhone X or later using Volume Up + Power Button).
  3. Press preview tampilan screenshot in the lower left.
  4. Press the Full Page button at the top right of the screen.
  5. Check all sections screenshot lengths with a preview displayed on the right side of the screen.
  6. If needed, use the Crop feature to cut a specific part of the screenshot which has been made.
  7. Finally, just press the Share icon at the top right to share the document PDF results screenshot to a chat application or save it in Files.

2. Using the Stiiitch App

In the first explanation, the long screenshot feature can only be used in the Safari application and the resulting document is in PDF format.

What if you want to take a long screenshot on your iPhone with a JPG image format and an application outside of Safari? The solution is to use additional apps.

Out of a number of long screenshot apps on the App Store, one of the MakeMac team’s favourites is the Stiiitch app.

By using Stiiitch, you can make long screenshots of various screen displays in any application.

The way it works to make long screenshots in Stiiitch is a little different from the Safari feature in iOS 14.

The Stiiitch application creates long screenshots by combining or “stitching” several screenshots into one.

To use the feature of combining screenshots into long images in Stiiitch, you have to take several screenshots overlapping or having the same part in the first and second images.

Another convenience from Stiiitch is the “sew” mode or combine several overlapping screenshots automatically if the screenshot is in the latest gallery in the Photos application.

  1. Download and install Stiiitch. Open the Stiiitch app to access some settings, then close or delete them from behind the scenes.
  2. Take 2 or more screenshots that overlap vertically.
  3. Open Stiiitch and the auto-merge mode will start right away. Done, now you just have to save the image in Photos.

To use the merge screenshot mode manually in Stiiitch, you can select 2 or more images that you want to combine. After that use the cut mode to cut and connect the interconnected parts manually.

In addition, Stiiitch can be used for free to create long screenshots either automatically or manually.

To get more complete features, you can buy Stiiitch Pro in-app purchases and access additional features.

Some of the additional features provided are the automatic delete image source mode, the Scrollshot mode to make long screenshots with screen recordings or create screenshots.

In-app purchases Stiiitch Pro is sold at a price of 35 thousand Rupiah and can be purchased only once or not a subscription system.

Please download Stiiitch using the link below.

download Stiiitch 

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How to Buy Apps, Games or iCloud Subscriptions with GoPay



How to Buy Apps, Games or iCloud Subscriptions with GoPay

Digital wallet service GoPay can be used as a payment method on Apple ID!

Now you can buy or subscribe to applications, games, music, to subscribe to Paket Apple One from Apple with a balance from GoPay.

With GoPay in Apple ID accounts, Apple Fanboy no longer has to have a credit card as the first payment method supported by the App Store.

In addition, by using GoPay, you can control or make just enough balance in your GoPay account that is connected to your Apple ID.

So that the number of funds used for spending can be controlled or limited easily.

How to use GoPay as a payment method on Apple ID? Let’s see the tutorial directly!

Apple ID Payment Method Settings with GoPay

  1. Make sure you have installed and have an account GoJek on your iPhone.
  2. Sign in to the application App Store.
  3. Access the Profile section at the top right, tap the username section.
  4. Tekan again Manage Payments – Add Payment Method.
  5. On the next screen, press GoPay.
  6. Follow the given settings i.e. switch to the app GoJek to return to App Store.
  7. Go back to the Manage Payments section, press Edit then set GoPay to be at the top of the list if you already have other payment methods.

Done, now you can shop for your favourite apps or games using the balance from GoPay.

For every transaction made, Apple will deduct the balance GoPay automatically yes.

Interested in adding GoPaybe the payment method on Apple ID? Good luck!

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