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Step by step: How to generate your own QR code for free and online



how to generate your own QR code for free and online

There is no denying the popularity and convenience of using QR codes. Therefore, it does not hurt to learn how to generate a QR code and how you can encourage your customers to scan them when they come across your content.

What is a QR code?

The QR code, short for ” quick response ” code, is a square-shaped black and white symbol that people can scan with a “smart” mobile phone to get more information about a product, among other things.

These squares can include links, coupons, activity details, and other information that users may want to take with them for later reference. The QR code usually looks like the following photo:

how to generate QR code for free and online
QR code on a mobile phone

You will often find QR codes in email, signs, billboards, and even commercials, where you can quickly scan the code on the screen using your phone.

How to generate a QR code

The process to create a QR code is quite simple. We tell you here how to start.

Step 1: select a program to generate QR code

There are many programs out there. The best ones give you plenty of options for compatibility with most QR code reading apps for mobile devices.

The best programs are as follows:

  • Kaywa
  • Free Shopify QR Code Generator
  • Visualize

When choosing a program to generate a QR code, you should consider whether performance can be tracked and analyzed and whether it allows you to design a code that is unique to your brand.

Some programs, for example, display logos and other icons within the code that immediately tell people what information they will get from scanning it.

Step 2: choose the type of content to promote

Let’s select one of the programs to generate QR code and take a tour together. For example, is one of the favourite QR code creation programs above.

First, select what type of content you want your QR code to show the person after they scan it. You can choose between one of the 10 types available in this program. For our purposes, we will promote a URL that directs users to our store.

Step 3: Enter your information in the form that appears

Once you select the type of content that you are promoting with this QR code, a field or form will appear in the program where you can enter the information that corresponds to your campaign.

If you want your code to contain contact information, for example, you will see in the program a set of fields where you can enter your email address, subject line and associated message.

To save a link to your business, you will simply enter the URL in the field that appears in the program to generate a QR code.

Step 4: consider downloading a dynamic QR code

There is an option below in the program to generate a QR code but “dynamic”. One major catch is that you can’t edit the data it contains once you print it out. But with a dynamic one, you can edit this data.

With a free membership to a program like, you can print a dynamic QR code, scan it and open an editable form where you can modify the data that your visitors will receive.

Step 5. Customize it

When it’s time to generate the QR code, you can customize the design of the codes for your brand.

Do you want your code to look like your logo? Do you want it to reflect the design scheme of your website? You must bear in mind that not all programs offer this design option.

Of course, you can further customize your QR code: adjust colours, add a logo, create social media options, and more.

However, you should be aware that some customizations may make it difficult for QR code scanning applications to correctly read the code. It is a good idea to create the code in two versions: a simple version and another with your preferred layout.

Step 6: test the QR code to make sure it scans

Since a custom code can make it difficult to “read” some mobile applications, don’t forget to check if your QR code reads correctly and be sure to test with more than one reader.

A good place to start is the free QR Code Reader tool, which automatically takes you to what it “reads.” Apple’s Passbook also offers a built-in QR code reader in iOS 7, so you should try to make sure your code can be read there as well.

Step 7: share and distribute the QR code

A QR code will not be able to do its homework unless it is visible. So be sure to come up with a distribution plan to share it.

This could include displaying it on social media, in print ads, on clothing, or in physical locations where people will pick up their phones to scan.

In addition to sharing the code, you can also add instructions to your promotions that show less tech-savvy people how to scan it. This way, it’s okay if consumers want to scan the code, but don’t know how to do it.

Step 8: Track and analyze performance

As with any marketing campaign, you should keep track of any campaign that uses a QR code to see if it is actually working.

How much traffic is coming from each specific code? People scan your code, but don’t redeem your offer once they hit the landing page? Or are they not required to scan your QR code?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you troubleshoot and adjust your codes when generating poor-performing QR codes to more closely reflect the ones that work well.

It is a good idea to include a tracking code in your web address so that you can better measure performance. This is very important if you use closed-loop marketing analytics and are used to more detailed reports on your campaigns.

QR codes vs. barcodes

Does the increased activity of generating QR codes mean that traditional barcodes are a thing of the past? Of course not.

Traditional barcodes are a common means for companies to identify consumer packaged goods and manage their product inventory.

how to generate your own QR code for free and online
Bar code, used at point of sale

However, there are differences between barcodes and the QR code, in their uses and in their characteristics. For example, we share the following three important differences:

Has a different shape

Bar codes are typically rectangular in shape, requiring scanning devices to read the bar code data horizontally. The QR code is usually square in shape and displays your data vertically or horizontally.

Contains more data

Due to the square shape obtained after generating the QR code, it can contain much more data than a barcode. The QR code can contain many more encrypted characters than are available in a barcode.

Has different data

The QR code is often used differently than barcodes. Barcodes include key product information for those at the point of sale. For example, the price and the name of the manufacturer.

QR code provides intangible information, such as location data and addresses on the website of promotions and product landing pages.

How does the QR code work?

The QR code was adopted by marketing for its storage capacity. It also provides additional information to consumers.

The consumer can pull out their mobile device, download a free QR code scanning app, and “scan” the code to gain access to additional information.

how to generate your own QR code for free and online
Person scans QR code with a mobile scanning app

So if you wanted to create, for example, a bus stop ad that promotes your business, you could generate a QR code that shows on that print ad that takes people directly to your website when they scan it with their phones.

How to use QR code (and how not to)

Some of the best practices will help increase the likelihood that your QR code will be used.

Show your QR code where it’s convenient for people to scan

Post QR codes where scanning is easy and there is enough time for the consumer to actually scan the code.

Although you can see QR codes on billboards on the street and on television, they are not exactly the easiest placements to use. Consider places and media where consumers have time to scan the code and ideally a Wi-Fi connection as well.

Optimize your QR landing page for mobile devices

Optimize the page you send people to for mobile devices. Consumers will be on their cell phones when they scan the QR code, so they should be referred to a page with a positive mobile experience.

I included a call to action for people to scan your QR code

I offered a call to action with the code, that is, tell people what they are supposed to do when they see the code and what they will receive if they do.

Not everyone knows exactly what a QR code is, and those who do will not be motivated to scan it unless they are sure that there is something worthwhile on the other side.

Don’t limit your QR code to a mobile scanner

Your QR code must be independent of the application so that anyone can scan your code with any reader.

A lower barrier to entry increases the chances of success for you and the user.

Use your QR code to make life easier for someone

Don’t use a QR code just to use one. If you have content that makes sense to deliver to a mobile user, and you have an appropriate channel to do so, your QR code is more likely to deliver results.

If you’re still not convinced that QR codes are the right move, or just want some additional ways to connect the offline world with the online world, consider adding a short, memorable URL as well that people can easily type in their files. mobile phones.


How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using Accounts and Apps



How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using Accounts and Apps

In this article, we will give you tips on how to watch TikTok videos without having to download the TikTok application and without having to log in first on your cellphone.

Even this way, you can browse and watch TikTok videos from just your computer/laptop browser and your phone.

How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using Accounts and Apps

1. Watch TikTok videos on the TikTok official site

You just need to open TikTok official website to view videos, if you don’t want to watch TikTok videos using the app you can use this option

2. Watch TikTok Videos on Facebook.

The average TikTok content creator usually reposts their TikTok videos on their Facebook account. You can also do this as an alternative to watching TikTok videos without an application.

3. Watch TikTok videos on Twitter.

While most of the other users often share their favorite TikTok videos on other platforms like Twitter. You can also try browsing the Videos tab while doing a search on Twitter.

4. Watch TikTok videos on Youtube

Actually, youtube also has a short video feature, like TikTok. It is not uncommon for TikTok content creators to also re-upload their TikTok videos on the youtube platform.

With some of these options, it also indirectly saves the use of your device’s resources. Because there is no need to install all applications with the same purpose.

Hopefully useful, thank you.

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How to make an Android phone a remote even though it doesn’t have an infrared feature



How to make an Android phone a remote even though it doesn't have an infrared feature

Android phones do have a lot of features that can make it easier for us to do our daily routines. One feature that is quite popular is the infrared feature, which allows us to make an android phone as a remote for tv, air conditioning, and other remote devices.

But, lately, it’s increasingly rare for us to find Android phones or cellphones that no longer have the infrared feature. Really, very unfortunate.

However, in this article, we will provide information and solutions to you on how to make infrared for android, even if your android phone or cellphone does not have infrared features.

Here’s how to make an Android phone a remote even though it doesn’t have an infrared feature:

1. Buy and Use Infrared OTG

OTG (On-The-Go) is additional hardware that has many functions, one of which is connecting hard drives, flash drives, joysticks, and other devices to your android phone.

Not only that, OTG devices can also be used to connect additional infrared devices to your android phone.

You can buy this infrared OTG at a mobile phone accessories store or buy it online via e-commerce, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopee, and others. And you can simply type in the product search “Infrared OTG”

There are 2 types of infrared OTG infrared, namely ordinary infrared (Micro SD) and infrared OTG Type C. If your android cellphone charger still uses a type 2 / Micro SD port, then you can buy a regular OTG infrared, and if your charger uses type C, then you should also buy infrared OTG USB.

How to make an Android phone a remote

2. Connect Infrared OTG to your Android phone

If you already have infrared OTG, try connecting. If it is connected, then you can download the remote application on the google play store.

If the tools and applications are already installed, you can immediately use your Android phone as a remote.

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How to Save and Maximize RAM Capacity on Android Phones



How to Save and Maximize RAM Capacity on Android Phones

RAM on an android phone is used to store temporary data on your android while doing any activity whether it’s for the operating system, applications, dame, and others. For example, RAM has a role when you edit photos or videos with an application, well, once the editing process is complete, the photos are saved to your device storage so they don’t get lost. The more RAM Memory capacity you have, the more you can do. Like doing multitasking tasks.

Because this RAM is in the form of a physical component, it is not possible for you to upgrade RAM on an Android phone. It’s different from a laptop or PC, where there are several RAM slots that you can add at a later date.

However, the RAM on your Android phone allows you to use it more efficiently. Also, if you have a device with Android 11 or 12, you most likely have the ability to extend RAM even further by allocating some of your storage using a feature called Virtual RAM.

Here’s how to save RAM on Android phones:

1. Turn off Animation Features

Save and Maximize RAM Capacity on Android Phones

It turns out that the animation feature can actually consume more RAM and that’s not so important to me. Therefore, our suggestion is that you can disable the animation feature in the settings of your Android phone.

2. Limit Widget and Live Wallpaper Usage

These widgets and live wallpapers are quite greedy in terms of RAM usage. Many refresh frequently and occupy bandwidth, while some are constantly active. In addition, this can also cause your battery to run out faster and wasteful even in standby mode.

So remember to limit the number of widgets and live wallpapers that apply to optimize RAM memory, to keep your Android phone optimal.

3. Delete applications that are not in use

Don’t install too many applications on your android phone, make sure you only install the applications you need, and make sure to check regularly what applications you rarely use. And if it’s no longer necessary, you can just delete the app.

4. Activate the RAM Plus (Virtual RAM) feature

On Android 11 and 12, it already has a feature called RAM Plus. Let’s take the example of Samsung phones, which already have the RAM Plus feature, where you can add and increase your RAM capacity many times over.

To enable RAM plus on Samsung phones, you can go to the menu:

Settings > Battery and device care > Memory > RAM Plus.

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